Monday, September 14, 2015

Sweet token gift & The Top Five

Hello lovely friends! Our weather was very hot since last week and over the weekend. Today we had a bit of rain but our windows and door has been open the whole time - humid! Have been praying for all the people who lost their homes and for the firefighters. I was told by my aunt that my cousins godfather lost his home in the fire. He and his family lived right there in Cobb. Just horrible. He, his wife and their dog had just gotten in their truck and drove away & in his review mirror saw his 2 propane tanks explode along with their home. They had just barely made it out. The fire is still not all contained. Asking for your prayers please!

Well this post is inspired by our friend Vickie! Vickie surprised me with a card and darling envelope letter fob. I LOVE it! I have it on my planner where I get to see it all the time:)
Thank you for your Thank you sweet Vickie!

Vickie had shared her top five ornaments from this years JCS 2015 Ornament Magazine.
There are so many  cute and beautiful ornaments that I can see myself stitching.  Hope you can share also what your top 5 are:)
Here are mine:
 "Hope" by Lone Elm Lane #1

"Merry Christmas With Love" by Tempting Tangles Designs #7. Now I can see different variations of this ornament stitched by changing the fabric color & threads. I just think this is very cute.

 "Gingerbread Quilt" by The Victoria Sampler #3. This ornament is a quilt done on Gingerbread fabric to match her new Gingerbread Quilters cottage which hasn't been released yet.

 "Plenty" by Hands on Design #8.
and "Merry Christmas" by Samplers Not Forgotten #10.  Okay there's five right there but......

 "Joyful Santa" by Homespun Elegance #4.  I need a Santa for this years tree!
SO there are my top 6 but there are soooo many more pretty ornaments in this years magazine.

Progress on Sojourner - Finished several more bands.
- The Chinese band is in recognition of the thousands of Chinese who traveled East across the Pacific Ocean to find their fortune in California Gold. This Chinese band was charted all in red motifs and black accents. I made a few of the motifs to gold.
- Between the Chinese and Russian band is a dividing band all done in Montenegrin stitches - Chester's Blue Classic Colorworks silk.
- The Russian band (with the birds) - is a band commonly found in Russian folk art garments. I alternated two blue threads for the motifs in this band, Presidential Blue Sampler threads GA & Pacific Blue by Gloriana silk.
- another dividing band under the Russian band is done in Montenegrin stitches - Chester's Blue Classic Colorworks silk.

Well that's it for now. Hope our weather gets cooler. Right now they really need rain where there are fighting fires. I'm ready for Fall! I have noticed that it's getting darker much earlier now.
With my Love and Appreciation - Annette


Beth said...

I enjoy reading what ornaments "call" to each stitcher.

Barb said...

The sampler is just beautiful. This has been a horrible summer in the West. We have finally cooled off here in the NW but I will keep all the folks down in CA in my prayers. The fires sound just awful!!

Le trame della Galaverna said...

I wish all the best
You did a great work.

Justine said...

How lucky your cousin's godfather was to escape at the right moment. What a terrible situation. Your ornament choices are lovely and wow...Sojourner looks amazing! Lovely gift from Vickie.

Marilyn said...

All of the people are in my thoughts.
How awful to see you house explode. :(
Sojourner is looking great.
You made some cute ornament choices.
I'm still waiting for my issue to come in the mail.(tapping foot)

Vickie said...

Oh my. I had to read that twice about their home exploding. How sad and terrible. I am praying for them and so very many others.♥
I am glad the envelope fob makes you happy. :D
I almost chose a few of your ornaments as well. There are more than 5 I would like to stitch as well. Such fun!
Love that you explain Sojourner to us as you stitch it my friend.

Carol said...

I can't imagine what the California residents are going through with all of these fires--it really is heartbreaking...

I will definitely buy the new JCS ornament magazine after seeing a preview of your favorites, Annette--love them all!

Ranae said...

Prayers are being sent, what terrible and destructive fires
Lovely picks and great little surprise from Vicki
I need to get my hands on a copy, and fast

Brigitte said...

What a scary and terrifying situation your cousin's godfather and family had to go through. And so many other families as well as we have read in the newspapers. I do hope that there will be rain very soon to stop those fires.

You made some great progress on your sampler. And so nice to learn more about the meaning of the different bands. I always love seeing these posts where stitchers show their favourite ornaments from the new JCS ornament issues. A great chance for me to have a little peek into the magazine before I can buy it.

Hilda said...

Sending my prayers to all the poor people in California! Such a horrible catastrophe!

Thanks for showing your top five. Two of them are also in my personal list (although I even do not have the booklet yet.)


Margaret said...

So saddened for all those affected by the fires. Sending lots of prayers too. LOVE your bands on Sojourner! Do you know if this will be released to the public anytime?? Lovely gift from Vickie too!

Kaisievic said...

Great choices for the Xmas ornies, Annette and Sojourner is coming along nicely. Prayers to all in peril and need.