Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's August!

Greetings Everyone. Here in Northern California we've been having nice and cool weather in the last few days. Even a bit chilly in the evenings and I love it:)

Over 1 week ago I was contacted by one of our stitching sister's, Lisa - The Inspired Stitcher Blog.
She had seen I added "Bee Happy" by Homespun Elegance to my stash and she had just purchased it too. Lisa suggested for her and I to stitch "Bee Happy" together at the same time. I was so excited and thrilled. Of course I said "YES" right away. So we had our own small SAL.
It was FUN to get to stitch it together and a quick design to stitch. Lisa and I have both finished and I am sure she will be posting soon on her blog, her finish, very soon (I think she was waiting for me).

 Bee Happy by Homespun Elegance 
32ct Smokey Pearl Belfast Linen
All required threads

Here's a photo showing more the true color of the linen. I plan to finish this as a pillow.
Thank you Lisa - I truly enjoyed stitching this with you. YOU had a good idea:) 

 Fairy Hill - 16 ct Aida

Here is my progress for Bothy Threads Cut Thru Monday SAL with Debbie and Linda as our hostesses. I stitched the 2 trees, owl, bee, butterfly, a small basket of laundry and a fairy dress (soo cute). It will be more clear of what the items are once I get the backstitching done (sometime in the near future:)

This is the height of the design - I've been so happy to reach this point. Still on page 3 of 12. But its getting there....I love all the items of Fairy Hill so far. It's super cheerful to stitch. Another Tinkerbell from my moms collection. I've been pulling all these Tinkerbell's from my moms cabinet that houses all these and more. I haven't even touched any of her Hallmark Ornaments she had collected yet.

And after finishing "Bee Happy" I pulled a wip that I started last year - Ann Dale. It's about time I give her some of my attention. It has been pure heaven stitching with silk threads again. So easy to get any knots that form out from the silk thread. This motif, when I picked it up and started stitching again, had only the first two very bottom rows on the base of the vase. The rest of stitching upwards is what I have stitched for my progress. 

 Ann Dale by Shakespeare's Peddler
40ct Vintage Pear - Lakeside Linen
All silk threads required
Oh yes I have a long ways to go one. This design is HUGE. Over 65,000 stitches when done. But at least I've picked it up again and am working on it. It does feel good to pull out and work on another old wip.

To Angele - from me
For EMS Exchange "Christmas in July", the person I got to send a package to, has been finally received. I mailed off this package on June 14th. It's destination - Switzerland. Long story short (right!!!) The package was in the USA for over 1 month. It took 1 month to travel from California to New York, then back to California -Richmond. At this time I thought for sure it was coming back to me. Because Richmond is here in the Bay Area. NOPE! It went on to LA -California which was LAX yes the airport on July 21st. I was notified on July 26th that sweet Angele's had indeed received it in Switzerland. So now I get to share with you. Angele was very happy what I sent to her.
I had shared what I received in a earlier post, from the same exchange, from Bianca in Germany back in June.  Hope you are stitching and enjoying August so far.
With my Love and Appreciation - Annette


Jackie's Stitches said...

Happy August - this year is flying fast, isn't it?

I saw my Ann Dale last week and thought about pulling her out. Your post reminds me how pretty she is.

Anonymous said...

beautiful stitches and progress

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Thanks for a fun stitch along, dear friend! It turned out lovely. Love the colors in your Ann Dale piece. Nice progress on the SAL. I'm glad your partner finally got her surprise. Crazy how it took so long.

Penny said...

Bee Happy is such a sweet little stitch! And Ann Dale is going to be beautiful! Your exchange sure did it's fair share of traveling - so glad it finally made it to it's destination. :)

Vickie said...

Why oh why did Angele's lovely present go THAT route? Doesn't even make sense!!

Ann Dale is wonderful.

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Bee Happy is adorable and your other projects are coming along, too! I love Ann Dale - her colors are right up my alley and I'll enjoy watching your progress!

Melissa said...

Annette, Bee Happy is such a cute piece. It's great that you got to stitch along with Lisa.

Ahhh, Ann Dale - what a gorgeous piece and I love her colours. Looking forward to seeing your progress! Have fun!

Margaret said...

Love your SAL finish! Love the Bothy piece too -- you are really flying! Ann Dale is looking great!

Ruth said...

Oh I do so love little SALs :) A bit of serendipity in the day is a good thing.

Congrats on all the stitching accomplishments-- everything looks great. But I'll be very annoyed with you if you cause me to start another project --- your cut-thru makes me think of starting mine and Ann Dale makes me yearn for a new sampler start ... sigh.

Hetti said...

Such a nice idea stitching Bee Happy together!
Al your stitching is looking great and I love to see the update of Monday SAl Annette.
XXX Hetti

Simply Victoria said...

Bee Happy turned out cute and Ann Dale is going to be quite gorgeous!

Linda said...

More great progress Annette. Fairy Hill is gorgeous. That one might be my next start.


Karoline said...

Bee Happy is gorgeous, congratulations

Lovely progress on Fairy Hill & Ann Dale

Chris said...

Wow! That package really traveled.
I love all your projects. You are getting a lot stitched.

Brigitte said...

Sometimes the postal ways are out of this world, lol. Good to know that the little package arrived after its long trip.
Great to see Ann Dale appear again on your schedule.

Peggy Lee said...

Just came from Lisa's blog. Your stitch along sounds like fun! Both of your finishes are lovely.

I especially like Ann Dale. That style is right about my style.


Giovanna said...

What a sweet SAL - very pretty! And your WIPs are also lovely.

Sharon said...

Pretty SAL piece and lovely progress on your wip's.

Angela said...

Love the Bee Happy finish, Fairy Hill is looking great, I love Ann Dale despite it being a very large project and lovely package you sent to Switzerland.

Karen K said...

Wow, wow, wow, these are looking great and the SAL Bothy Threads is looking super. It's really coming on.

K x

Melissa said...

What a sweet SAL Annette! So summery :)

Love your WIPS!


PS: Gotta love the post haha

Anne said...

SAL's are fun but all the ones I've tried to start up sort of stopped...I think it was due to the millions of projects everyone was working on! Bee Happy is so pretty and just touches my heart. Cut Thru is so cute and it's making me want to stitch one!!Ann Dale is a gorgeous sampler with all her pretty pinks and reds. Another one to stitch! So glad that your package arrived safely albeit it took the tourist route! Hugs and love to you :D