Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sunny & Hot August

Hello Everyone - Welcome. It's been very hot and humid here in the Bay Area. So much so that I couldn't even take photos last week for my updates. Today it's hot but not humid so far. Just can't take the humidity. And a warm welcome to some new followers - always a joy to meet new friends.
Lots of stitching has been going on the last 2 weeks.

"Life's A Stitch" by Lizzie Kate
32ct Flax Linen
Butter Bean WDW, Raspberry Frost GA, Flax GA, Summer Blossom (SNC 249) TG- Silk, 
Lexington Green GA, Marigold - Chameleon (South Africa), DMC 3771 and Scuppernog WDW.

First up I started and finished Life's a Stitch, given to me by Anne of Dolls Musing. This chart is soo sweet but let me tell you the satin stitching all around was a challenge for me. OH BOY!!! Satin stitching is easy, really it is. But I kept skipping one little hole every now and then. Well I learned to keep checking the chart for alinement for the satin stitches compared to the inner border. Thank goodness I stitched the inside first (like your suppose to do), then came the inner border. That's what saved me lots of frogging - even though I did have to Frog alot. I went with soft tones but I used Summer Blossom silk by the Thread Gather - one of my favorites, for the blossoms.
ALL DONE:))) In to the pile of finishes it goes....I will finish it and many others but for now I want to keep stitching. 

NOW the FUN part!!!
Who would like to stitch this traveling chart next??? Please leave a comment on this post. That's all that's needed. Of course mention that you would like to stitch it next, because if not, I will assume you are not interested. And you know me I always add some extra goodies:) I will draw the winner on Sunday the 25th of August.

My update for last week and this week for Bothy Threads Cut Thru Monday SAL.
I finished all of page 3 of 12 on Fairy Hill and I did all the back stitching too. So many darling items are showing up now. I completed the owl, bees, fairy dress, wings, and I think those are bloomers right below the daisies? More green grass was done and I did stitch on this for several days to get the back stitching all caught up. I so enjoy seeing everyone's progress on their Bothy Thread work.
You can look Here at Debbie's blog and HERE on Linda's blog for the SAL's Updates. There are lots of stitcher's who are participating and incredible charts they have chosen. Have a peek:)

 I know I know - no Tinkerbell. So sorry but I was so tempted not to post yet because I have been
stitching so much so that I keep thinking "Oh I should wait till I get this and that completed". So silly of me. I did find some more Tinkerbell's that were still in boxes after going thru some of my moms things. But they are HUGE! I will have to have a photo session of them and share with you soon.

 Sorry for the out of focus photo - I do need a new camera (hint),
Progress on Ann Dale... finished the motif of the left and completed 2 more plus .....

I am in the process on stitching the 2nd row. I also stitched some of the inner border on the left hand side.

Well good news is that I am shopping for a new camera. Our son has to have a Digital camera for a upcoming class:))))))))))))) I am  soo thrilled  We are being good supporting parents and this qualifies as needed school supplies. Since he lives at home and won't be using it all the time - I'm sure I will get to use it too. Looks like it will be a Canon Rebel T3I SLR. That's what the Pioneer Lady uses...Do you watch her cooking show? She's a photographer and blogger. LOVE HER and her recipes. Also I got the Christmas bug - I'm currently working on a ornament from JCS Christmas 2012 issue - "Winter Holiday" by Dames of the Needle, pg 13. Should be done by my next post.
Wishing you a fun and happy summer. With my Love and Appreciation - Annette


Linda said...

Cute finish Annette. I would love to be entered for the pattern. I so love your Fairy Hill. It looks wonderful with all the backstitching. I just updated my blog on the Stable. Great progress on Ann Dale.


Margaret said...

Love your finish! Love the Bothy -- it's looking so great! Ann Dale looks great too! Hooray on the camera!

SoCal Debbie said...

Congrats on such a pretty finish! I'd love to have the chance to stitch that design, too! I had to do Satin stitches on the L*K Very Scary Mystery Sampler. They're not as fun as X's.

Fairy Hill looks amazing with all the backstitching! I added your progress pic to the SAL page.

Shirlee said...

Wonderful WIPs & equally wonderful finish! As each day passes, I catch more & more of the Christmas bug : ) I may have to follow your lead & start perusing my JCS Ornaments issues to see what I can find : )

Simply Victoria said...

Wow, you have been very busy with great progress. The backstitching on your SAL really brings the piece to life. I like to watch PW too. Have fun with the new camera!

CalamityJr said...

I so enjoy your updates! I'd like to be included in the drawing for the traveling pattern - I promise to pass it on!

Barb said...

Great stitching! Ann Dale is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

beautiful stitching, love your fairy hill, stunning colors

Unknown said...

Your work looks great, compliments.


Saxo Stamper said...

Firstly what a stunning finished project, wow is all I can say and love the border. It's truly beautiful.

The Bothy SAL is coming on fabulous and it has really come to life this week, you do have some really sweet little characters in this one and they are all looking totally adorable.

Your final project is just STUNNING and so, so delicate, it's truly a work of art.

You are so clever Annette - your projects are a real credit to you.

K xxx
Saxostamper - Cut thru lighthouse

Verona said...

You work looks great. Ann Dale is so pretty

Lee said...

You certainly have been busy well done

Preeti said...

Congrats on the finish!! Your fairy hill looks very cute !!:)

Chris said...

Great update Annette!!
I love your version of Life's a stitch. Please put my name in the hat and I promise to drop everything to get it stitched and passed along :) pinky swear :0)
Great progress on Ann and the SAL. I love seeing them every week.
Love PW. Her pics are fabulous.

Mii Stitch said...

Great update on your projects & lovely finish too! Don't count me in for this one, I already had the chance to stitch it. Have a lovely hot day :)

Vickie said...

I like your LK version, it turned out beautiful. I already stitched it.
Ann Dale is truly gorgeous.

Melissa said...

Hi Annette! Love all the progress on your WIPS :) And I also love the fact that all your stitching seems to come from different genres!!! Such variety must make it fun to stitch :)

I'd love to be entered into the travelling pattern pass off!

Have a great week!


Jackie said...

Annette, I love the changes you made in your Lizzie Kate piece. Do not add me to the traveling pattern.
Fairy Hill is so happy and bright…nice!
I like the Ann Dale piece too. It is lovely. I've got that one partially kitted too. Love it!

Julie said...

Lovely finish and Fairy is looking so colourful.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Great progress. Love that LK and the colors you chose. Hugs.

Melissa said...

I like how you stitched up Life's a Stitch - very pretty. I can imagine I would struggle with the satin stitch even though I have done it in the past.

Ann Dale is looking lovely! All that red would make me happy but my, she's huge!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Oooh look at all of that fantastic stitching! You've gotten so much done since I was last here!

Please don't enter me in the draw for the chart I've recently stitched it!

BrendaS said...

Beautiful stitching! You certainly have been busy:)

Lelia said...

Charming Lizzie Kate --- it is my fav Lizzie Kate of all time.

Monique said...

Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog. I loved the 4 houses that you finished and the way that you framed it.

I also enjoyed stitching Fairy Hill and it's so fun to have all these small details come to life.

Peggy Lee said...

LOVE Ann Dale!!

Unknown said...

Love your projects Annette! I'd love a chance to stitch the Lizzie Kate chart next - one of my favorite designers :-)

Karoline said...

Cute finish, congratulations

Fairy Hill & Ann Dale are both looking gorgeous, great progress.

Monique said...

Hi Anette.

Does two comments to your post count as me stalking you?? :-)

I am enjoying watching your Fairy Hill progress.

I completed this a few months ago and really enjoyed all the little details.
I am doing Gypsy Wagon at the moment but plan on starting Princess Palace some time in the near future.

I put away some of my projects because they were started on 18 count and only after I bought the fabric did I realise that I don't enjoy working on it, as it causes strain on my eyes.

I am a die hard fan of the 14 count and will never touch anything smaller again.

diamondc said...

Lots going on with your needle, love them all the Bothy Threads is so colorful.,

Penny said...

Love your Life Is A Stitch! I need to dig out my pattern and stitch this one. :) And I love your Bothy Threads piece - cute! Beautiful stitching on Ann Dale too! Hope you get to use your son's new camera. :) I'm kind of in the market for a new one, so maybe I will check out the Canon.

Akila said...

Very pretty stitching and progress.

Me me, add me in for the chart please

Brigitte said...

Great progress on your projects. The Cut Through looks gerat and yes, only the backstitching makes the little details visible. Ann Dale is always a delight to look at.
Nice to see another version of the travelling pattern that I was stitching a couple of stitchers ago. It's so nice to see where it's been travelling so far.

Pumpkin said...

I love your version of this LK chart. So very soft in color. I can't wait to see how you finish it :)

Your BT SAL is coming along very nicely. The colors really pop on this one and there is so much to look at!

I'm glad to hear that you might be getting a new camera :)