Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bunnies in the Garden

 "Bunnies in the garden" - With My needle
32ct Lilac Belfast Linen 
Threads - DMC, Silk Gloriana, WDW,Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe, 
& Chameleon from The Cherry Tree, South Africa

Hello to you my blogging friends and to my new friends. I am all better now. Cold/flu is ALL GONE:) Finally. Thank you all for your well wishes. It worked:) I have lots to share. I've been stitching every day. I started Ellen Chester's Bunnies in the Garden - With My Needle. I want to have it all done before Easter- Spring. I want to enjoy it while all the flowers are in bloom. When I started this I pulled all the DMC threads first. then I switched them out for Hand dyed threads & a silk that I had in my stash. The chart gives a listing of Olde Willow Stitchery overdyed threads but they are no longer available. Thank goodness Ellen listed DMC colors next to each one. So this is my latest wip.

 This darling visitor came up to our driveway last year (I can't recall what month - Oct I think).
I had my cell phone on me and clicked away.
 Isn't he cute. He must of been someones pet because he looks well cared for & came right up to me. Paid his respects & then hopped away. When I came back with my other camera he was gone - poof.
Since I am stitching this wonderful chart I thought I would share him with you - Appropriate yes?

 I found in my moms stash of fabrics this beautiful nicely weighted silk duponi I think. Its beautiful fabric. I plan to use this for the inside of the Needleroll. The orange fabrics are for a carrot scissor holder. So of course I didn't have any orange fabric on hand - off to Joann's I went. Found 2 good possibilities.

 Needle page for inside the needleroll. I have to cut this out - YIKES!!!
Don't worry I will READ Ellen's instructions FIRST and MANY times before I do.

 Hetti's SAL Delft Blue Tiles
28ct Irish Linen
 I stitched 6 more tiles for Hetti's Delft Blue Tiles SAL 2012. You can look for her free charts here.
When you go to her website or blog - the SAL is listed on the right hand side. She listed all the charts together in one place. I chose some different colors to stitch her SAL in. And I love how its coming out.

 The Han Phoenix
28ct White/Silver Evenweave - Fabric Flair
ALL stitched in Silk threads:)
Oh My Goodness! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed stitching this chart. Monica Ferris "Thai Die" book at the very end has this chart. This is a represention of the bird found on a very old silk over 2000yrs old. If you want to learn more you need to read this book. I did stitch this with all her suggested threads of silks. You know,  I took this photo when the sun was shinning very bright. It still looks shaded. Its really beautiful in person. I bought all my supplies at Needle in a Haystack for this project. They have silk threads that I never knew existed. Great selection. When I complete this stitched piece I will share with you.

On Chris's blog she posted about a incredible catalog, a sampler exhibit in Saco Maine, that she had received in the mail. So after reading her post - I ordered it:))))) Thank you Chris!!!  Then on Ellen Chester's blog she wrote a post and listed a video to watch. YOU MUST VIEW THE VIDEO - if you love samplers. Its really well done.
With Love and Appreciation - Annette


Margaret said...

I love all of your stitching. That phoenix piece is really unusual. Love the bunny roll -- it's somewhere in my stash. That real bunny is adorable! Glad you got pictures. And the delft tiles are neat too. You are stitching at least 2 things I haven't seen before, and I love them! Glad you're feeling all better.

Lee said...

How bussy your needles have been congratulations on all your efforts.

Jackie's Stitches said...

I really enjoyed seeing what you're working on. All are beautiful! You've made wonderful color selections with the Blue Delft project. You've been busy!

I hope the bunny made it back to his home!

~Narita said...

Hi Annette,
what awesome pheonix! And your bunny is so cute, too :)

Rowyn said...

Glad you are feeling better Annette.

I love your stitching, especially those bunnies in the garden (I love having bunnies in my garden, and sometimes the house, lol).

What a gorgeous wee visitor you had. I would hate for my rabbits to escape, with all the dogs in the neighbourhood and the hawks that fly around here I don't think they would last long :-0 Hopefully your visitor safely found their way home again.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Siobhán said...

I'm glad that you're feeling better, Annette! Beautiful stitching! The Delft tiles piece is so pretty.

Chris said...

Hey Annette! What gorgeous stitching. I love your version of Heitis tiles. Gorgeous!!
Sweet bunny. I hope that he is not lost :(
So glad that you are feeling better.
I know that you will love the catalog :)

Vickie said...

Hi Annette! I had to call Madeleine over and show her your visitor! We both were in awe that someone's bunny should just come hopping along!!
I knew I recognized that phoenix! Too cool! Great job on it.
What a lovely needleroll. Those colors are wonderful together on your tiles!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Wow dear friend, you have been busy for sure! Love the bunny needle roll. How about that little bunny visiting with you?! So sweet! Love the colors you picked fo rthe tiles too. Have a great weekend!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow all of your stitching is fantastic!!!

Carol said...

Oh, the bunny--I love him!! I hope he is okay out on his own...

Your stitching is all so pretty, Annette--love the colors in your Hetti's SAL project!

So glad you're feeling better--I'm afraid the cold has struck our home this week :( Just hope it doesn't turn into the flu!

Linda said...

You've been very busy Annette. Glad your feeling better. Love all the pieces your working on. The color choices are all great.


P.J. said...

Love your Phoenix; striking color combination. Your delft blue tile is looking very good, nice colors. Hope you keep the bug at bay for the remainder of the season.

SoCal Debbie said...

Your bunny stitching for Easter is so lovely! How nice that you added a photo of a visiting bunny rabbit, too! The phoenix looks great! One of these days I'll read the Monica Ferris books. I think I have two of them now.

Brigitte said...

How great to see Bunnies in the Garden on your blog. Your pictures reminded me of the fact that I stitched it many years ago but have never finished it into a sewing roll. Maybe I should do it soon as the finished piece will look adorable.
Your two WIPs are lovely too.

Anne said...

Gorgeous stitching Annette! I love the Delft Blue Tiles and the bunny needle roll. It's like your little visitor knew you were stitching him into your design!! That phoenix bird is so unusual and stunning!!!!

Hilda said...

Dear Annette,
what a sweet bunny. It looks so cute!
I adore your stitchings. Especially the Delft Blue SAL is marvellous. Light Blue and Brown is one of my favorite color combinations.

Have a nice day!

Nancy M said...

All your stitching looks great. Love the color you chose for the SAL. I didn't think that was a "natural" bunny. Never seen one that color out in the wild.

Lynn said...

I love all your stitching projects but especially the Delft Blue Tiles. I just love the colour conversion you've chosen. It looks awesome!

Karoline said...

Glad you're feeling better.

Your bunnies are looking gorgeous, Ellen's finishing instructions are some of the best so I'm sure you'll be fine

The tiles and the Phoenix are lovely