Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lovely May Surprises

Hello lovely friends! It's amazing that its the middle of May already. We've had some much cooler weather here and it certainly put me in a mood for stitching. So that's what I've been doing - stitching!!! Some finishes to share with you today....

 Finished "Strawberry Fields Forever" by BBD. This really turned out lovely. I have not framed it yet but that's my intention.

A lovely surprise
 Just today I received an envelope in the mail and the stamp said "Royal Mail". I thought "OOOOH this must be my invite to the Royal Christening of HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge! NOPE! But even better....
This sweet chart is from Jo of Serendipitous Stitching blog. I was one of the lucky winners of Jo's 4th Blogaversary draw! And Jo lives in England. How cool is that? I am so excited to get started on this darling chart. I like that is has an angel, hearts, deer, trees and an alphabet. Thank you ever so much Jo!!!

"Sound" Lady and the Unicorn , Dimensions kit 16x20"
Needlepoint - stitched by my mom Franciene (many years ago)
Another lovely unexpected surprise
This is a really cool story I want to share with you.... Kim had shared on one of her posts HERE (Wisdom with Needle and Thread blog) about a series of tapestries that she is stitching. These are done in needlepoint. When I had read her post & saw the photo - I thought "How beautiful I love it" & then I thought "Oh I think my mom had needlepointed one of these". I went on a hunt in the house right then and there. I FOUND IT!!! Yes she did and that's the photo above that I shared with you. Now I don't recall ever getting to see my mom stitch this. I had moved away and was in college. It's completed but horribly mis-shaped pulling all in one angle & needs blocking before it can be framed. But I have it happened to be the same design that Kim had shared and posted about. Can you believe it? I was thrilled to learn the name of the tapestry and the history of it.
Thank you Thank you Thank you sweet Kim!!!!

 "a little Liberty" by Lizzie Kate 
30 ct linen
Over the weekend I stitched a few smalls. This one and the one below.

 "Let Freedom Ring" by Lizzie Kate
32ct Heroic linen by Picture This Plus
I had a piece of this leftover linen and thought it was perfect for this small design.

"A Lady's Worke Box" by With My Needle
This is a class that I took& was taught by the wonderful Ellen Chester over a year ago. This is a beautiful collection stitching necessities that will be housed in a gorgeous hand crafted wooden box. The piece I am stitching above is the front outside panel that will be attached to the box once done. I will share photos of the box when I complete this. I have already finished the needle book and made all the duponi silk covered inside panels. I completed the grass and now working on the fence & steps. In this design there will be a house & trees and another floral on the right side.


Thank you so much for your visit. Hope you are enjoying this month of May.
With my love and appreciation Annette

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Welcome May!

Hi beautiful friends! It's been some very warm weather here in Northern California. Our temps have been in the 90's. I have two finishes to share with you today. Both projects are from Debbie's Challenge that I started in the beginning of January - of my 15 new starts. I now have completed 7 of 15 projects. YES!!!

Do you remember this? This houses the panels I stitched. I just love pretty tins and have a small collection. This is my only pink one!

"My First Sewing Box & Scissor Fob" by The Stitching Parlor
30ct Woodlawn Linen 
Threads: DMC and Classic Colorworks
Here is the inside of the tin.

I added tiny buttons in the top corners of the felt that holds needles. I have to tell you that I had the linen and used a piece for another ornament "Running Bunnies" by Just Nan back when and didn't think I would have enough linen left for both panels for this project. But I did. Very tight squeeze while stitching -LOL! It worked! Ooops I noticed that I forgot to stitch the scissor fob! I've added it on my list of to do's.

"Needlewoman - busy as a Bee" by The Primitive Hare
30ct Old Salem Linen 
DMC Threads
This is a fold over pouch or pocket. I made some changes. I added firm Pellon (#809) to one of the fabrics so the pouch would hold up strong and not be flimsy. This was gifted to me from our friend Shirlee. I love how it turned out. I didn't add a closure on the bottom of the flap because I think the depth of the inside pocket is very deep and the outside over flap in nice and long. Hope this makes sense. But it works beautifully. 

The fabric colors look rich in person. Pretty bee fabric. Thank you Shirlee! I enjoyed making this.

I am now stitching on "Strawberry Fields Forever" by BBD. This is another one of my new starts from Debbie's Challenge from of the beginning new year. Thank you for your visit.
With my love and appreciation - Annette