Friday, March 30, 2012

March Cottage

Country Cottage Needleworks
"March Cottage"
28ct Lambswool Linen
DMC Jewell Effects #E703, and 100% Lambswool by Broider Wul shade 090414

Recommended DMC and Weeks Dye Works
Ceramic Buttons - Pineapple Patch

I participate every month in "The Cottage Stitch-A-Long". So far every month I've stitched my cottages separately. They are displayed on a Calender that I had created using cardboard & covered it with fabric. By the way this was the pattern I used for making the cover of the needlebook with shamrocks inside I showed you in an earlier post. It's wonderful to see these samplers each month. Stitching these designs goes pretty quickly.
Just started "April Cottage" yesterday.
Usually I would have the cottage already completed but I spent time with my main project called "Ann Dale". My next post - I will tell and show you photos of that:)
The Sun here keeps making an appearance peaking in and out of the clouds. Just right now God turned up the dimmer switch outside:) Love it when he does that....
Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for visiting me. With love and Appreciation - Annette

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One finished project for Easter!

You know when you see a project and you want to make it right now? That's what happened to me. This Bunny Mini Mat. The outer most layer (olive green) is about 11 1/2" round. Saw a picture of the mat and I had seen this cookie cutter set (stayed in my mind) and thought I know what to make. So if you want a quick project before Easter - this could be for you. I started this just last Saturday and finished today. No I did not work on it day and night. Honest.
This cookie cutter set I picked up at Jo Ann's (now 50 percent off). I used the bunny one.
Looked thru my tupperware lids - the one on the right had a perfect curve for the flower petal.
Took a 12x12 cardstock (available at most craft stores. If not cut open a grocery bag or newspaper. First make a circle. Then I just traced that curved part of lid (for the petal) and kept moving it around and retracing. So in the end I had something that resembled a flower pattern.
Took a smaller lid and repeated the same process on a another sheet of paper. So now I had 2 flower shapes. One just a little larger than the other. For the center white (index card) I cut a 3inch circle (this I just used for a guideline for my embroidered garland).
Took cookie cutter and traced the bunny 5 times. BEFORE I cut out the bunny I stitched a french knot for the eye AND embroidered the garland. I used mini red glass beads on the center of leaves on the bunny's neck of garland. THEN I cut out my bunnies. Attached them.

I hand free cut small flower shapes and centers for flowers. I also hand free cut leaves.
Attached them.

Next I stitched everything on the black felt 1st. Then attached it to the olive green felt. Finished the olive green felt with a blanket stitch all around. That's it!

Okay I only meant to explain how I made this mat and it kind of looks like a tutorial. Really this is not my intention and there are many problems with this. I am assuming you already know how to make a blanket stitch, french knots, etc. etc..
I am just so excited to share with you what I made. And trust me! If I could make this you can to. I just remembered where I saw this - at her name is Faye. She did stitch this (and its beautiful), but hers was a kit. I already had the felts, and beads. I just bought the cookie cutter set (that I had been looking at).
Thank you so much for visiting me. I love all your comments.
Keep stitching - with much love and appreciation Annette - California

Signs of Spring

Welcome everyone. These are some gifts I gave to a friend for her birthday recently. The above pillow is "Breath of Spring" by Blackbird Designs. Threads - well the 1st basket, top 3 rows of basket and handle were stitched with DMC. I wasn't pleased. So I ordered the threads recommended. What a difference. I love the softness coloring of the whole look. I think that's why I enjoy Blackbird Designs so much. Fabric - 32ct - color? I must keep a journal and note the thread count of fabric, name of color, etc... I remembered at the time...just 2 weeks

This pattern is Country Cottage Needlework's "March Cottage" 2012. This is part of the design. I wanted to stitch the lambs so I made this needle-case. And my friends birthday is in March. Yep she loved both gifts :) Oh I did not give her the scissors, those are mine. I just used them for the photo shoot so you can see it's a pocket.

I have now just learned to re-size my photos for blogging. You won't believe what I had to do before now. So FYI - those who have Windows 7, I re-sized in "Paint". Step by step instructions I found by just typing in Bing search "How to resize photos in Windows 7" - ta da. After all this time...
So I shall see how this these photos post. I'm learning lots and still have much to learn.

I want to thank everyone of you for your help, encouragement, and for welcoming me to the world of blogging.
With Love and Appreciation, Annette

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Very First Post

Hello! This is my very first post. Now I can share photo's of my projects with you.
So let this new journey begin.....
Back in February(I think??) I received a beautiful pattern from my friend Lee - Notes from Under the Mountain blog. Lee lives in New Zealand.
Pattern "Tending the Blooms" by Shepherd's Bush.
36ct Vintage Butter cream by Lakeside Linens - DMC threads. Frame from Dollar tree:)
That little cute Bee button flew all the to me from New Zealand. I love looking at this mini sampler just makes me smile. THANK YOU LEE!