Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Winter Wonderland & a "Sizzle" finish

Hello beautiful friends! This weekend is Nashville Spring Needlework Market. I found a good link to preview some of the many upcoming new releases - HERE! I know there have been many early sneak peeks on the designer company's blogs but it's nice to be able to see many of them in one place. I know that Blackbird Designs will have a exclusive release at the show but have no idea of what it will be. Looking forward to seeing what it will be. Our weather here has been sunny yet chilly. Not even cold like many of you are experiencing Midwest and back East. Hope your all safe from all the ice & snow storms. So since we did have some chilly days I pulled out my Winter Wonderland wip and have been working on it.
Here is my progress...

 Winter Wonderland by Blackbird Designs
32ct linen hand dyed by ME:) and all the suggested over hand dyed threads.
This is a close up - I had left off back at the end of December with only the border done. The rest of the motifs I've stitched recently. Building the house is taking some time but nice to stitch while watching TV.

 Sorry didn't iron but after I took the photo it right back in my QSnap hoop for more stitching this evening.

 Happy Mail today from the Easter Bunny from New Zealand. Yes!!! Sweet talented Lee sent me these 3 GORGEOUS of her own version of Faberge Eggs!!! OH MY GOODNESS! Aren't they beautiful?
Look at her beautiful tassels and the Colors!!! I am so in love with them. Can you see the long PINK crystal hanging down in the middle egg? SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

 Here is a closer view. All the beads, sequins and trims are just outstanding!!! I KNOW VICKIE PINKS!!!LOL!!! Of course I wanted to display them right away.

 I placed them on their own little tree. Now I need to pull some ribbons and make this my stitchers Easter tree! Thank you sooooooo very much Lee! My son went crazy over all of them and loved them so much that he wants me to decorate for Easter now (he knows that will include Easter candies in all the candy bowls). LOL!!!

 Here is my latest finish - The top of the tin 2008 "Sizzle" by Just Nan. And I made the cording for the trim

 This completes one of my 15 new starts for Debbie's Challenge. WOOHOO!!! The fabric is light blue that I had hand dyed myself but looks white photographed.

I added a circle of light blue felt for the inside of the tin that houses the coordinating pinwheel.
Thank you very much for your visit. With my Love and Appreciation - Annette

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Finishes & a bit of paper crafting!

Hello beautiful friends! So much to share with you today. We've had problems again with our telephone lines for both internet and the land line. All from the rain. Long story short we will still be having interrupted service for the next few days (this has been going on from over one week ago). May take me a few days to reply to your comments but who knows. So I am taking advantage of it working right now (thank goodness for cell phones).

I've been working on my new starts from Debbie's Challenge. And I finished a few of them. Here we go....

  Tapestry Heart by Sweetheart Tree
32ct white Belfast Linen, DMC threads and Victorian Motto thread

This chart was gifted to me by Frances. This was stitched in memory of my Nannie (grandmother) and I added her initials and the year she passed away. The beautiful heart charm is sterling silver which came with the chart from Frances.

 I completed it as a flat heart ornament and a pretty trim for around the edging. 

The backing I used a piece of Anna Griffin fabric.

 This photo you can see a bit closer and this was before it was made into a ornament.

 Oh sweet Frances! I had seen on her blog a photo of her purchases she brought home from New Orleans. All I was able to see was the name of the store & a I saw part of the chart she got. Well I had to have this because it reminded me of when my parents went to New Orleans (they are both deceased). Love how they wrapped my purchases.

 Here is what I got. I didn't know that it was named Jazz Funeral. But that didn't stop me ordering it. I described it over the phone and they told me the name. I also ordered the metallic thread DMC E130.

 Here is the second one "Mardi Gras". I also got the pretty gold ribbon from them. And here it is all done...

 I didn't get it completed as a ornament in time for Mardi Gras but at least its done. 
I loved Frances Mardi Gras tree and thought I could have one. Not this year -LOL!

 Here is one all completed - this was a kit and I added "Jesus"! Oh yes I still have up our Gingerbread & Candy Christmas tree - LOL! It's so pretty & love having the lights on in the chilly evenings.

 And freshly completed today - "2008 Pinwheel - Sizzle" by Just Nan. This was my first pinwheel I made. I stitched the ribbon on the sides and didn't use glue. I still have to stitch the top of the tin that this will be housed in.  This side has Bee's & Ladybugs:)

This side has Roses (PINK - I know Vickie will appove!!!) & Ladybugs.

And my memory planner arrived. I've opened it and haven't done anything to it yet - LOL!!!

While seeing how others were decorating and using their planners I learned about "Pocket Letters".
Oh Boy!!! It's a really fun idea and I had to give it a go. It's a baseball card clear pocket sheet 8 1/2 X 11 size. They are a few requirements for making some of the fillers of the pockets. Some of them include: a letter (you fold and stick in the pocket), a tea bag, some goodies (stickers, embellishments etc), a tag mail (I had written some of my favorite things - cross stitching etc). I included in mine that I sent some washi tapes and a cute heart paper clip and even a recipe. My exchange partner has received it so I can share with you.
Here is closer look....

I forgot how to turn the photo...and I couldn't find what blogger friend had told us how to.
Thank you very much for visiting me. Hope your well and get to find time to stitch:)
With my Love and Appreciation - Annette

Monday, February 2, 2015

Superbowl Stitching

Hello beautiful friends! I am here! Since my last post  I've been stitching on and off on Strawberry Field's Forever by BBD. It was my last new start and this project was still in my Q snap hoop so it was easy to pick up and work on it when I could. So what else have I been up to since then? Explanation is down below..
But first here is my progress...

Progress - February 1st 
While watching the superbowl - I had my challenge with stitching the border. Kept making mistakes. I had to redo from the last 6th strawberry & vine down to the end on the right side. Got it right on the 4th try. Whew!! Then I got to stitch all the pretty strawberries on the border. DID you see the trailer for "Jurassic World" during the game? It was GREAT! I am so looking forward to this summer blockbuster movie. I know I know doesn't sound like me. But I'm a fan of all the Jurassic Park movies. Blame my dad. He used to love the movies too and we would watch them together. 

 This was my progress on January 15th

 Calender books (silver chevron & teal) from Target - dollar bins
Also picked up some sticky note pads. 

After I finished my 15 new starts for Debbie's challenge, I wanted to have something to plan and track my stitching projects. So that got me wanting a new planner. Which that inspired me to go through all my scrapbook stash. OH MY GOODNESS! It's almost been 2 weeks since I started. Almost done. The super glitter board in the above picture is called a dashboard. The dashboard is the first page you see when you open your planner and it's lamented. It's for keeping sticky notes or can be decorated. I did order a planner but haven't received it yet.  I will share with you once I get it. 

 In the mean time I did scrap one of the index tabs page. I am so sorry but for those of you who didn't know I was a super major scrapbooker. Even got into media art and all the techniques & products associated with Tim Holtz. I was even on a design team for a scrapbook store that was located near me but has been out of business for a while now. Anyways I've made much improvement on my craft area. And no that's not where I sew- LOL! Thank you for your visit. With love and appreciation - Annette