Wednesday, July 30, 2014

SAL, Christmas and Halloween Stitches

Hello stitching friends:) July has gone by too fast. Thought I would get this post in before the end of the month. I sometimes wonder that I don;t have enough to share with you then before I know it I do have lots for show and tell. We've been in a heat wave here ranging from the 100's to 99. Tomorrow 102 or so they say. So grab something to drink and hope you enjoy my post....

 Elizabeth half doll project progress. I finished all the bottom row of vines and flowers. The other ladies who are stitching this for our SAL: Grace - has her kit in hand now. Amy - finished all of page one. Clare - got a good start too. When you click on each name you will go directly to their latest progress post for this SAL. I am in awe of their interpretation for this project!

 Elizabeth half doll pincushion by GPA
 32ct  Cream linen  by Zweigart / silks & DMC threads


Fairy Hill  - Cut Thru Bothy Threads

 Yipee!!! I finished another page for this chart. AND I also completed the backstitching! 
The gold broach pin is Peter Pan's "Jolly Rodger Ship" by Disney. 
Tinkerbell patch & Pinocchio's fairy godmother pin.

The upper crown of the bed, pink walls, tree truck, flowers, pond, clothes line, butterfly and cute mushrooms not to mention all the green grass &&& I had left off 3 stitches all the way down the right side. That meant that I had to pull those charts and stitch them & pull the charts for the backstitching too. If you have stitched a Bothy Cut Thru chart - You know what I'm talking about. I did at times get confused, walked away and came back. Now 3 pages left for this chart (plus backstitching). Felt so good to get this done. 

 Wicked by The Primitive Needle 
Kit by Needlecraft Corner
Terri - Dixie Sampler blog had mentioned this chart on one of her posts. I looked it up and knew I wanted to stitch it. That lead me to thinking who would still perhaps still have this older freebie chart? Needlecraft Corner in MD I called and Drema actually had a kit that had the frame, linen and silk threads. Dream come true for me. I think she still has some or one left too. 

 Finished in a few days. This was a fast design to stitch. One over one, silk thread, 30ct Parchment linen WDW. I only needed a half cross stitch or tent stitch on the bands and I chose to stitch full cross stitches on the motifs and lettering. I love how it turned out. The top of the pendant frame has a tube that I can thread a cord thru. Just haven't decided on the cord or chain yet.

 I participated in - Christmas in July thru EMS Forum. Angele from Germany had my name for the exchange and she sent me a beautiful stitched card, lovely fabric and this gorgeous book.  Thank you so very much Angele! I have to share some of the projects that are in the charted in the book with you.....

The person who I sent my gifts to is in Germany. I mailed her parcel on 6/18 and she has not received it yet.
I am praying that she does get it.

 Speaking of Christmas, I completed an ornament that I had stitched last year. Peppermint by Little House Needleworks. 28ct Pink Peppermint Candy stripes linen by Fabric Flair. The fabric you see is what I used for the backing on this ornament.

 Thanks to Vonna's tutorial  I made a little tag for the back - Inital's and year.

 Lizzie Kate Flora McSampler 2012 ornaments
Needed to get a jump on some Christmas stitching. These were a great weekend project (okay maybe 2 different weekends).
 Lizzie Kate Flora McSampler 2012 ornaments

                                               Lizzie Kate Flora McSampler 2012 ornaments
Good thing I had these photos because I can't find my linen that these were stitched on. Have the chart, threads but must have put the linen in too good of a place. All 3 ornaments were stitched on 28ct Milk Chocolate linen by Wichelt, WDW threads and one DMC (for the angel face, hands and feet). For some reason the photo of Believe looks tan but its not - its Chocolate!
Sending you Happy Summer Best Wishes! With love and appreciation - Annette

Monday, July 7, 2014

101st Birthday Celebration & Update!

Nannie's Birthday was amazing! All of her 4 great grandchildren where present! There were 2 cakes 1 chocolate and 1 vanilla both decorated "Happy 101st Birthday Nannie" She had flowers delivered to her from Hawaii, red antirrhinums and an orchid lei for her to wear! It was a day of lots of giggles and FUN!
Nannie was overwhelmed with JOY!!! It was my sister's birthday also and yes we sang to her Happy Birthday too!
Thank you all very much for Nannies Birthday Happy wishes!
I did tell Nannie and she asked me to tell you "Please send them my regards and tell them I say Thank you!" That's straight from Nannie to YOU!
 One of our Birthday girls!

 Everyone was gathered in front of me and my cousin holding the 2 cakes taking photos. 
OH YES Nannie had her own paparazzi!

Here we were laughing because we couldn't believe how non shy my little cousins were. In this photo it was explained to me and that Nannie and I had been Bopped!!! I asked whats Bopped??? It's when a person jumps up in front as the photo is taken - LOL!!! The things we learn from children - LOL!

 Okay you know how at parties some people play games? Well when you turn 101yrs old you get to 
   PAN FOR GOLD!! Who knew a crochet hook was also a great tool for panning for gold!! 
Yep that was all Nannies idea.

 And look at what Nannie found. That's a real gold nugget!

 And last is an update on my Elizabeth pincushion doll by GPA. I have the flower vine all stitched and am working on the flowers right now. There's another band that will go above the flowers - not there yet!

Hope everyone got to see some fireworks. We sure did on Friday night. This year it was held at the fairgrounds and not on the river. Thank you so much for your visit.
With love and appreciation - Annette

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 101 Birthday Nannie - 4th of July!

Happy safe and fun 4th of July everyone! 

In Full Glory by BBD
30ct Heroic Linen by Picture This Plus 
 Completed pillow July 3rd (just in time)

 Pocket for the back and used reproduction Civil War Fabrics

Tried a new way of attaching the rick rak trim as Claire had done on  my Easter pillow.
With my love and appreciation - Annette 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Needleroll carrier & Updates!

Hello! It's been so HOT here in the 100's last week. Now July has arrived. Seen so many wonderful patriotic projects on your blogs. Sure makes it exciting knowing that in a few days just about every city will be shooting off "Fireworks" and celebrating our nations Independence Day!
Have some updates to share with you. I've been sewing on the sewing machine and made 3 new can't live with out needlework accessories! And I have 2 stitching updates.

Clare (from New Zealand) had sent me a needle roll. Well that needleroll is full holding many smalls and some not so small samplers. I wanted a larger one. Oh about 1 months ago I walked in to our quilt store downtown and was shopping for fabrics. As always there are some very talented ladies who enjoy to quilt and welcome others to chit chat. So I visited a bit and then I started to leave and saw from the corner of my eye this one lady who had a loooong needle roll carrier. Well right then and there I bought the pattern and some lovely fabric by the French General:)))))) Here's what I made......

 Looks small but this roll is 20" long. I used a PVC - 1 1/2" but with the thickness its actually 1 3/4".
Let's just say it won't collapse. 

 Inside the roll carrier and the pattern displayed. Bernnet (who's the shop owner) designed this lovely chart.
Notice my roll's colors are Red White and Blue? Subtle yet patriotic.

 The French General fabric for the outside.

 The ends of the roll I made yoyo's and added buttons. 
Don't you think that every stitcher needs one of these?

 Before - notice the clips holding the fabric?

 8x11" Q-Snap cover made by ME:) Another must have accessory for Q-Snap frames.

I had seen on a blog where two sides of 8" and two sides of 11" were put together. I had 8x8 covers but none for 8x11. The lady who makes these closed her website. I emailed sweet Debbie ( I knew she would know and she did)  informed me that Christine is now on Facebook and you place your orders there. But I already had bought what I needed & was ready. I made TWO 8x11 Q-Snap covers. I used the same fabric for both so I only photographed one to show you. Came out pretty good. But it's so much easier to order from Christine. I was in a hurry and needed it NOW. The clips were annoying me. Later that evening it was a pleasure to stitch.  

Before (left off in March this year)

And finally I stitched on Fairy Hill - Cut Thru Bothy Threads.

 Close up of after:)
Stitched the rest of the tree, wall above the sleeping fairy and her dresses. Also all the back-stitching - from the bathroom items on the left all to the right and below where the fairy is sitting on a swing & Wish List.
SO I am now I get to start page 6 of 9.

Elizabeth pincushion Doll by GPA

My update for my doll project which there are 3 other ladies for our SAL. I took this photo in front of our back sliding door and the spots are on the window shadowing on my linen. But the lighting was good.
Finished the outer border for the dolls skirt. It's about 15" long.

 Close up of border
Amy posted a update on her beautiful progress of Elizabeth HERE and you should see her stumpwork of the castle ( Hampton Court) WOW!!!

Now I need to get prepared for my Nannie's 101 birthday and my sister - both July 4th.
Which means I need to go do some shopping - oh darn. Just heard that we might get some light rain tomorrow morning - crazy weather!!  Thank you for your visit.
Always with my love and my appreciation - Annette