Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In Loving Memory - My Mommy

Franciene - My Mommy
April 12, 1942 - July 13, 2012
This is the most difficult post to write to you. Yet I am because you have been with me this whole journey from the very beginning. You have prayed for mom, me and my family and you have truly helped me every step of the way. Your comments, you leave for me, I have clung on to and have cherished. Why? because I didn't feel alone and you gave me and my family strength through your prayers. I heart-fully Thank You. My last post was at 2:47AM in the morning. Mom passed away later that day at 1:45PM. My mommy Franciene was an amazing loving and giving women to the VERY END.
I'm so sorry. When I started this blog I only intended it to be for Cross stitching projects and needleworks, just fun stuff. Nothing so deep. But then we learned mom was ill. I have never been so scared in my life. I reached out and shared with you. And you prayed for us and helped ME and my family. My mom was such a fun fun loving women. And talented with needleworks, crafts and arts. So much so that anyone who knows me or Nicole knows we are the house of crafts. Even my son Nicholas is going to Academy of Art University in San Francisco. And all because of my mom who passed on her love of arts to me, and I to him. Also I want to share that I could of have never had cared for mom at home if it wasn't for my remarkable and amazing sister Nicole. We worked beautifully as a team. I took the shifts till 4AM and then she took over so I could get some sleep. Yes we had hospice at home but a nurse only came once a week, a Chaplin and a social worker. I must of have made 17 phone calls of moms last 48 hours here on earth. Why? Because that's how fast her pain was increasing and Nicole and I stayed right on top of it. It was hard but we kept going. I'm not complaining - only sharing. With the grace of God and prayers we able to always be there for mom. The last week caring for mom my sister and I got maybe 3 hours sleep per 48 hours. We did our best to make mom comfortable, and we were told we did beautifully. How to confirm? Mom remained peaceful while sleeping. Nicole and I really haven't slept much in the last month. Now we are felling it every moment of the day. I think it will take a long time till we get back to normal sleeping and functioning day to day. Of course we still push on and remain as strong as we can each day, one day at a time.
I've learned so much through this whole experience. I know there are many of us who are the main caregiver for our parent or parents. It's been my honor to have gotten to be there for mom. I know now that mom is with my dad in heaven.
I'm so tired I have to stop writing. I hope I didn't ramble on. So much yet to do. I miss you all. I peaked at a few blogs and it felt so very foreign to me yet it was so nice to see pretties. I will need to ground myself back but not just yet. Little by little. To much of business stuff to do, planning & working on mom's Memorial (no date set yet). And I want to thank every one of you for your prayers and leaving me comments. I've read everyone of them. So sorry I did not reply back, but I've not had the strength or clarity to do so. I pray you understand.
With much Love Annette

Friday, July 13, 2012

Won't be blogging for some time

I won't be blogging for a while due to mom getting ready to pass on. Everything has changed and happening so very fast. She is surrounded by love and family. I will be back but don't know when. Thank you for your prayers and please pray for mom that she will go in peace.
With so much love and gratitude Annette

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chart Giveaway

Hello everyone. I forgot to tell you in my last post - the Bunny chart by Bent Creek is a Traveling chart. And if you would like to stitch him next, please just leave a comment here on this post or the post before this one. If you already left me a message on my last post I am automatically including you for the Giveaway. I'll draw a winner on July 12th, if I don't have any emergencies with mom.
Mom has really slowed down, but she is keeping my sister and I up around the clock. And that's fine by us. We encourage her to keep getting up whenever she wants to walk etc..Last night was 4th of July. I had to go to our Hospital and pick up an antibiotic for mom. But I snuck out a little early and stopped by Nannies house. I got to wish her a Happy Birthday and watched 15 minutes of fireworks with her from her front porch. It was wonderful. Then as I drove to the hospital and on my way home I got to see more fireworks. It was amazing. For our county its illegal to shot off fireworks. But trust me when I say every direction you looked towards the sky - Beautiful displays EVERYWHERE. I even saw a firetruck take off and right behind it was a HUGE firework burst in the sky.
Please don't forget to leave a comment to be included for the Bunny chart Giveaway:)
Always With Love and Appreciation - Annette in California

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Halloween SAL & "Bunny" Bent Creek Finish

Bunny - Bent Creek
35ct Linen, Color Linen - Weeks Dye Works
Threads: WDW -Cocoa & Butter Bean
GA -Antique Rose & Evergreen, DMC

Finished stitching the traveling pattern I received/won from Vickie - A Stitcher's Story. This little guy makes me laugh every time I look at him. So because he makes me smile I wanted to frame him. And boy did I find a great buy. I thought I know because he's so little I'll look at the Dollar Tree for a small frame. Well a few doors down I saw a thrift store and I never go in but I thought I'll just see what they have. And I found this.....

Can you believe it. I did find the Perfect frame. It has a double matting. Perfect colors green and gold. The price - .75 cents (I don't know where the cent symbol is on the key board). LOVE IT!!!
Halloween Sal by Giuseppina Ceraso
Threads: Mascara - WDW and

Here is my part 1 of Halloween SAL. This Free Sal is by Giuseppina (Pina) Ceraso. Total of 4 parts once a month, starting with July 1st. Her blog is in Italian and the information of the sal can be found here. What I do is: go to her blog and copy the email address. Open a new tab. Go to Google. Paste in Google search the address. When it comes up, look below and click "translate this page". Then you can read it in English. To sign up, I sent her a email (in English) requesting to join her sal and I gave her my information. The chart is emailed to me - That's it.
A funny story. I started stitching this last night. 28ct adia - overdyed by me in Rit - Tan (color was Summer Khaki before) . I started stitching 2 threads over 2. Aren't you suppose to stitch with 2 threads for 28 ct. ? It was looking HUGE. Then I looked back at the chart. I laughed. It's over 1 thread. But I am still using 2 over 1. Now does anyone know if I am to stitch with 1 over 1? My finger is soo sore and tender from shoving the sharp needle thru using the 2 threads. It looks good - yes? I like it but its very painful to stitch. LOL I think it must be my error. Not much experience with stitching over 1. But I do like the design. Just something small and great practice for me stitching over 1. Ann Dale sampler has over one but in 40 ct. Hmm that section to be stitched is a ways off yet.
With Love and Appreciation - Annette in California