Monday, August 31, 2015

Sojourner & Veggie seeds haul!

Hello lovely friends! I'm here! At first I thought it was only 2 weeks ago since I posted. Had a look at my blog and was so surprised. August has been a HOT, cold, HOT temps for us. But I am taking advantage and have been enjoying the last of Summer. Well our temps are still high time will tell.I have taken advantage of doing outside yard work when it wasn't triple digits. Lots got done. Always more to do.

So sad that Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly magazine has ceased publication with their latest issue. I have a subscription and have just received the latest Fall issue. Have no idea what will happen with prepaid issues I have left on my subscription with them. Will learn soon enough.

So what have I been doing & stitching? I actually finished stitching a beautiful piece& completed it. As it's a gift will get back to you to share with you in November with this.
On a stitching note - I worked on Sojourner.

Strawberry band - the strawberries and leaves are all done in Queens Stitch. I will work on the them little by little but I wanted to stitch other parts of the sampler.
I completed 4 more bands. Two black & white bands separate the larger motif bands.
The pansy band is done in backstitch & reflects Great Britain, Irish, English, Welsh and Scottish peoples who came to America seeking a new life. The floral rope reflects the nautical history of San Francisco as a major sea port.

 "Sojourner" by Theresa Baird for Heart's Ease Examplar Workes
40ct Expresso Linen by R & R Rerpductions

 Everything on this table was a grand price of $9.86. WOW Talk about a great find. Dollar General had their seeds 90% off. Now let me back up here a moment. Back in February or some time around there I went looking for seeds to plant. Everything was high. I had found one box of seeds for almost $9 and didn't make shopping for seeds fun. I had no idea that Dollar General store even had seeds priced at 2 for $1 and 4 for $1. If I had I would have stocked up on them. My son had learned of this sale on Facebook a group called "The Rusted Garden: All about Vegetables". So off I went. You might want to check out your store to see if they still have seeds. If they do I bet they are still on clearance.

 Packets of seeds were .02 cents and .05 cents each. What a deal!!!

We had planted some green beans & tomatoes earlier around April or May. All didn't make it due to the heat we've had. Plus what was planted was not from seeds they were plants. 

 Those boxed seeds - .20cents, the pots that you plant into the ground .15 cents each which have 8 pots in one stack, tray of tomatoes - .30cents and the herb tray with 3 different herbs - .60 cents.

Nicholas has grouped his packets and placed them in a freezer bag so they are air tight. He learned they will keep till he's ready to plant. This is all his gig- LOL! Hopefully something will grow.
Thank you for stopping by and I am looking forward to decorating for Fall. Just need the heat waves to leave.  With my love and appreciation - Annette