Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy Summer!!!

Greetings to you! Our weather this week has been nice and cool which I love. I've been seeing everyone's patriotic projects and I have 2 to share with you. And seems like the last few weeks I had been waiting for my supplies in the mail for the Elizabeth doll project and they all came in. I have all that to share with you as well. My Nannie will be 101yrs old this July 4th. Of course we will be with her celebrating :)
This project Beggars 4th I made in Honor of Nannie.

 Beggars 4th - Threadworks Primitives Designs
28ct Carolina Linen by Charles Craft

 Made a pocket for the backing.

The mail brought me a happy surprise package. I was expecting only a postcard from Hetti and this is what I received. Oh yes there was a postcard alright (hehe) and more. A beautiful blue and white fabric from the Neatherland's where Hetti is from. This incredible gorgeous red white and blue Dutch scarf is by a company called Vlisco. Vlisco is famous for its African dress designs that the ladies wear in Africa.
I absolutely LOVE it and just in time for our Patriotic celebrating! Thank you so much Hetti!
Hetti is the designer of the Delft Blue Tiles that I stitched and made into a pillow a few years back.

 Here's a better photo of the lovely scarf. I displayed it on a long sofa table because its so pretty.

Started and finished "In Full Glory" by Blackbird Designs
The fabric is 30ct Heroic by Picture This Plus

 I made this zipper pouch and needlebook and sent it to Hetti who was only expecting a postcard from me:)
She has received it and oh boy did I surprise her:) And yes I did include a postcard for Hetti - hehe.

 My half porcelain doll came in and I love it. Exactly what I ordered and I am thrilled. That's my silk duponi fabric that I will using for this project.

Boy where to begin. First off I had ordered a few new silk threads for this project. I didn't purchase the kit from the Attic in AZ. Well I already had the olive green Duponi silk fabric. I decided to use 32ct cream by Zweigart I think this will look pretty with the porcelain half doll.  For the threads - that's where I ordered a few (already had 2 of them) of Gloriana 12 strand silk threads.

I am so happy that I decided to test the thread because I had ordered #066A Highland Garden and it looked a bit dark. I started stitching the scissor pocket as a test. thank goodness I did.

As any chart I follow when stitching I proceeded to stitch (2 threads over 2 threads on 32ct) I started stitching the design at the top of the scissor pocket and stitched up and down. Then when I came to the sides I knew to stitch one flow of the design then to go back and stitch the other side to make use of the pretty variegated silk. When I looked back at the photo in the magazine I saw a different stitching flow that the designer used. I will get to that 2 photos down from here.

Elisabeth by GiuliaManfredini of Giulia Punti Antichi
scissor pocket - THIS WAS A TEST 

Then I discovered I misread the instructions. I had stitched 2 over 2 and should of been 1 over 2 threads.
No wonder I was going thru a lot of thread. Well that was my error.
The magazine says to use #066 - Highland Garden. But when I looked at the color online I thought it was too light compared with the photo in the magazine. SO I ordered #066A - Highland Garden which is in darker tones.
After stitching with #066A which is darker of than what was called for in the magazine I did order the #066 - Highland Garden. If you ordered the kit you will not have this dilemma.

Also I stitched one row at a time on the top of the design and followed thru all the way around till I reached the top second row.

Then I stitched the second row (below along the top) and followed again all the way around the design. If you are stitching this doll and look or study the photo you will see what I am describing.

I think this look is much prettier for the flow of the variegated color.

I am pleased with the #066 Highland Garden for the outer borders. And I also used Gloriana Florimell silk thread called Spanish Moss for the inner of the green leafs. More on this floss below.

Top - #066A Gloriana 7mm silk ribbon (ordered from Hedgehog online when their sale was going on). Yes I am going to use the ribbon even though its a bit dark.
Middle is the darker tones (not going to use for this project).
Bottom is the lighter and the one recommended in the magazine.

The threads called for in the magazine for this project are Gloriana Threads Florimell which is a type of silk.
For the fun of it (and because I had no idea what this thread was) I ordered one in Spanish Moss. I learned that this silk has more of a high sheen and is a bit thicker. So as when stitching on 32ct which really should be stitched 2 over 2 threads, you only need one strand. I did stitch with this in the above photo.

Here is my doll and I decided to go with the left side which is the lighter color #066 Highland Garden
Gloriana 12strand silk.

 I finished the test scissor pocket. So far I think it will be fine. 

Now I only started out to test #066 Highland Garden silk thread to see if I liked it on the border of the dress. Well stitching with silk thread is such a pleasure and doesn't knot on me so my progress seemed to have moved fast. I think this is the last 2 days worth. I took this photo just now and should have waited till morning. But then life happens and I wasn't sure if I would get this post done:)
Now for our SAL on this project I know that those who are participating I don't think you have received your kits yet. I will be starting another start and putting this aside till we all can be stitching this together.
But now I think I have all I need for this project and I don;t have to order more supplies for it. So I am set.
Geez I had to shop 5 different times online & wait for the orders to come in (that was fun mail) and one trip to Hobby Lobby for the linen (had a coupon too).
Looking forward to our SAL and for anyone who would like to join us.
I hope your enjoying the summer and are getting to stitch lots! thank you for visiting me!!!
With Love and my Appreciation - Annette