Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Earth Day

Hello Friends & bloggers and Welcome to my New Friends.  
Well it just so happens to be Earth Day today. And how appropriate for stitching parts of the Earth for Fairy Hill by Bothy Threads Cut Thru Monday SAL. Too perfect. Now granted I'm posting this technically late Monday night or Early Tuesday morning.  It's been very warm here in Northern California since last week. Today was 85 degrees, sunny and no winds till much later this evening.
I have to tell you that last night on QVC I stitched while watching Kirks Folly show. Yes I am a fan of Fairy Godmother Jennifer and her siblings. Love their jewelry. That was really fun stitching on Fairy Hill and listening to the enchanting music and seeing all the pretties of Kirks Folly.

My progress from last Monday. Another Tinkerbell to share with you. My mom collected Tinkerbell.
I will share a different one with you for each update on Fairy Hill.

Question for you? 
The chart calls for #793 DMC for the background wall, which will go next to the white strip. Now in person the thread looks the same color as the fabric I'm stitching on. But here in the photo it looks darker. Now I am in a dilemma!
I was going to try a different color. But first I think I will go ahead and stitch a few stitches of #793. But if it looks the same color as the fabric (I really think it will), what color do you think I should try? Maybe a darker blue? Or go with a pretty teal? I really would like to hear your opinions or thoughts please. 
I have been stitching on other projects too this last week. But that's it for now. (probably after posting I will have recalled what else I wanted to share with you - oh well)
With Love and my Appreciation - Annette 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bothy Threads Cut Thru Monday SAL

A very warm welcome and hello to everyone (it's chilly here today 53 degrees, but sunny). I started stitching on Fairy Hill by Bothy Threads Cut Thru. It was fun to start this project. I am participating in Debbie's SAL (her blog HERE). We are to stitch every Monday on our Cut thru charts. The colors of threads are sooooo fun on this chart. It's different from my other projects and I'm stitching this project on 16ct Adia. Its been great and no stitching over 2 threads:))))))))  But it is a good size project.

Look who came to visit me and see my progress. It's Tinkerbell!!! She's sitting on a spool of PINK thread.
I stitched this on Sunday and late tonight (Monday). There is lots lots lots of backstitching, I will do that later on. I started on the bottom left hand corner of the design. I decided to leave the color of the hand dyed blue fabric ( by me) alone. Aren't those mushrooms cute?  There are 3 leaves and some of tree roots. I know way too early to tell whats what. I wanted to get the mushrooms done to show you:)   So looking forward to seeing everyones progress on their Cut Thru projects.
With Love and Appreciation - Annette

Friday, April 12, 2013

Mom's Sampler & Winner for my Giveaway

 Hello Everyone and Welcome. I want to Thank You for celebrating with me for my 1st year Blog Anniversary. The winner is announced at the end of my post. Some photos to share with you.
Today would have been my moms birthday. Happy Birthday to you mom. One of her favorite flowers was Iris's. And I have taken some photos of my moms Blue Bearded Iris plant. I am thankful the Iris bloomed again this year.

 The full blooms.

 Doesn't this large bud look like satin fabric rolled up - lol.

 I just love the richness of these blue tones.

 Here is my moms sampler of the border. It's a very long one. It will have all our family names on it.
This is an original design. I thought I would share a bit of how it came to be for some of you who are new and have not seen this before. Since its my moms birthday today - I think its a good time.

 I frogged the crowns and found a much nicer gold than the yellow thread I had before. I also used it on the scrolls. My friend Lee is the remarkable talented & lovely designer:) It was her idea for me to stitch a original sampler for my mom. When I told my mom about it (before she passed), my mom said it was "her sampler". She told Lee and I what she wanted on it: Tiara, Roses, Bumble Bees & a Fairy. And Lots of PINKS!!!  If you would like to read more of the story, you can read it HERE.
There have been lots of emails between me and Lee. I have been taking my time and totally enjoying the journey with Lee whose the creator of this Beauty.

I received my chart in the mail for "Bothy Threads Cut Thru Monday SAL - on Debbie's blog HERE"
I had this fabric in my stash but it was a much lighter color of blue:) Yep I hand dyed it. Thought I would make it a bit brighter - lol. It came out a bit darker than I thought it would. I am going to test a small area with Rit Dye Color Remover. Hmmmm no idea how it will turn out. I'll let you know. If the test area doesn't look how I want it to, I'm leaving it and using this fabric anyways. Its 16ct aida. 
I plan to stitch this Monday, maybe sooner.  Okay the big announcement........

THERESA S (At Willow Tree Pond Blog HERE)

Email me your address please so I can send you your gifts please. 

              Thank you again to everyone for visiting me and helping me celebrate my first year blog anniversary. Our weather has been wonderful - mid 70's and one day was 83 degrees. Lots of Sunshine here. I have joined Feedly for my choice of reader since google is going away. Still becoming familiar with it. So even though some of you are now on Bloglovin - I am not there but I DO follow all of you still:) Does this make since?  Hope you are getting to enjoy Spring.
With love and Appreciation - Annette

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Still time to enter for Giveaway!

Hello everyone. A warm welcome to you and to the new followers. There is still plenty of time to enter my 1st year Blog Anniversary Giveaway if you haven't already.  I will announce the winner on April 12th. Just be a follower on my blog and leave a comment HERE.
I have finished stitching my project for Easter -  a few days after Easter:) But I haven't made it into a flatfold yet:) Had to show you. I just love this saying....

Freebie chart is by Virginia Knutson - her blog HERE

I participated in a EMS exchange. The month of March was to stitch a Bookmark or Thread Keep. I made a thread Keep for Sandrine who lives in France.  She has received it, so I can share with you.

Summer Basket by Blackbird Designs
32ct Flax Linen
 The threads I used were what I had on hand. So I substituted some. Threads used: WDW -Concord & Red Pear, Gentle Art - Grecian Gold, Crescent Colours - Country Lane, & the rest DMC. 
On the chart there are 6 eyelet stitches. Do you see any? Nope. I looked and checked this chart twice making sure I did all the stitches. I didn't catch it. I only realized it when I was looking at the photos I took and that was after I had mailed the parcel to France. I used Chenille trim from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. But it was natural colored and I hand dyed this trim myself. I used Rit Dye - Tan.
The backing is the background fabric you see in the photo. I did get a beautiful email from Sandine in French and Bea was kind enough to translate it for me. Sandine really liked it. 
Thank you Bea for your kindness & help.

 I received this beautiful bookmark from EMS - Chouette.  She had my name for the exchange & she to lives in France. I love the beautiful variegated floss. All that edging had to take time. I do love to read, but I think I want this as a ornament. Too special. Thank you Chouette:)

 Can you translate the French wording in the stitching?

What a really cool design. And from France:) Love it!

I have joined Debbies "Cut Thru" Bothy Threads SAL. You can join or read about it HERE. I had not seen this designer before. I fell in love with Cut Thru "Fairy Hill" chart. I ordered it & am waiting for my chart to arrive. We are to stitch on this SAL on Mondays. So looking forward to it. 
With Love and Appreciation - Annette