Sunday, February 28, 2016

Recap of January & February!

Hello sweet friends! It's been too long since I've been able to post. Lots of catching up with you.
The last few months have been a blessing & horrific. I'm just going to dive right in with my news.

Back in January I had seen on Gay Ann Roger's website that she offered Ladies of Downton geometric motif charts. After hemming and hawing I finally went ahead and ordered them. Yep all 3 of the ladies. They are sooo gorgeous. Well I had made a card and sent it Gay Ann thanking her for her beautiful designs. To make a long story short - Gay Ann asked me to design cards for each lady with photos of her motifs. What an honor for me! I did make them!

In the mist of making the cards our son Nicholas, one afternoon, started choking and was throwing up every 3 mins. He was able to breath and talk but kept telling me he felt something was stuck in his throat. He was having lunch at the time right before he started getting ill. Took him to ER arrived before 6:00pm and at 8:00pm the ER doctor said he was calling in the specialist and her team. At 10:00pm they operated on him.
Nicholas had a piece of meat stuck in his esophagus. The doctor thinks that Nick ate something (the day before) that his esophagus constricted close. Okay got my son all well. Kept making cards at home in between (kept me calm).
Week following we had a scare with my husband. My DH had a regular checkup and blood work. Got the call back saying he needed more tests. They thought he could have cancer. Took him to the hospital for a procedure. 2 days later we got the call - He's all clear. OH thank the Lord!!!!

Then follow up appt for our son. He needed more tests and had a procedure done too. So far all tests have come back clear. We don't know why he had the reaction that he did. Still in the works.

SO I am not sure when I have gotten all the stitching done that I did. I had my projects in totes that came with me to all appts and ER too!!! Stitching has been my saving grace.
Having shared with you I am so sorry to be so behind on commenting and visiting everyone's blogs.
Please forgive me.  OH before I forget Gay Ann Roger HERE has her sale going on right now. She has extended the Ladies of Downton charts till March 6th. Then is retiring them as the series will end on that night here in USA.

Sojourner by Theresa Barid of Hearts Ease Exampler Workes
40ct Expresso linen by R & R Reproductions
All silk threads.

Had this photo that I had taken but lost track of the date - sigh....

"The Shores of Hawk Run Hollow" by Carriage House Samplings
36ct Vintage Meadow Rue by Lakeside Linens, All NPI silk threads
Block 1 complete

HRH Shore's -  Block 2 complete

 A Gift by Nicola Parkman of Hands
Freebie HERE
The linen was a gift from Becky on Instagram who hand-dyed this herself!

 Finished as a zipper pouch.

I sure have missed getting to visit with you! Hope you get to stitch while watching the Oscars! I enjoy live from the red carpet seeing all the gowns and jewels!
With my love and appreciation - Annette

Displaying IMG_0038.JPG
Displaying IMG_0038.JPG


Lee said...

Just love the way your sampler is coming along.

Marilyn said...

Sorry to hear about your son and DH.
Glad they are ok.
It must've been very scary for you.
Stitching always helps, doesn't it.
Sojourner is looking so pretty, as are all of your projects, and the pouch is beautiful.
I looked at the cards you made, they are gorgeous!
Take care.

Vickie said...

Oh my. Annette that is a lot of bad excitement. I am so glad everyone is well now though.
Your cards are just lovely Annette.
Sojourner is gorgeous!

Margaret said...

Annette, I'm just overwhelmed by all that has happened in your family! Thank God everyone is ok. I hope and pray Nick is through with whatever happened and they figure out what happened. And thank God your DH is in the clear with the cancer scare!

Love all your stitching, but Sojourner -- so so gorgeous! It's a real masterpiece!

cucki said...

My dear Thank God everyone is ok
Love your sampler x
Take care :)

Claudette497 said...

I surely do hope March is calmer! Your stitching looks fabulous!

gracie said...

Oh my friend, sorry I did not notice you were not posting ( been a bit lax reading posts) I am sorry for all the issues and I am sending hugs and loving thoughts that March will be so much better for all of you. As usual, your stitching is lovely.

Blu said...

Thank goodness everyone is ok! It sounds like an unnecessarily exciting time.

Your stitching looks lovely.

Beth said...

Very scary times Annette. Hope March is a peaceful month.

Linda said...

Glad to hear your son and DH are doing better Annette. Congrats on all of the lovely finishes and nice progress on the others.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Oh my goodness, what a dramatic time you've been having! Glad that they are both alright now.
I looked at the website and your cards are gorgeous! A beautiful addition to the projects.
Your samplers look lovely as does Nicola's freebie design.

Jackie's Stitches said...

So glad to hear your son and husband are ok. You must have been frantic! I'm hoping they find out what caused this in Nick soon so you guys can put this all behind you. Sending you a hug my friend!

The cards are delightful! What an honor (and I'm not surprised at all, you're so talented)!

Cindy's Stitching said...

glad everyone is doing well. the sampler is very pretty. HRH is looking great.

Angela said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing better. Love all your stitching!

CalamityJr said...

Oh, my goodness, Annette. I'm sorry you've had so much "excitement". I'll keep you all in my prayers. No wonder you were able to do so much stitching. Sojourner is beautiful, and what an opportunity with your cards!

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Many many compliments
You are very talented

KimM said...

Oh my goodness- what excitement for you and your family. So glad all is well. Time for you to sit and enjoy a glass of wine, my dear.
Take care....breathe....

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

You have indeed had a lot going on. I'm glad all is well and pray that your sons tests continue to come back negative. Your stitching is beautiful and what an honor about the cards!

Barb said...

So glad all the family emergencies had good outcomes. The sampler is beautiful! I just love the Shores of HRH. I have the chart, maybe some day.

Brigitte said...

Annette, this all sounds so scary what your husband and your son had to go through. But so good to hear that everything was having a good end. You must have been so relieved.
Of course, stitching soothes your mind when you are in such a stress fun situation. Great progress on your wonderful sampler. And two blocks finished on Shores. That little zipper pouch is very sweet.
You are getting famous, Annette, with your beautiful Downton ladies cards :)

Von said...

That's a lot to go through and process all at once! I'm so thankful everything has come out so well! Stitching so often gets us through a stressful time. :)

Justine said...

What a month of worry for you! I'm glad everything sounds back on track and you found some comfort in stitching. Everything you have worked on is lovely, and your cards are simply beautiful!

Andrea said...

Oh dear Annette. Glad to hear everyone is safe and well although you haven't got the answers as to why yet.
Your stitching and cards are lovely. Pleased to here it helped you through the nightmare.

Penny said...

What a very scary time, Annette - relieved to hear everyone seems to be okay! Your stitching is absolutely gorgeous! And what an honor to be asked to design the cards - I'm sure they were beautiful!

Carol said...

Oh, dear, Annette--what a frightening month your family had. I'm glad your husband and son are doing okay now and I hope that March will bring better days. You just never know what lies around the corner, do you?

Just lovely stitching--you have so many pretty projects in the works. Take care now...

Frances said...

Oh my-how scary for you! So glad things are better now!
Your stitching is beautiful, as always. I love the Shores, especially-have it in my stash. I think you and I have many of the same things! You're just better at getting them stitched than I am!!!
And your cards are so lovely!

Check my blog-I mentioned your fabulous floss! 💗

valerie said...

So sorry to hear of your son and husband's health woes! I'm glad that they are doing better. Your Shores and Sojourner samplers are looking great.

Ellen said...

Oh my goodness, Annette! It sounds like you've been through the ringer with your son and husband. Here is to better (and calmer) days ahead.

Lots of beautiful stitching, especially on the Sojourner sampler. That's a beauty!!

Weronika said...

That was a hard month for you and your family. I hope now everything will be just fine. Lots of love to you and your family. Lovely work! Hope it gives you some relief.

Unknown said...

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