Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring gifts & Stitchin!

Hello! I have just learned that Easter is this Sunday. For the life of me I thought it was on the 27th of this month - NOPE its the 20th! And I also thought my last post was last week - HA! It was over 2 weeks ago. I have much to share with you and again lots of photos. I  wanted to share what I've stitched up till today or otherwise my next post would be really looooong:)
I received my Easter exchange from Terri's (Dixie Sampler Blog) Spring exchange.  The parcel was delivered  from New Zealand. - I have a new friend to introduce you to and if you have not visited her blog before I hope you get to. Clare from Craftlady in Kiwiland blog sent me some very lovely gifts.

I was so surprised at what Clare made for me. A beautiful Easter pillow, stitchers bag, needle roll keeper, chocolate bunnies, and a beautiful skein of floss by Cottage Garden threads - color 705 Burgandy. 
It's exciting when I get to see a new thread brand I have not ever seen before. And all these gifts came from all the way from New Zealand.    Lets have a closer look at what I received shall we?

 I love this sweet sweet Easter pillow. Clare added beads that just sparkle in the right places and stitched the design in my favorite colors:))) You have to see up close her finishing on the edges....

 I have not seen before the way Clare attached the rick rack to the pillow around all the edges. It's such a beautiful finish and look at the sweet buttons on top. All photos are clickable for enlargement. This was the first gift I opened and when I did I was stunned at the beauty of what Clare made.

 The second gift I opened from Clare is this pretty spring quilted stitchers bag. The cover is all embroidered and  shaped like an egg. I just love it. And can you see the darling  flower buttons?
What till you see the inside!

 There are 2 pockets on the left side and a pouch bag in the middle - the bag is flip-able (I think that's a word).
Clare added what I call grapes to the ends of the satin ribbon. And the right side is 2 large felt pages - I think she knows me I love having lots of rooms for needles - hehe. This is going to be my Easter purse. Yes I can't wait to walk in for Easter dinner at Nannies house with this on my arm. I know my aunt's are going to take it right off of me. They are going to go nuts I can't wait for them to see it. My Nannie (100yrs old) is going to especially love it. But its MINE not theirs - LOL!!!

 Then I opened up this long gift and it was a needle roll keeper. Isn't this wonderful! This is something I had been really really wanting. I have heard of needleroll keepers and now I have one. The needleroll helps keep & store your linen. Here is one of my latest samplers that I used to show you how this works.
I unrolled the needleroll  and placed my linen right on top of the flat fabric.

 Then you just roll the tube up with the linen laying flat inside and it helps protect the linen from creasing while being stored! Isn't that cool!!! Yes I think you need one too. I think every stitcher needs to have at least one of these. I hope to learn how to make a needleroll keeper for sure. I think this would be a great way to store my finished pieces that are waiting in the "to be completed pile". I'm using this needleroll is for some of my current stitching projects.
I absolutely adore everything Clare made and sent me.  Thank you so very much Clare!!!

 "Forget Me Not" BBD
Fabric - I think its 30ct linen 

I started stitching "Forget Me Not" by BBD  last Thursday. I am hoping to get this done soon so I can hang it up for display before Spring is over -LOL.  I substituted DMC 472 for GA Cornhusk or DMC 370. I wanted a brighter green. In person it looks great but hard to capture the color in a photo. There's a mix of the recommended threads I used between Gentle Arts & DMC. Trying to use what I have in my stash but when I ordered the chart & linen I did order the 2 blue threads of GA because they are soo pretty. 

Here is my progress as of right now - Monday. Not bad progress for 4 days of stitching on and off.

 Have to share with you all the current blooms of my roses. Because too soon they may wilt. 

 I added my initial "A" in the vase. geez I may have to change that light green thread. The test will be when I hold it up as if its on display on a wall. 

Peace rose

Look how bright yellow and some orange shows when its a bud. then when they open the rose changes its color to such a light cream or pale yellow with the pale pink on the edges. It smells remarkable too.

These pretty roses are bright coral and I love the the one that looks like a pinwheel in the middle (left side large rose).

 "Autumn" by BBD as of March 17th 2014

 progress update

 Martha Washington rose bush

"Cross Stitcher in Residence" by Lizzie Kate 
30ct Woodlawn linen
Here's a small that I started and finished since my last post (but before I started Forget Me Not).
Mary Jane (no blog but you know her as Clamity Jr when she comments) sent me this darling chart with a beautiful floss "Peoria Purple" by WDW which I used it for the lettering for "in Residence". The peach or pink floss I used for the large X's and the door was given to me by Linda of Stitchin with my Furbabies blog. I really do like to use the threads that I am gifted from other stitchers. It gives my stitched piece a added warm feeling to me. Thank you Mary Jane and Linda! 

Needlepoint   "Snow Geese" by Elizabeth Bradley
10ct or 13ct mono canvas & all wool yarns.

WOOHOO!!! Another finish!  This is a very old wip from over 12 - 14 years ago. I think you can tell by the masking tape all around the canvas. I knew nothing different at the time back then. This project reminds me when my mom and I first went to Madonna Needle Works store  located in Moraga Hill. I had needed some Appleton wools and they sold the wools there. That was a very fun trip. To finish this project -  I had needed to fill in all the white on the bottom. Didn't take a before photo but its all done now. Next step will be to block it. That will be interesting -lol. I'm so happy Snow Geese is ALL DONE!
Thank you for stopping by and for your kindness. I love your comments.
With my love and appreciation - Annette


Marilyn said...

What great goodies you received!
Your projects are all so pretty, especially Forget Me Not.
Pretty flowers also.

Chris said...

Great update Annette!
What a wonderful exchange package from Clare. She does such lovely things. I had to pin a pic of the edging that she did.
I love your progress on the BBD piece. It really is one of my all time favorites of theirs, I have it hanging over my bed :)
Your other finishes are wonderful too!
Have a wonderful week.

Vickie said...

Oh what beautiful stitching Annette! You have been busy! Yep, Easter is coming fast! I enjoyed your roses very much.

Giovanna said...

Wonderful gifts, and great stitching - congrats on getting such an old WIP finished.

Carol said...

Wow, Clare's gifts for you are fantastic, Annette! Lovely stitching and finishing...

Thanks for your beautiful rose photos--it is only 37 here right now after a wonderfully summer-like weekend. Crazy spring weather in the east :)

Cindy's Stitching said...

What beautiful gifts. All of the photos are so nice.

Von said...

Clare did an amazing job on her gifts, what treasures!! So jealous of your roses. :)

Melissa said...

Ooooh, look at those geese! I like them! You've got lots of lovely stitching on the go but I particularly like "Forget me Not". What is that linen? Looks great with the blues.

What lovely gifts! The roses are looking wonderful. Ours are just getting their leaves out!

Margaret said...

Such a lovely exchange you received! Love your stitching. The BBD piece is so pretty -- as is the older BBD piece. Love those geese!

Barb said...

The stitching and the roses are both wonderful. Peace is such a pretty rose. What a nice gift!

Linda said...

Congrats on the great finishes Annette. Your snow geese piece is awesome. Good progress on your other projects.


blue star stitcher said...

Great progress on your stitching. I have peace roses in my garden too, and love their pink/yellow petals. I am hoping mine keep up their blooms for a few more months.

Christine said...

Ha! I was thinking Easter was the weekend after next as well, it's snuck up on me.
Lovely stitching and your roses are beautiful.
What a fantastic gift from Clare, I'm off to check out her blog now.

Shirlee said...

So much eye candy! I think the exchange that Clare sent you is the best one I have ever seen! She is an amazing stitcher & finisher, that's for sure! Love all your projects & your roses are gorgeous!

Ali said...

You've received some lovely gifts I too love your needle roll lol. Great progress on your BBD project and wow Iam impressed with the roses they are gorgeous such a lovely big splash of colour.

dixiesamplar said...

OMG...Clare did an outstanding job on your exchange goodies, Annette!!! I am so happy for you :-) I am thrilled that you took part in the exchange this year...and hope to see you in the Fall/Halloween exchange as well :-)

Your stitching and roses are gorgeous; thank you for sharing them with us!

Simply Victoria said...

What a lot of pretties to look at! Your gifts from Clare are outstanding! How special for you.
Your WIPs look great and your roses are beautiful! Enjoy them!
Happy Easter!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Gosh! What a great post - so many pretty gifts you received! The bag, the pillow, the needleroll are all fabulous! All your stitching is beautiful, too. Your Autumn sampler is really coming along wonderfully!

Anne said...

Such a gorgeous exchange from Clare! That pillow and ric rac finish is amazing!! The needleroll is genius and I need to make one of those too for my fabrics. Very smart!! I love the BBD progress with those beautiful blues. I can smell the roses through the screen...aaahhh!! We have lots of spring flowers but no roses yet...maybe June?! Great progress on your Loose Feathers. Sweet little design by LK and the colours are very springy! Night my dear Annette! Hugs!

Kim said...

What a wonderful exchange, The pillow with the rick rack edging is so pretty, I love the way she finished it! Your roses are gorgeous especially Peace - it is one of my favorites.

Andrea said...

Wonderful gifts from Clare. They are all gorgeous. The edging on the pillow is very unique and has now been registered in my brain! Your WIPs and finishes are lovely. Love the Autumn sampler.

Teresa S. said...

My goodness, Annette, you have had quite a spring. Your goodies from Clare are so beautiful! She is quite a talented lady.
The little geese are an oldie but goodie. Congrats on everything!

Karoline said...

What a gorgeous exchange.

Great progress on your projects, I love the colours in Forget me Not.
Congratulations on your finishes, I'm not surprised you are glad to have the Snow Geese finished

Kaisievic said...

What a gorgeous post. Gorgeous exchange gifts, your gorgeous stitching and such gorgeous roses!

Brigitte said...

I hope you were having a great Easter Sunday although it came a bit early for you, lol.

Oh my, Annette, you were so spoiled by Clare. Such a wonderful Spring exchange package with so many great goodies. I love the idea of the ricrac all around the little pillow, highlighted with the small buttons. I have to try this finishing with one of my next little pillows. The needleroll keeper is really great for current projects, a very nice idea. Enjoy all your goodies.

You made some nice progress on your WIPs. And hey, there is also a finish. It' a very satisfying feeling when such a long term WIP is finished, isn't it? It looks so pretty.

Zeb said...

Such lovely gifts! And finishes too :)

I am always happy when I find other New Zealand blogging stitchers!

Stitching Noni said...

What a lovely exchange! I love the gorgeous bag and pouch that Clare sent you. She is so clever :)
Your roses look beautiful - I just adore roses in the garden :)
Great progress on your stitching
Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

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