Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's Sunny here in California

Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well. I've been surviving a cold/flu like many of you have had. But I think I am on the mend finally. Boy I've missed you all. I need to get caught up on reading the blogs. I feel out of the loop (a saying that me and Nannie always say -lol). With this bug I could only sleep lots and still am getting my voice back. But before I became ill I did get some stitching done. And I have a new iron - WOOHOO!!! My last iron actually fell apart. Yes the bottom iron piece was popping of the bottom and the dial too popped out. Ha! I sure tried to do my best to keep it alive for as long as I could. But since I bought my new iron I can't believe why I fought for so long to keep the old one. My new iron is from Wallmart and its by T-fal called the Ultraglide easycord 4476 1700w. Let me tell you it's FANTASTIC. Look at my photos and you can tell the linens are ironed and smooth as can be. What a difference. The steam feature is nothing like I have ever had on a iron before. Amazing how they have improved. Also I did not pay a bundle for it either it was under $40. I am in love with my iron now:)
Here are some updates on Ann Dale:

 The middle of the borders on the sides have been extended and the floral band is all done.

 Who knew having a proper iron makes a huge difference. My last iron was 15 yrs old - lol.

 Ann Dale - 40ct Vintage Pear Linen by Lakeside Linens & all silk threads

Fairy Hill  -  Bothy Threads Cut Thru 


I stitched another fairy, wish list, lots of green background, brown rocks or dirt separating to another room and a tree trunk. This is with Debbie and Linda's Monday SAL. 
Currently I am working on a secret project as a gift for a special friend. It has lots of parts to it and I am in the process of  constructing it together. Also finished a Valentine piece but saving that for next month to share with you. The weather here has warmed up during the days but evenings are still chilly (but I love it).
I sure hope you are well or if you are not feeling well -  I send you well wishes. 
With Love and Appreciation - Annette 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ann Dale Update

Happy New Year! Well I pulled out Ann Dale and started stitching on her again on the 31st of December. Seems like I'm in the stitching zone with Ann ever since I picked her up. Hard to put her down.


Ann Dale Update 

Finished center verse & Added: red border between verse and motif on right side, 2 motifs, bottom border all across under verse and motifs, lengthened red wave border on right side. I did iron my sampler before I took the photos. No wonder when a sampler is all stretched and framed it looks so much better. 

One over one on the center verse. I did tent stitches and not the full cross stitches on this part. And it was much easier to frog when I had to.

 Will finish the dash border to red wave border - YES so far the red wave border are aligns perfectly with the motifs and the dash border. I'm thrilled and thankful -LOL. 

 On December 29th 2013 I finished "Victorian Merry Christmas" by Nancy Turner

Finished stitching the border December 31st - "Mary's Sampler" by Paulette Stewart

Overall I had 2 more finishes for 2013. Sorry if the photos seem dark. I actually dragged out my ironing board in the backyard and laid the samplers on top. The sun was out and shinning. Only problem (now that I discovered afterwards) was that I stood and photographed the samplers standing towards the sun. My eyes were dilated so at the time I thought I was doing a good job -LOL. Lesson learned. Next time I will have the sun behind me. I love seeing everyone's new starts for the new years. I do have lots of projects planned for 2014 but Ann Dale is making me happy right now stitching her. 
With Love and Appreciation - Annette