Monday, December 29, 2014

Winter Stitchin

There was so much on my last post and my computer has been very sensitive. I needed to have 2 posts today. I am gearing up for January's Crazy Challenge but I'm only doing 15 new starts. The Sal will be with Linda of Stitchin with my Furbabies blog honoring Debbie. I do have some kitted up but need a few more. With all the lovely beautiful new stash I received from stitching friends for Christmas I will have no problem:)

Here's my what I've been currently working on....

  I had seen on Edgar's blog his beautiful stitching of this sampler BBD - "Winter Wonderland". As soon as I had seen it I wanted to stitch it. Well I wished that I could. Do you know that I was hunting looking for something else and while I was going through my stash I discovered I had this chart? I was so thrilled. I ordered some flosses that were needed (a late birthday gift to myself). I was so sure I had fabric for stitching. Well I didn't but I did have an idea....

I took some white belfast 32ct linen and hand dyed 2 pieces. The first one was a bit too pink, which is my favorite color, but not  for this project. The second one was more the right tone. 

 Here's my progress on Winter Wonderland. The border matched up perfectly. WooHoo!!

And here's my progress on "Good Morning" for my Sal with Linda stitchin on Saturdays.
There were a few days of no stitching because I was preparing for Christmas.
My laptop had gotten a virus. Well really I've been using my sons old laptop. He had to wipe it clean and start over. This is the second time. Somehow he loaded Vista and not Windows 7. But at least I have access to the web - Lol! Yes I did have all my files saved from before the first time. In the accessories file, Paint is listed and now it goes by percentages for resizing my photos and not by the number of pixels. 
Wishing you a wonderful and blessed New Year! With my love and appreciation - Annette

Christmas blessings!!!

Hello friends! Hope your well and hope all of you had a lovely Christmas. Christmas came to fast for me this year. I did pull it together and for the first time we did not put up a large Christmas tree. This is so not us but there was too much going on. We did have company before and after Christmas. On Saturday (2 days after Christmas) we hosted a surprise party for our son. Our son is now a graduate from college. We are so very proud of him. His friends were all in town for the holidays and they hadn't been all together for over 5 years since they grated from high school. It was the perfect time to get them all together. One of Nicholas's friends Christine was a sweet heart, she did all the contacting of everyone, got Nick out of the house till everyone was here. It was a perfect surprise!!! He was super surprised!
So much to share with you so please grab your favorite beverage and enjoy....

These are gifts I sent to Shirlee ( The Easily Influenced Stitcher) for our private exchange.

 I did take photos before wrapping them. Yes Shirlee has opened them now, so its safe to share with you.

 Ornament I made for Shirlee. It's a BBD chart "Peace" from 2012 JCS Christmas Ornament magazine. I finished it as a flat ornament, used chip board & covered it in fabrics!

 Here's a few gifts I sent to Lee and her grand daughter to add to their decorating for Christmas. It was all Lee's doing who got me looking up my dream tree - and that was how "Candy & Gingerbread" themed tree came to be. Oh did she ever stir the pot up here. And thank goodness because that' was our main tree for this year.
These are gifts I sent to Lee for Christmas. Yes she has opened them so its safe for me to share with you.

 This ornament was inspired from the 2 ornaments Lee had made for me. I loved her tassels so much that I wanted to try my hand at making one. Let me tell you - it was not easy. I added the beads like she had on mine and that was a challenge for me. But I do like how it turned out. The linen is by Silkweaver Belfast linen 32ct, - brandywine. I has this in my stash and thought it was perfect for stitching the angel in light colors.

 close up of the beading I added.

 Here is Lee's gift to me for Christmas. I waited to open all my gifts on Christmas morning:)
Can you see the globe & popcorn Hallmark ornaments? Those were gifts from one of my moms friends. Only the globe is mine. The popcorn one is Nicholas's!

 Oh what a lovely surprise when I opened Lee's gifts. A beautiful stitched pillow with the tiniest stitches and pretty trim & lace. And a calendar of beautiful birds of New Zealand. I needed a calendar for the New Year. Thank you so very much Lee! I love them!!!

 Had to show up close the Lee's beautiful embroidery work!

 These are gifts I received from Shirlee! Oh my goodness I was so surprised. I have to show you up close of what she sent.

 These beautiful ornaments were hung up on my stitchers tree immediately. My stitchers tree is in the entry way. No lights on it yet - LOL! I am leaving this tree up all year round. And I used a larger small tree for this year.

 Beautiful charts - "Hannah Tingey 1823" by The Scarlett House & "Angels Praise" by Plum Street Samplers. I love these charts. And a thread hopper & a needle threader by My Big Toe Designs.

"Proverbs 31:13 Sampler" by Primitive Needleworks, "Around the Robins Nest" by By The Bay Needleart, and "Christmas Cheer" by Just Nan. I can't wait to stitch all these. Aren't they gorgeous! Yep I got all teary eyed.

 This was the first gift I opened. I cried!!! "Busy as a Bee" by Primitive Hare and the fabric for the finishing.
Since we had to repair the bathroom it was a very simple Christmas for us.

 Shirlee also included all these teas. I love flavored teas. These brands are all new to me. They smell so good. The small round canister is a solid lotion bar for hands. It's wonderful and has a scent of orange oil.

 Here's a close up. Elmwood Inn teas - I think she may have visited there.

Thank you so much Shirlee for blessing me with your love and beautiful needleworks.
I was spoiled by Shirlee and I appreciate everything.

 I got in the mail a beautiful card from Anne of Dolls Musing  and inside was this precious hand crocheted star that I love. I have it hanging on my stitchers tree too! Thank you Anne for your thoughtfulness.

Gifts from Santa Nancy
 2 days before Christmas I received in the mail a large envelope from Nancy of Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. I was a very lucky winner of one of her 25 Days of Christmas Giveaways. The prize was a surprise from Santa Nancy.
I waited till Christmas morning to open it. I was totally surprised - LOL!!!
Here's a close up of what I won.

 Skeins of flosses from her 1840 Heirloom collection. Look at all these gorgeous colors. 
Left to right: Calico Pink, Calico Blue, no color name, Turkey Red, Old Brick, Rose Pink, Lavender w/rose tint, Shamrock Green, Rose Petals, Gingerbread, Cobblestone Brown, Forest Moss, Spring Green, Special Berry and Brass. 

 Four of Nancy's beautiful charts. 
From left to right: "Custom Family Name Sampler", "Home Sweet Home", "Black Bird Christmas Wreath" and "Black Bird Christmas Tree".

On Dec 22nd I went downtown to our Veterans Thrift store with my measuring tape in my pocket. I wanted to get a few frames so I could have some of the Christmas samplers on the walls. Found two frames, came home and that evening got the first done. Which is "Victorian Merry Christmas"  by Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe chart that I was gifted last year by Nancy and stitched it. But it didn't get framed last year because there wasn't enough time. Well I am so happy to say I did it myself and it hung above our stockings.

Here's Hansel and Gretel framed. The frame was a not so pretty wood color. Came home and painted the frame white. This was done on the 23rd of Dec. All in time for Christmas.

I displayed next to Gingerbread Village Street that I had done last year. 

And here's our graduate son with his friends. Nicholas is the second from the left. 
I have been stitching and I'm going to do another post. Part 2 coming up.
Thank you very much for your Christmas cards and gifts. It was a different Christmas this year. We missed Nannie so much.  With my love and appreciation - Annette

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Tidying's!!!

Hello friends! This month is flying by. I have a to do list in preparation for Christmas. Thank goodness I had put up the smaller tree "Candy & Gingerbread" when I did. Haven't put up our main tree yet and my stitcher's tree. Our son Nicholas celebrated his 24th birthday. Also ( holding my breath here and not sure if I should mention but WAY TO EXCITED) our son will graduate from college the end of this week. This week is his last finals. He has had us on pins and needles. He doesn't want us to even talk about it till his finals are over. WELL...... more on this later.... but I am so very very very very very excited for him.....

Nancy of Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Blog has been drawing everyday winners for her 25 days of Christmas giveaways. An on the 9th day drawing - I WON!!! WOOHOO!!! I won a surprise and when I receive it I am saving it for Christmas morning to open. I think that the days which she has not drawn winners you can still leave a comment and have a chance to win still. So if you haven't been to her blog there's still time. Just be sure to scroll down on her posts to find the days she hasn't drawn winners yet! To shop her store on Ebay the link is HERE!

Okay moving on..... we had some unexpected bathroom repairs which turned out that we now have a new bathroom. A few days before Thanksgiving (oh good lord I didn't even cover Thanksgiving) it was brought to my attention that the flooring (linoleum) had a small bubble. Then after Thanksgiving it got to be a HUGE bubble. That was not good. I am not going to get into too many details but did you know there is whats called a ring underneath the toilet. The wax rings should be changed. If not then water leaks. YEP that's what happened. Turns out we had 3 layers of flooring. The most bottom one is the main wood floor, second floor is made of particle wood and thirdly your  most top floor. Our second flooring was all saturated. The most bottom floor was wet ( had heater on it all night to dry) but still the wood was hard and did not need to be replaced. Thank goodness. Now after 1 week of appts all has been repaired. Therefore -  we have a new bathroom. Very thankful but URG!!!!

All during this time of repairs, our son taking over the main table for his projects & photographs I managed to sneak in & take some photos all in between. Much to share....

 Hansel and Gretel FINISHED!!!! Haven't had  a chance yet to hunt for a frame.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! You may have seen on Lee's blog these gorgeous ornaments she made me for my Candy & Gingerbread tree. If you are now seeing them for the first time and would like to make some Lee posted how to make them HERE on her other blog "Other side of the mountain".
I absolutely melted when I opened them.  Lee's talent has no limitations. Honest to goodness everyday I have to touch them and make the tassels move to hear the beads clicking - LOL!!! They are so beautiful and fun!!! Thank you again from my heart Lee!!!

 Here they are on my tree. OH I almost forgot. Can you see the felt candy garland? I made it. I had some of the circles done but needed to make more of them. This was a project from about 5 - 6 years ago. I cut out the circles, used a blanket stitch, chose different colored threads on each felt circle. OH I cut out 2 same sized circles (1 1/2 inch) and stitched them together. After I made enough circles I strung them on one continuous Pearl #12 thread.

 After I had received the gorgeous ornaments from Lee,  a week or so later I get this in the mail from her. I am soooo blessed. She said she had started stitching the pulled thread piece before her eye surgery then had to stop. After she healed she stitched on this incredible gorgeous piece again and its my birthday gifts.  Oh yes I sure cried. The chart is Ellen Chester's "Elizabeth Wood" sampler. I can't wait to start this. Lee bought this in person from Ellen when she took a class from her earlier this year.

 I have never seen anything like this needlework before, let alone now I actually own a piece gifted to me by precious Lee! Thank you so very much Lee - you know I cherish all your needlework.

 Before Thanksgiving I received mail from my friend Hetti from the Netherlands. Hetti sent me a kit -  a design with roses to be stitched in memory of Nannie. The threads are scented of roses (DMC).  I was and still am so touched by her kindness. I am going to stitch/add Nannies name and Hetti's name and where it was sent from. I don't think the scented threads are sold here in the USA. Hetti said in her card that this was her sending me a bouquet of roses in Nannies memory. So loving. And Hetti also had a package & card for my Aunt! My Aunt received her package on Thanksgiving day. I had hosted dinner. I didn't get to take a photo of what Hetti made for her. It was a beautiful ornament & a blue delft tile bookmark. I will see if I can have my aunt take a photo so I can share with you.
Thank you Hetti for all your kindness!!!   Not only to me but also for my Aunt!!!

 Precious Miek sent me this beautiful Christmas card and gorgeous hand-dyed silk threads done by her. Miek is also from the Netherlands. Miek and Hetti are sisters. They now have an Etsy store and sell their silk threads and beautiful cross stitch designs. Thank you so much Miek!

Look what I got from Andrea and all the way from United Kingdom! I had been a very lucky recipient of Andrea's Christmas RAK. I love this snowman ornament she made. The name of the design is called "Frosty Snowflake" by Needle Bling Designs. It's already on my Candy tree:) And she also hand made this beautiful Christmas card. Thank you very much Andrea!

 Earlier this year Shirlee of  The Easily Influenced Stitcher and I had decided to have a Christmas exchange.   During our flooring repairs I was feeling a bit upset & down (yes about a bit of everything, missing Nannie & my mom) and a box arrived for me. When I opened it I cried!!
Talk about feeling loved. WOW WOW WOW!!! I contacted Shirlee right away and thanked her so much for such an abundance of love she sent me and asked if she wouldn't mind if I could open her gifts on Christmas morning. Of course she said yes. I assured her that her ornament will be displayed and left up all year round. Oh yes as soon as I get my stitcher's tree back up it stays up - LOL!!!
Thank you Thank you Shirlee!!!

 My one and only sister, who I say is my #1 and favorite sister -LOL hand knitted me this lovely candy colored scarf. Yep it compliments our Candy & gingerbread tree. How lucky I am!

 The yarn is from Hobby Lobby. I've been wearing it, it's so soft and warm. I love it!!
Thank you sweet sister!

And she also made me this.. Isn't it darling....and she even stitched on 18ct adia which she said she would NOT stitch on anything higher than 14ct - LOL. Bless her heart!
Hope your enjoying the holidays and are getting some stitching done - LOL!!!
Always with my love and Appreciation - Annette