Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July weekend!

Hello beautiful friends! 4th of July is special because not only for celebrating Independence day here in the USA but also because its my sister's and Nannie's birthday. This was the first 4th of July not being with Nannie - ooooh how we miss her, we said a prayer for her that day. It was a day of remembrance, tears, and laughter all in one day. My son took it upon him self to organize a craft of making rockets. I placed them in a vintage Fenton vase that was gifted to us long ago from Nannie. We did have a make the best of it as we could. Didn't really see the fireworks but we should did hear them - no one wanted to go for a drive to watch them. Hope you got to see fireworks and had a good 4th of July.
I do have some stitching to share with you.

 "Sojourner" by Theresa Baird of Heart's Ease Examplar Workes
40ct Expresso linen by R & R Reproductions

Progress as of oops sometime last week. I stitched some floral's in the upper right corner and the border. I was thrilled that the border matched up perfectly first time. The inside border is all done in closed herringbone stitches.

 Progress of 7-6-2015, the poem is stitched one over one, first row of alphabet done and working on the band underneath.

Completed "Under the Sea"! WOOHOO!!! I made the binding and added the pretty crystal's all today! Just in time for Shark Week (lots of special document series of sharks on the Discovery channel this week).
I took some close up photos hoping to show the pretty crystals as bubbles.

 Thank you for stopping by. Always with my love and appreciation - Annette


Dani - tkdchick said...

Your WIP is beautiful!

Carol said...

Under the Sea turned out beautifully, Annette! Glad you had a nice holiday weekend--I'm sure there was a big void without your dear Nannie, though...

Vickie said...

The first thing my eye was drawn to was Nicholas' rockets. They are cool!
Under the Sea is wonderful! You can keep the sharks! ;)

~Narita said...

What a wonderful memorial for Nannie. How special. And your sampler looks GORGEOUS!!!

Justine said...

A bittersweet celebration for you this weekend Annette. I'm sure Nannie was with you in spirit. I love those rockets and your new start. And your quilt is absolutely beautiful!

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Beautiful work

Linda said...

Your wall hanging is beautiful Annette. Nice progress on your stitching. I love your display.


Beth said...

Love the paper rockets - so clever. Under the sea is something I could look at time and again and always see something new.

Ellen said...

More lovely stitching, Annette. You are amazing!

Know that this was a hard year for you without your Grandmother. How cool that she and your sister share the same birthday. Just think the whole country is celebrating on their birthdays.

Frances said...

Your WIP is so pretty--gorgeous colors!!!
You know I love those holiday trees!!! And the rockets are wonderful!!! Really cute!! They add a very festive touch!!!
Under the Sea is lovely, with those cool, relaxing colors.
It's so hard to have holidays without loved ones.....

Marilyn said...

Those rockets are cute!
Great progress on Sojourner, what a beautiful piece.
And Under The Sea is so darn cute and colorful.
You did a great job on it.
Happy B-Day to your sister and hope you had a good celebration for Nannie.

Margaret said...

So so lovely! I just love how your Under the Sea looks. I saw a different row by row (that's what it's called, right?) from another quilt store and it's sooooo different. Also nice though. It's always hard to have the first of anything without someone. Hugs.

Brigitte said...

What a beautiful sampler this will be. You made great progress on it. And Congrats on finishing Under the Sea, it looks fantastic.

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