Friday, October 25, 2013

It's almost Trick or Treat Time!

Hello Everyone!
The last week during the day here in Northern California, I can tell that the air is getting a bit more chilly:) And we are not to have rain till November.
No update for Bothy Thread Cut Thru SAL for the last 2 weeks. But stitching has definitely been going on here. Since my last post I had been working on 2 secret projects and got both of them all done & have dispatched to their new homes:) and I had a birthday, I turned 50:) 
My friend and an amazingly talented needleworker Lee - Notes from Under the Mountain blog, sent me a birthday package full of goodies,

Lee made for me a beautiful Beetle with special silver gilt threads. Also I received a kitted package of linen, threads and a chart to make a bookmark. A very pretty stitched bell flower fob and something extremely special......
 "The Coromandel" designed by Lee's friend Ann Brocas
A needleroll - 36ct Lambswool Linen
In her note to me Lee said she wanted to stitch me something special. This piece reminds Lee where her and her husband Paul use to live. Her friend Ann designed this piece for the Coromandel guild Retreat (New Zealand) in 2011. All the motifs in the design relate to Coromandel, New Zealand.

Lee wrote: The Fantail birds will always join you on a walk in the forest, where one could walk between the tall Kauri trees. Archey's frog is so rare it is only found in two places one being high on the Coromandel hills.

 The Kiwi (very top row in photo) whose call we would hear at night. And the bright Pohutukawa flowers that bloom all along the coast in the summer.

The inside

Look at the beautiful stitching on the ends of the pillow top of the needleroll. 
I don't know if you can see in the photo but every individual spoke of the web - the thread has been twisted around. And it looks perfect! I'm in awe of the stitching and the finishing.

 You can imagine what I thought when I unrolled this stunning piece of needlework? Not to mention how touched I was that she made this for me and the tears of gratitude in my eyes? To see this piece in person it is truly an amazing work of LOVE and ART!

Oh Lee - I will enjoy using this and THANK YOU from my heart. It's Exquisite!!! And I love that it has such a special meaning representing you and Paul. I will treasure it.

 Sweet Linda from Stitching with my Furbabies blog sent me these wonderful charts & 2 lovely skeins of  floss form Victorian Motto Shoppe. She knew that I fell in love with Good Morning the first time she posted her progress on it. When she finished stitching it she asked me if I would like to stitch next!
I couldn't respond fast enough to her to say "YES".

 This is one of those charts for me that I HAVE TO STITCH and display it yesterday:)
Thank you sooooo very much Linda for your thoughtfulness & kindness.

 Autumn Delights - SAL with Vickie (who finished stitching hers already and it is beautiful).

 Here's my progress so far! If you haven't seen Vickie's finish please visit her blog.
I just saw that she has fully completed it. WOW!

 Mary's Sampler by Plum Street Samplers Sunday SAL
I haven't yet removed my red center placement stitch. Will do so at the end.

We are ready for Halloween trick or treaters here. Halloween is will be here next week and we usually get over 100 kids.  I so look forward to seeing all the little's (young children) in their darling costumes. Happy Halloween!  With Love and Appreciation - Annette


Lee said...

Annette I am so pleased you like your needle roll I have tears in my eyes reading all youn wrote
do use and enjoy

Justine said...

Happy birthday Annette! What lovely and thoughtful gifts from your friends. And what a lot of stitching you have done! The Autumn SAL piece is my favourite, have you decided how you will finish it yet? I saw Vickie's and it looks fantastic!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Happy belated Birthday! I can tell you had a special day indeed. Such lovely gifts. Lee's needle roll is exquisite!

Mii Stitch said...

Happy belated bithday Annette!!! You've received some lovely special gifts, the needle roll is fantastic!
Love this SAL design too :)

gracie said...

Happy Birthday...Wonderful glift, and your stitching progress is great.

Chris said...

Happy Happy Birthday Annette!!!
What lovely gifts from your friends. Lee does such amazing work. I love her Beetles. I hope that the celebrations continue daily. Hugs!

Vickie said...

Happy Birthday my friend! The gifts from Lee are fantastic. Her needlework truly is stunning. I have looked at it here three times!! ;)
I am still enjoying your progress on our SAL. The kitty is cute, but I could not resist a "Henry". ;)

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday!! Lee's gift is truly a treasure!! I would have had tears as well ~ she is gifted with a needle!! Great gifts all around ~ the Good Morming is so colorful!!
Your projects are coming along ~ I wish I could get myself back on a regular stitching schedule!

Margaret said...

Happy birthday to you! Wow, that needleroll from Lee is amazing! So beautiful! Lucky you! You have received some lovely gifts indeed! Lovely stitching too!

CalamityJr said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a beautiful celebration; your gifts are so generous. Great progress on your stitching; kudos to you.

Simply Victoria said...

Wow! What very lovely gifts! Lee is so talented.

Myra said...

It looks like you had a wonderful birthday. What a wonderful treasure. Happy belated birthday!

ricketyjo said...

Happy Birthday!!! What wonderful gifts you got - the needleroll is beautiful, so much work must have gone into it. And the charts from Linda are so cute too!
Hope you have a wonderful and fun filled Halloween!

Anne said...

Wow!! That needleroll is fantastic! Lee is sooo talented and you are so lucky to receive such a beautifully stitched needleroll! Happy Birthday Annette!! Those charts are great and guess what, I got the Good Morning chart from Evalina! I started the rooster already and I'm having a lot of fun stitching him!!Your autumn SAL is looking great as well as the PSS!! Big hugs to you!!

Linda said...

What beautiful gifts you received from Lee. Your stitching is looking awesome. And, your welcome.


Giovanna said...

What amazing gifts - I'm impressed by the beetle, as well as by the needleroll. Great stitching too .

miek said...

happy birthday Annette!
what an amazing gift is that, I looked at her blog and really I can imagine that you where all get warm inside! from such a gift.
and all the patterns you got.....
I love Vicky's work, hurry up, its beautiful..hahha
no time for birthdays anymore!!!
;-) greetings miek

Jackie said...

Happy belated Birthday to you dear Annette. Your gift from Lee is beyond beautiful and a nice stash you received from Linda too.
PSS is coming along very ncie.
Take care,

Carol said...

Lee's gift to you is fabulous, Annette--you are obviously a very dear friend to her! And what fun pieces from Linda... Lovely SAL progress, too :)

~Narita said...

Lucky You Birthday Girl!!!!
You're so sweet, its no wonder Lee made you SUCH a fabulous gift. Wow.
I hope to see you next weekend at the Bay Area Sampler Guild's party!


P.J. said...

Amazing needlework. How special! Sweet little gifts and progress.

Karoline said...

Happy Birthday Annette, Lee's gift is exquisite

Your projects are looking lovely, great progress

Melissa said...

Wow that is one amazing bell pull. As soon as I saw the preview pic I was in awe of the detailed stitching. Simply beautiful!!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The needleroll is amazing! I have sent the link to two of my friends from NZ. I am sure they will love it as much as you do.

Stitched gifts are always so precious because we appreciate the time and workmanship.

Zeb said...

I agree with Jo, stitched gifts are very special. They often have so much meaning behind them. When a friend sends a stitched gift, you know, as they stitched they were thinking of YOU. What a beautiful gift from Lee :)

As a fellow Kiwi I'm in awe not only of the stitching, but the finishing and the lovely design. I might beg Lee for help in sourcing and buying this design!

SoCal Debbie said...

What a gorgeous gift from Lee! All the charts from Linda are so nice! I'm still stitching Thankful Critters and Good Morning is a great design! Mary's Sampler looks so nice! I just finished part 2.

valerie said...

What an incredibly gift from Lee! I love all the little touches that make it unique to NZ and a reminder of a friend that you have far away from home.

Kaisievic said...

Happy birthday, Annette. Special gifts indeed.
Hugs, Kaye

Ruth said...

Wow -- such a lucky and VERY DESERVING stitcher, Annette! That needleroll is stunning and I predict hours of fun and enjoyment from those charts :)

Happy belated birthday -- may the celebration last all year!

Maxine said...

Belated birthday wishes :) The needleroll is absolutely amazing what a talented stitcher Lee is!

Brigitte said...

Oh Annette, your friends have definitely spoiled you on your birthday. Look at that wonderful needleroll from Lee, it's a real treasure. A gorgeous gift. And the lovely charts from Linda, so generous. Enjoy everything!