Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring stitches & 2nd Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway

Spring greetings to you! Welcome to some new followers. 
Sunday was my 2nd year Blog Anniversary! And to celebrate and as a thank you - I am having a giveaway. At the end of this post there's a photo that you can see of what I will be giving away. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post. I will draw a winner Wednesday April 2nd.
I had stitched & sewed a quit a bit but have waited to share with you till the recipients have received their packages.  And I am getting closer but not there yet sharing with you my secret French project:)))) The person has not gotten their parcel yet - should arrive any day now....Oh the waiting LOL.
A few days ago I wanted to dig right in my new Spring stash and stitch something. I pulled "Twilight Pearls Leaf Ball" by Just Nan. OH boy I thought I was already to start. I have the chart, fabrics and what I thought all the threads. When ever I start a new project I read all the instructions first. Okay no problem. Then I went to pull my threads and I didn't see that I needed 3 skeins of Gentle Arts - Grape Leaf. And of course I did't have them.....sigh.... I was so disappointed. Then I thought "Next"!
Here's what I stitched -

Daffodil Run by Just Nan
30ct Woodlawn Linen

  I just love the bunnies in a circular design. And instead of stitching dark green in the  garland around their necks I used Lilac Arbor silk by the Thread Gatherer and changed pick for Strawberries 'n' Cream by Dragonflylotus Designs.

 I had a piece of lavender ribbon that I made work for the edging around the ornament. That's why it's not tightly rusched together. But the color of ribbon was exactly what I wanted.  I think the ribbon came wrapped around one of my gifts I received from Lee. I save all pretty ribbons and try to use them. Don't you too?

 Finally took down our Christmas tree last Saturday. An all time record for leaving the tree up so long. But hey I loved enjoying the lights when it was raining. I think you may recall that I had a  stitchers Christmas tree. Well now I have a stitchers Spring tree. Had to go to Joann's the other day and as I was walking by I saw their spring florals. They were on sale and I had an extra 25% off coupon with on top of the sale price. I only picked out a few bunches of pinks and lavenders. Everyone loves it! Actually the Christmas ornaments are still there but some (the ones I made) are in the back of the tree. So now when I sit and stitch I can still enjoy the all the pretty ornaments I had received.

I love my stitchers Spring tree!! Have you thought about having one yourself? You should:)

 Angel Face Rose - I think!
I have some BLOOMS!!! All the flower photos you will see on this post - I took early this morning while the sun was coming up. Then about 1 hour later - the clouds came and its been raining on and off all day long.

 A RAK I sent to Tricia - The Stamper's Stitches blog. I made the project pouches and needlebook.

 It was so much fun working with bright colors.

 the backs of pouches - I thought the owls were cute! Tricia really likes them.

 maybe this rose is called Angel Face? 

 Same bush but at least I have BLOOMS!!!! How I have been waiting for some roses to bloom - okay any flower that would bloom. FINALLY Spring is here!!!

 Queen Ann's Lace

 name of roses??
 A different red rose bush but again don't recall the name

I had signed up for Terri's Spring exchange. This was my gifts to April of Fabric and Thread and Needles, and Patterns, Oh My blog.  Now I know this was an Spring Exchange. BUT for this exchange we got to fill out a list of favorites: designers, colors, themes etc. I did my best to keep to April's favorites! We didn't have to it was only a a list of suggestions. So one of Aprils fav's was Halloween and her fav colors were Black and purple. So the charts I gave her I thought best fulfilled her list.

I noticed April liked anything primitive. So I stitched some motifs from "Valentines" by Brenda Gervais.
This is a needlebook I made and used some civil war reproduced fabrics.
 One of April's fav designers is The Primitive Hare. I only had one chart from this designer and its an exclusive chart that was included in a packet from 2012 when I donated to "Earthquake Children Victims of Italy".  

 The backing fabric. Oh yes April really liked what I sent her.

Orange Blossoms - our tree is full of them. They smell incredible - our whole backyard is fragrant with them.

Prizes for my giveaway

 I made a medium sized zipper project pouch, needlebook, chart "Topiary in Bloom" by BBD ( it's one of their newest releases), 30ct French Vanilla linen (8x12 inches, linen for the chart) and Cosmo threads.
The Cosmo threads are not the required ones for the chart. The chart asks that you use Gentle Arts Sampler Threads or DMC. I pulled out my GA threads from my English Garden kit. Topiary in Bloom chart uses the exact same colors. So I took my threads down to my quilt store and matched up the colors to Cosmo brand. They look amazing. I will be including a little converstion for this chart that I typed up so the winner will know what Cosmo thread to use for the GA thread instead.    If you would like to be entered for my giveaway all you need to do is leave a comment on this post. I will draw a winner on Wednesday April 2.
Thank you for your visit.  With Love and Appreciation - Annette

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day & new stash

 Hello ! Wishing you all the luck of the Irish! I will be wearing green today. My orders came in from what I ordered from market.  Photos of my new stash coming up but first here's some of my stitching progress:

 Progress on Autumn BBD 
 36ct Vintage Lt Exampler - Lakeside Linens

 Annie of Annie Bebop's Coloring blog had stitched this egg pin cushion design and finished it with beads on the edging. Well as soon as I saw it I stopped what I was doing and started stitching this right away. It's a freebie chart by Aliolka and can be found HERE. I just fell in love what Annie stitched and the way she decorated her tin is so beautiful. Seeing the orange color felt gives me instant energy when I look at it. You may have already seen Annies post but if you haven't please have a look.

 Oh boy I must of thought we won lotto! Sadly NO we haven't! Garden Fair Kit by BBD  it included full skeins of threads, chart but no linen. I have been wanting to try Diamant by DMC I got a gold color. It's so pretty in person. Looking forward to stitching with this thread.

 Needle Bind Friendship by Olde Colonial Designs, Topiary in Bloom by BBD & a fun kit that makes me laugh "Hand Wash Only" by Thomas Joesph (from Ireland too).

 Forget Me Not - BBD I know its a older chart but I love it! 

 Oh here's one chart that I had to really hunt down - Twilight Pearls Leaf Ball by Just Nan, and the required fabrics for it. Daffodil Run by Just Nan and I got a little round tin of Just Nan's - Bunny, 2 sliders Just Nan - Peacock and Bunny's. No charts for the sliders but I would love to find the mini charts for them especially the Peacock one.
Now that I am looking at all this new stash in this photo - it's all by Just Nan. I have noticed that Just Nan charts tend to sell out fast. Hard to find some of her older ones.

 And another beautiful chart Floral Fifteen - Just Nan and the fabrics for the chart. 

I think you saw in previous photos these zipper pouches in the background.  I made for myself some new project pouches and a needlebook from the scraps. The inside of the needlebook I used some special trim and charm that lee had given me. The will house some of these new projects as I stitch them.

Here's a photo of all my new stash and one more item that I didn't get a close up of is Sizzle kit by Just Nan.
I think now I have plenty of some wonderful projects for stitching that are spring & summer themed.
Seems most of my projects are mostly Fall & Christmas designs.
Our weather has been gorgeous! Short sleeves have been needed, nice change. Thank you for your visit.
With my love and appreciation - Annette

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pink Rose Stitcher's Tray

Hello everyone! We've had rain last week and today the sun came out today - very nice. Hope those of you who have had extreme cold temps, ice and snow are warming up now. Since January I've had my secret French project I've been working on - now it's all completed. BUT I should be able to share with you by the end of this month, once the person I'm sending it to receives it.I am so excited about it and looking forward when I get to share with you what I made.
On a shopping stash note - I am waiting for my order still. One chart that I added on late is in the process of being shipped to the store owner - so that's the delay.  When I do get that order in I will post photos:) I listen every day for the post person thinking  "Today is the day my order will be here!" - LOL.

A few days ago I received a parcel in the mail and this is what I opened....
 Pink Rose Stitcher's Tray designed by Lee "Notes from Under the Mountain" blog
Lee's beautiful design is a freebie and can be found at her blog.

 I was stunned and surprised when I opened it. It came flat and all I needed to do was to snap together the corners. AMAZING and truly GORGEOUS gift. And it coordinates & matches my beautiful pink rose set.
I have not seen anything like this before and to now own such a piece by Lee - I am very blessed.

 I absolutely have been enjoying and LOVE my set. Yes I am really using the pieces. What beauty I get to look and enjoy when I stitch - which is everyday:) I Thank you Lee with my gratitude and love.  I think these pieces should be in a museum or Hall of Fame, Lee's stitching & finishing is incredible and perfect.

 "Summer Loose Feathers 2011" by BBD
36ct Vintage Lt Exampler - Lakeside Linens

Finished "Summer" chart - YEA!!!!  and now started stitching "Autumn" the next section of the sampler. For the alphabet I am using my own hand over-dyed DMC floss. When I started the top row I used the DMC then when I got to the bottom row the "S" I used Manor Red by WDW. Well I didn't like it so I left the "S" as is and switched back to using DMC - Liked the coloring better.  This is a beautiful design to stitch and I have been enjoying it.

"Fairy Hill" Bothy Threads Cut Thru Sal with Debbie and Linda
I did very little stitching on this but did get some of the pink background done where the fairy is sleeping and above her on the wall I stitched a plaque where I will add my initals and year. When I complete that section I will take a photo close up.   
Hope Spring arrives soon for you! With my Appreciation and Love - Annette