Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bunnies in the Garden & Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow

"Bunnies in the Garden" - With my Needle
32ct Lilac Belfast Linen
It is March! I know I haven't posted in a while but I have been visiting everyones blogs and commenting:) I wanted to have something finished to share with you and I DO! And a new start.
I finished Bunnies in the Garden in time for Spring. I wanted to enjoy/use these sewing necessaries while stitching other projects during the spring time.  Let me tell you the Chart and instructions were fantastic and easy to follow. If I could finish this any one can. I highly recommend Ellen Chester's Charts - With my Needle.

 Here is the Needleroll opened. It is lined with a light lavender raw duponi silk fabric.
This photo shows one sode of each the pin cushion and the scissor fob/weight. Yes mine is a scissor weight because it contains a quarter inside stitched away. I like the bit of weight so my scissors don't disappear. Haven't you've had your scissors slide away and hide from you? I sure have. I've wasted more time felling around for them, too many times to count. Can you see my little dragonfly charm?

 Here is the flip side - showing the bunnies. I stitched my initials on the scissor fob. Okay I know my ribbon on the pincushion is a bit too wide. But this is all I had color wise to coordinate with the fabric and threads. VERY first time I ever made the scrunched ribbon and making a cord....I am so HAPPY with my cord on the scissors. And I had no cord machine - YEP that's Ellen's wonderful instructions she gives us in her charts:)

 The needleroll - unrolled.

 Talk about sweating  glistening - I had to cut out my needlepage. This was a first time for me.  It contains nun-stitches all around. And I had to cut this out. I did well, thank goodness. My hands were damp while holding the scissors. I used my small thread scissors NOT my BIG scissors. I did cut too short in one part but missed the stitches:))))))))  

 "Autumn at Hawk Run Hallow" by Carriage House Samplings
32ct Linen - Flax color
Threads: DMC, Crescent Colors,The Gentle Art, Weeks Dye Works and 
The Thread Gatherer Silk

A new start for me - Autumn at HRH. I'm stitching this ALL one over one. YEP the whole chart. Okay I want to share with you my latest discovery, Oh MY I think its the best invention ever!!! Have you heard of the Graph Gripper Pattern Holder? One day I was searching on website. 
I found this chart holder. I ordered it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Its fantastic for holding our small charts. Okay I take mine and fold it up showing only a small section I'm currently working on. And it stays on my embroidery hoop. Also is clamps on QSnap Frames. It was less than $6. So glad I ordered it. You might already heard of this gadget but I hadn't.

 I had seen Autumn at HRH on Nancy's blog. I think she is in France. I'm not sure. But once I saw the colors she was stitching this design in, I fell in love and knew I had to stitch it. So on her blog if you scroll down on her previous posts, you will see she has listed a chart of the symbols and threads she's using. It's a SAL. I'm behind but I'm stitching it. I love the look of the hand over dyed threads. What do you think? I am guessing since this chart has been out for a while, many of you may have already stitched this. Or maybe you have the chart? It would be fun if anyone else wants to join in.

 My book came in. This is from the Saco Museum in Maine, USA. The link is here if you would like to order it. I have flipped thru the pages and it is a beautiful book. I couldn't believe it was only $26, compared to some other books of Samplers that are over $100. This is a book I will read cover to cover, because I'm fascinated with all the stories of each sampler. 

Thought I would share a few of the pages with you so you could see the beautiful quality of the photos. I also want to let you know that I will have a giveaway when I hit 100 followers. I just need 3 more followers:) Its almost been 1 year since I started this blog. I have been so blessed by getting to meet you through blogging. It's been truly fantastic. Hope you have a wonderful week and thank you sooo much for visiting me. Always with Love and my Appreciation - Annette
p.s. I love getting to see large photos. I have noticed since my last post that these photos are really much larger than then used to be.


Lee said...

Lovely to see what you have been stitching
well done your Bunny needle roll looks great

Unknown said...

Your works look great!
Beautiful bunnies!

Love from Holland,

Julie said...

Love the Needle Roll with and the idea for different size needles.
Chart holder looks cool.Is it sturdy ?.
Look forward to seeing the rest of your Hawks Run.I have the Christmas one and Shores Run that i have seen quite a few people doing Shores.

Lianne said...

You did a beautiful job on your needle roll! I am so intimidated by cutting fabric,,, I will have to take inspiration from your courage and finish some of my smalls.

I agree, the larger pictures look great!

Vickie said...

Oh my! The bunny needleroll is just charming. What a fine job you did on it.
I like weight to my scissor fobs too.
Over one on 32ct! I really admire you for taking on such a large project in a small count. You know I love that! I love over one stitching.
Glad you are well. Take care. Happy stitching. ♥

Jackie's Stitches said...

Annette, your Bunnies in the Garden is just lovely! I don't have a lot of experience with finishing but I agree with you that with Ellen's patterns, it's not a concern. Each step is all spelled out!

Margaret said...

Love your Bunnies in the Garden finish! And your Autumn in the Hollow start as well! I still haven't ordered that book. I should.

Unknown said...

A HRH chart all over one? You are crazy and I love you! :) I've got the Christmas one in my stash now. I couldn't resist the peacock!

~Narita said...

Annette, the bunnies roll came out soooo nice nad you did a beautiful job putting it all together.
I love your piggy. I have that chart all kitted up and ready to stitch, as well. Before my mom died, she bought all those charting when they told everyone they would no longer be available. Then she bought the silks for all of them and fabric.
She finished half of the Christmas one and I will finish it (when I don't have other more pressing things to do) I can't wait to start the one you are doing. I think I love it best!

Giovanna said...

Congrats on the lovely needleroll! And you're very brave, stitching such a huge project over 1 - it's gorgeous already.

SnowySticher said...

Love the needle roll, the colors are so pretty

Melissa said...

Wow, Annette, that needleroll is so pretty. What a lovely finish!

The AaHRH is gorgeous and over one! Wow again! It's going to look awesome. Wish I could do the over one easily but I think I'm allergic to it! lol.

Thanks for showing the book. I will check this out later. Looks very good!

SoCal Debbie said...

The bunny needle roll and scissor fob are gorgeous! How nice to use for springtime stitching! Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow will look great. Your new sampler book looks very interesting, too. Nice find! The pattern holder looks very handy. Thanks for the recommendation!

Linda said...

What a great post Annette. You did a fantastic job on your needleroll and fob. I have Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow. I envy you for being able to stitch it on 32ct and over one - wow. I only stitch on 14ct. Looks great.


Carol said...

Wow! Over one on Autumn at HRH--I am so impressed, Annette!! It will look amazing... Love this block so much. And your bunny needle roll is adorable!! Well done on everything :)

Anonymous said...

Your bunny needleroll is just darling as is the matching fob! You've done a wonderful job on them.
AaHRH stitched over one is going to look incredible!! Good for you! I can't wait to see more of this one. It's my favourite of all the HRH designs.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Great job on the roll up! I agree, Ellen's instructions are wonderful. I might have to see about that book too. Have a great week!

Kimberly said...

What beautiful work! I really love the bunnies! And it's so funny - I found the graph gripper on too, and added it to my wishlist. So glad to know it works so well! I hope to purchase it soon! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work.

Shirlee said...

Beautiful needle roll! Looking forward to the Autumn progress : )

Hetti said...

It is really spring on your lovely needleroll Annette! I like it very much.
The book with the samplers is very interesting and beautiful.
It is very nice to meet you on the blog and share our love of stitching ;-))
Hugs hetti

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The Bunny Needleroll is lovely and so beautifully made-up. Love all the accessories too.
I too enjoy stitching over 1, AaHRH is going to look incredible.

The large photos are great, you can change the width of the text box on your blog on your Dashboard so they don't hang over the side bar.
Email me if you can't work it out!

Brigitte said...

Wow, great! Your finishing is wonderful! This needleroll looks so pretty and you are right, Ellen's instructions are all very clear on all her charts. Now I need to finish mine, too, sigh. But at least I have already chosen the lining fabric, lol.
Great progress on Autumn!

Nancy M said...

Very cute bunny roll and nice finishing job! I've never seen a needle holder with the sizes listed, very clever! I do cording with my electric mixer. No need to buy a special tool. Glad you like your new accessory, it's nice when you use something you buy and can't live without it. Your AaHRH looks awesome, but I could never do one that large all over one!!! WOW

Karoline said...

Bunnies in the garden is gorgeous, congratulations

AoHRH is looking lovely, great start

Lynn said...

Love your latest finish, it looks absolutely lovely!

Teresa S. said...

That little graph holder is a wonderful tool! I've never seen it before. Thanks for sharing!

Rita said...

Beautiful stitching and finishing!

I love the colors so far of the HRH piece. I'll have to go check out the alternate colors too.

What a great book! Enjoy!

Kay said...

Wow!! Your needle roll is a revelation to me. I just love that you have little pockets for different size needles, that makes so much sense. I now need to make one. Thanks for sharing all your lovely work.

Anne said...

I adore your bunny roll. There is so much to drool over! Love the silk fabric you used and the little needle size spots. organized! 1 over 1 for Autumn Hawk Hallow!! WOW! You are a brave woman. It looks great though and I will enjoy watching it grow!