Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hello Spring!

Hello beautiful friends! The sun is out shinning today and the weather is beautiful. I've got roses blooming and the weeds are too! LOL!!! But on a stitching note I've been having fun. I finished one sampler that was not one of my Debbie's Challenge pieces but after finishing Winter Wonderland I pulled out one from my new starts.

 Winter Wonderland by Blackbird Designs
32ct linen hand dyed by ME!
All over dyed threads required were used

 Close up

 Floral Fifteen by Just Nan
After finishing Winter Wonderland (a winter project) I wanted to work on something for Spring! I selected Floral fifteen by Just Nan. 32ct off white linen, 10 of 15 floral motifs done. DO need to add beads on them. This will be a Biscornu! And this is also one of my new starts for Debbie's Challenge. LOVE getting to pull out a project that has already been started. 

 Photo turned sideways...sorry...But the motifs look the same from all sides.
Next I will be stitching the last 5 floral motifs on 32ct just green linen. Then the assembling of attaching them together - that will be interesting...LOL! 

Lets take a tour of what's in bloom right now around our home.  This was a small cutting I had gotten from Nannies Garden! It's in bloom and needs some more TLC! I see some brown leaves.

 My lavender plant from my son has been opening up lots of blooms. SO far so good for this plant!

 Seems the only time I have blooms to share with you is right now Spring! Here are some of the roses in bloom. They smell amazing.

Thank you for stopping by! With love and my appreciation - Annette 


Barb said...

Your Winter Wonderland looks wonderful! Plus the roses are beautiful!!! I can just imagine how they smell. It will be a bit before we get roses up here.

Kaisievic said...

Winter Wonderland is fabulous - I so love BBD pieced.
Love your Floral Fifteen, too, and the blooms from your garden are so pretty.

llknbillburg said...

Love your finishes! And lucky you to have roses blooming already!! Laura

Jackie's Stitches said...

Your garden is gorgeous! Congrats on your Winter Wonderland finish. I'm looking forward to seeing the finish of the biscornu.

Beth said...

A post of contrasts - a winter stitch (wonderful finish!) and lovely spring flowers!

Jacqueline Morris said...

Oooh pretty stitching :)
And my my I love all the pretty squares you have stitched. They are adorable, I cannot wait to see what you do with them all..
Being stuck in my bedroom I cannot see outside so your photos of beautiful flowers is such a treat...thank you :)
Happy stitching
Smiles :)

Preeti said...

Beautiful stitching!! Those squares look wonderful!!:)
Your garden is looking great!!

Marilyn said...

Winter Wonderland turned out so pretty. Great dye job.
Can't wait to see the 15 all put together.
Your Roses are beautiful.
Mom used to put the leftover Geraniums in the upstairs window in the Winter, and they always came back.
I'm sure yours will perk up too.

Brigitte said...

Roses in bloom at this time of the year is just like a wonder for me - and they are so beautiful, Annette. Here I have the first primroses and they are all over the garden, and the forsythias are about to bloom. So spring is taking up speed here as well.

Congratulations on finishing Winter Wonderland. And your next project will be these great biscornu spring greetings. I can't wait to see it finished.

Margaret said...

Love your finish and your Just Nan too! And your flowers! Gorgeous! Love the lavender!

Hetti said...

When I look at all the flowers and roses I have such a sentence in Spring Annette. It is cold and rainy here. Especially the geranium from Nannie's is so special!
The Winter Wonderland is beautiful on your own dyed fabric. Love to see the biscornus when it is finished, Just Nan have such a lovely designs in beautiful colors and stitches.
Enjoy your pretty garden and stitching, have a nice weekend,
XXX Hetti

Vickie said...

I love that you have your Nannie's geranium! Good thinking Annette.
Beautiful stitching.
The roses! Ahh, so lovely. Can't wait for mine. Well, I have to. Only teeny, tiny bits of green even showing in the garden.

Carol said...

I so love your Winter Wonderland finish, Annette--just lovely! And your garden flowers make me ready to move to California. We have snow flurries in the air here in Pennsylvania today :(

Linda said...

Congrats on the stunning finish Annette. Nice progress on your biscornu. Your garden looks lovely.


Weronika said...

15 sides biscornu? WOW this is a huge thing! Your finish is wonderful. And your roses are stunning. I would like my flowers to bloom already...

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Love seeing the biscornu! There's just something special about those Just Nan pieces. Your roses are just stunning! I sure wish I could smell them. Lucky girl! Have a great weekend.

Justine said...

Your Winter Wonderland looks, well wonderful! I can't wait to see the Just Nan biscornu finished up. I have a chart for a 15-sided biscornu that I must dig out.
I finally managed to track down a copy of the pattern for those Lazy Girl pouches you recommended last year! So guess what I'll be doing this weekend?

Faith... said...

Congrats on your finish! Love your Floral Fifteen - such pretty colors.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Winter Wonderland is so beautiful - and so are those roses! blessings, marlene

Sally said...

Winter Wonderland is gorgeous! Love your own hand dyed linen.

The JN biscornu is beautiful. I stitched that one a couple of years ago. Fiddly to put together but so pretty when done.

Your garden looks so pretty.

Von said...

I'm so jealous of your blooming roses! Of course, March is way too early for roses here, but the bushes are looking really good. I'm enjoying the tulips right now. :)

Andrea said...

Wonderful stitching. I love the smell of lavender.

Cindy's Stitching said...

That is so pretty. Sure to make you smile each time you look at it. The other pieces are coming along great. The will be amazing when finished.

Frances said...

WOW! Your Winter Wonderland is gorgeous! You did such a beautiful job with it!!!
Mine is still in the bag...but I now have the floss and the fabric! HA progress!!
Your flowers are pretty, too! Lovely!