Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer stitching!!!

Happy summer August days Everyone! Hello to you. Do my photos look better?
I didn't even have to be concerned with the lighting to take my photos today:) Early this morning I got ready to have a photo session with my stitching progress and the door bell rang. Yep new camera arrived!!! WOOHOO!!! Perfect timing. I was stalling for my post because I was hoping the delivery would arrive when they said it would - and it DID.  Ever since this morning I've been walking around the house saying "Hi! I'm a photographer and blogger and I love to cross stitch" - LOL,  I have been having a ball today:))))) If you don't know what I am talking about -  I have been mimicking "The Pioneer Woman" - Ree Drummond - love her. Our son loves the new camera too, so nice of him to let me play with it most of the day.
First - I get to announce the winner for the Lizzie Kate chart "Life's A Stitch".........

Please email me your address Debbie.

Stitching Progress for the last week for Ann Dale:
Completed 1 & 2 motifs on row 2, some pretty cream border and started the over one in the middle. I have decided that tent stitch is way more easier on my eyes and for frogging. I am not doing the full cross stitch over one. I think the tent stitch is working and looking very pretty.

I did iron this lightly...pardon the hoop marks please, I was too excited to take the photos:)

 This last weekend I received a surprise in the mail - A RAK from Patti of "Sew Delightfully Yours" blog. She sent me some beautiful crocheted coasters, a PINK potholder (these will be used as doilies and ornaments, no one better dare set a glass of water on them) and.....

Patti also gave me this beautiful needlebook she made, with red beads stitched all around the book, I love it..Looks like its saying "HI" - lol get it? Thank you Patti:)

And look at what else she gave me, Patti embroidered a Hydrangea centered on a medallion scrollwork charm with tiny seed beads sewn here and there. Thank you so much for your kindness Patti - I love every item you made and I plan to make a necklace with the beautiful Hydrangea piece. I have some mini rings to attach to the medallion and hang it on a chain:)  SO PRETTY!!!

Here is my update for Fairy Hill Bothy threads Cut Thru SAL. I have happily discovered there are only 9 pages of charts not 12....Boy you would think I could count by now -lol. The bottom far right is where I have been working on. Debbie (HERE) and Linda (HERE) are our hostesses for this SAL. You can visit them to get to see everyone's fabulous progress.

 Dames of the needle "Winter Holiday" - JCS Christmas Mag 2012
35ct parchment linen - WDW
I should be done stitching this ornament. But I cannot find the special button package I bought for specifically for this such a safe place that I have hunted for over 4 days in a row. It's a snowman button and 4 holly buttons. I need them so I can adjust the nuns stitch that is to be the border all around so that it will fit on this lovely hornbook. Yes I hunted the web for a little hornbook only to learn that I think the border will be a bit large. Just a few obstacles.
The trees are done in long arm cross stitch, the trunks are done in rice stitches. I should of taken a more closer photo but I am learning the camera. Oh yes the pins are my adjustments for the border but I want to make sure the snowman button will fit:) Where is that package??? I will come across it soon I  hope.

 And lastly I treated myself to this excellent book (a while back). I used this to look up those specialty stitches I did on the ornament above and they were in the book. Now I know why the book is so popular. I have seen this advertized on - on line stores and our magazines. I bet you have seen this too. It's a great book and I am pleased with it. I also have been enjoying seeing what all of you have been stitching on your blogs too. Love it when some Autumn and Christmas designs are showing up now:)))
Hope you are enjoying the week. I am going to see what Christmas design I want to start next.
With Love and Appreciation - Annette


Lee said...

Firstly that book is one of the best written on stitches.
what fun you had with the new Camera loved seeing your photos well done.

P.J. said...

All of your progresses look terrific! Glad your/son's camera arrived nice pics! Did he have to pry it from your stitchy little hands hehehe. Thank you for popping over to my blog and leaving a sweet comment. Have a wonderful day!

Shirlee said...

The sampler is gorgeous Annette! Great progress on your other WIPs aws well! What a fun RAK from Patti! I see the HI ... lol! Looks like a great book!

Chris said...

Wow! The pics look great! Congratulations on the new camera. What a sweet RAK to find in the mail.
Your stitching is lovely.

gracie said...

Wonderful stitching. ...wonderful pictures. What kind of camera did you get?

Vickie said...

Great post Annette! Tell me, when you iron those hoop marks, will the iron be on top of the piece or do you flip it to iron them out? I ALWAYS get confused and usually set wrinkles in!!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Such lovely things you shared with us today. I love that book too. You'll get lots of good use from it. Hugs!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Great timing on the arrival of your new camera! Ann Dale is looking really good. I need to pull mine out. I have 2 big projects that I'm going back and forth between...not sure I can handle 3.

What great RAK!

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the book. I got one as a Christmas gift and really need to sit down and study it. I think I'll learn a lot!

SoCal Debbie said...

Oh yippee! Thank you for picking my name, Annette! Your stitching is really beautiful. I like using tent stitch on big full coverage projects on tiny count fabric.

Your Fairy Hill looks wonderful. I love the bright colors. What a great RAK you received! The tiny hydrangea charm looks like itty-bitty French knots.

Linda said...

Great progress on everything Annette. Fairy Hill is still my favorite. What wonderful gifts you have received.


Barb said...

Ann Dale is just beautiful! That looks looks a great book.

Rowyn said...

Ann Dale is looking beautiful, Annette.

You left a comment on my blog asking if I used any DMC in my Old Nantucket. No, I used the recommended WDW threads (except for the house which I switched out the drab pebble colour for the blue). I look forward to seeing your Old Nantucket on your blog in the future.

Have a lovely weekend, and enjoy the new camera.

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Anne Dale is looking wonderful, Annette and I agree - I think the tent stitch looks just fine!
Great progress on both WIPs, and a great book, too! That's a must-have, I think.

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely RAK & great update on your stitchy projects. They all look lovely x

Catherine said...

Ann is such a beautiful piece!! Fabulous gifts from Patti ~ I'd hate to see what happens if someone puts a glass on those ~ yikes!

Saxo Stamper said...

What a great post and lovely photos with the new camera. Great progress on the Sal and the other projects are smashing.

K x

Karoline said...

Great progress on Ann Dale & Fairy hill. They look lovely

You got a great RAK

Penny said...

Your pictures look great! Glad you are happy with your new camera. :) Lovely stitching! Wonderful gifts from Patti! I've thought about getting The Proper Stitch a couple of times - looks like a good resource. Hope you locate that safe place and your button package soon. :)

Brigitte said...

So great to see how much you are enjoying your new camera. Your stitchy pictures are all very good - stitching wise and camera wise, lol.

Simply Victoria said...

I was laughing at your "photographer, blogger and love to cross stitch." ;)
Ann Dale is so, so pretty!
We got a new camera a couple of months ago and it makes a world of difference. Have fun playing around with it.

Anne said...

Annette! I can't believe I missed this post!! Love your progress on Ann. She's a purdy one :D Glad to hear you are having loads of fun with your new camera. The pictures are great! That rak from Patti is amazing. She does stunning work. That needlbook is so beautiful! Great progress on your Cut Thru. Seeing all you ladies work on Cut Thru's is making me want to stitch one! Like I don't have enough WIP's!! Having a great book like that is wonderful to refer too. Especially when some samplers call for unusual stitches. Sending you love and hugs!

Jackie said...

Hi Annette,
Love the progress on Ann Dale. I really lie those colors.
The progress on Fairy Hill is coming along nice.
Nice RAK too:)
I had to chuckle about not finding your special button package for your ornie. I worked on a small wall-hanging in early spring and I bought buttons for the wallhanging. I have torn my space up looking for those darn buttons to no avail. I just found them about a week ago. I put them away for safekeeping…yes to the point I could not find them myself. They were inside the pattern.
Gosh I hate when that happens:(
Take care and thanks for sharing. I will be back to see what you've done with Ann Dale.