Sunday, May 29, 2016

New project!

Hello lovely friends! Oh how I've missed you all.
Wanted to pop in and tell you I'm still here and have been stitching. Since my last post I told you we had a scare with my husband but all was clear that was early April. We were told soon after that they had seen something and he needed another test. Finally he had that done and again - HE's Clear!!! BUT my Aunt took a turn in her health. She is now terminally ill - she's my late moms only sister.
All the whole time I've poured my heart into my stitching. Stitching in hospital waiting rooms and home no matter where it helps me be calm.
On a much happier note - I started a new project. I have fallen in LOVE with Lavender and Lace & Mirabilia designs. I had some in my stash from years ago and even my mom had started picking them up for me when she had seen them. Funny thing is I purchased one that I had seen Carolyn Mazzeo stitch on Floss Tube and she stitched a conversion of it and that's what I've been stitching.

 "Celtic Autumn" by Lavender and Lace
28ct Lambswool Jobelan, DMC threads and Sulky Metallic thread instead of Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Thread. 

If you can see the photo of the chart its in tones of blues. The conversion I'm stitching is in tones of beautiful greens and ambers charted by Janet Granger. And I added her holding fall leaves (which was charted by Jennifer Janney).
There's tons of beading. I beaded some of the top rows and one finished square motif. Holding off on the rest till I get her all stitched. 

 Progress as of today

This is a project or WIP that I'm also working on a summer needlebook themed Mermaid/Sealife
The mermaids are charted by  "Maidens of the Sea" - With My Needle by the lovely Ellen Chester.
The Seahorse, seaweed & coral are charted in a book (I got from the library) - "Four Seasons in Cross Stitch by Janye Netley Mayhew & Nicki Wheeler.
I will try to post again soon - so much to share. At least I was able to get this posted - LOL!!!
Hope you all are stitching! With my Love and Appreciation - Annette


Vickie said...

GORGEOUS work Annette. I am sorry you are under such stress because of family health issues. I am praying for your Aunt.

Smily-Света said...

Such a nice project!
Hope, everything will be better with health in your family. It's a pity when dearest people get ill

Jackie's Stitches said...

So sorry to hear about your Aunt. I'm thinking of you all. Sounds like you've had a super tough few months. Hugs to you!

gracie said...

Glad all is well with the hubby but sorry about your aunt. It was nice to read your post today and see your project.

CalamityJr said...

You've certainly been going through a rough time. I'll definitely keep you in thoughts and prayers. I'm glad you've found comfort in your stitching. The changes in the autumn design make more sense than the original, both in the colors and added leaves. Great choices!

Mouse said...

sorry to hear about your aunt but good news re DH ....
I have got the Celtic ladies ... done spring and summer and 3/4 through the autummn one ... love the idea of falling leaves though .. not done that part ( i don't think ) but doing it the conversion colours on hand dyed fabric.... love mouse xxxx

Linda said...

Sorry to hear about the health issues Annette. Your stitching is lovely. Looking forward to seeing more progress.


Marilyn said...

I'd say you have great progress on Celtic Autumn.
The colors are beautiful!
Can't wait to see more of this one.
Glad DH is ok, and your Auntie is in my thoughts.
Take care.

Barb said...

Good news about your DH but sad about your aunt. I just lost my step-mom. She was 94 but you're never quite ready to let go. Stitching is a comfort and I'm glad it is helping you. Beautiful projects!

Beth said...

I am glad that the health scare was just that - a scare! Good to have stitching in times of stress and times when you have to wait and wait and wait some more.

KimM said...

So sorry to hear about all the health scares....I understand how difficult it can be when your loved ones fall on ill health. I love, LOVE the Celtic Autumn design., it reminds me of my red-headed daughter.

Margaret said...

So glad to hear your husband is ok! But I'm sorry to hear of your aunt. Love your stitching -- so so beautiful!! I hear you on stitching away -- it really does help in times of stress, doesn't it?

Angela said...

I love this conversion too and plan to add it to my collection one day soon. I will look forward to watching yours grow.

Andrea said...

Sorry to hear about the family health issues. Love the stitching. I did Celtic Autumn in oranges and greens. Can't really get my head around the purples for Autumn. Looking forward to your progress.

Carol said...

I wondered where you have been, Annette. So sorry to hear about all the health concerns. It must be so hard to prepare to say goodbye to your aunt... Glad that your husband's health scare is over and he is clear, though! Whew!

Lovely stitching and colors in Celtic Autumn.

Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day with your family... Take care, now :)

Le trame della Galaverna said...

I'm so sorry
I hope that all will be better
Yours needle works are very beautiful and I look forward to see other progress on your lady.
Conversion colors are very vibrant.

Anne said...

Hi Annette I'm glad your hubby is fine. But sorry to hear of your Auntie. Prayers to her. I understand the stitching during times of stress as it really helps me too. Big hugs. :)

Justine said...

So sorry to hear of your family's health worries Annette. I hope your stitching continues to bring you comfort through your aunt's illness.
I love the colour conversion for Autumn, definitely more autumnal to me! This one looks really beautiful.

Von said...

Stitching is a comfort in times of stress. I'm so glad your husband has the all clear from the doctor and pray for your dear aunt in this difficult time.

Sheryl said...

Perfect work, what a lovely design, I prefer the green colours.

Isabelle said...

What a gorgeous new project : your Celtic Autumn is looking nice !!!
I am so sorry to hear about your aunt's health problems : I hope she recovers quickly a nice health !!

Brigitte said...

So great to hear that your husband's health is perfectly OK. But so sorry to hear about your aunt.

Oh my, Annette, you are stitching one of the Celtic ladies, how wonderful. I have seen so many stitchers lately on floss tube who are stitching one of them, or one of the Mirabilia ladies , and they all seem to be a lot of fun. Your lady looks so so beautiful already.

Solstitches said...

Beautiful stitching on this lovely design during what sounds like a very stressful time. I love the conversion colours.

Frances said...

Lovely stitching! You're getting a lot accomplished!

Weronika said...

You've done a lot of wonderful stitching! I am very happy that your husband is OK. So sorry about your aunt. Be brave in this difficult time.

Clare said...

Thinking of you while you have family members ill. Love your stitching so far on `Autumn` lady.

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Glad things are good for your husband but so sorry bout your aunt. Stitching is definitely one thing that helps me take my mind off things and relieve stress. Your stitching is beautiful, Annette!

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