Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fairy Hill and Christmas Eve!

Happy September to you. One of my FAVORITE commercials is from Target where the dad takes the kids shopping for back to school supplies and hes kicking up his heals in the aisles, smiling and the kids are pouting. LOVE IT! Never gets old. Great to be able to load my photos for the post. Took me long enough today due to ??? I could get to:  chose files, then highlight the photos, then the next step wouldn't work. that's where the photo would show on the post where we are writing. I was lucky and found that loading one at a time was slow but worked (and some very clever double clicking and if the photo didn't load I would click on Chose file again and reload). Oh the joys of computers - lol.
Lots of stitching going on here and so sorry but I didn't work on Ann Dale this time. But she's calling to me and she's right next to my chair waiting. Still lots for you to view...

Last 2 weeks worth my progress update on Fairy Hill by Bothy Threads Cut Thru SAL.
The house is of my moms collection, David Winter - Stratford House, 1981. She loved these miniature houses and cottages. Always reminded her of Fantasy Land in Disneyland and her tiny Tinkerbell's are displayed around them. So to me these houses are all part of moms Tinkerbell collection. So charming -  Don't you think so?  

This cutie needlebook I had to make after seeing it on Elaine's blog HERE. I was enchanted by the look of a mini book. Emily gave the tutorial link to NanaCompany and you can see it HERE but I made my needlebook themed for Fall. It's a felt pumpkin I cut out for the cover, although it looks like a tomato -lol.

 The back of the book is quilted with tiny squares. It was a great idea to use up scraps of left over fabrics. For me? ha I pulled my fabrics out and cut away.

The inside. I completed this yesterday and today I made another one but a bit different.
Mail brought me a surprise from Grace of Needles Pins and Dragonflies. I had seen a pumpkin pincushion that I fell in love with and wanted to learn how to make one. Grace was soo kind that she mailed me the instructions and included a Sweetheart Tree kit with beads as another surprise.
Thank you very much Grace for all your kindness and thoughtfulness. You know what I will be making this week:)

 "Christmas Eve" - Prairie Schooler 

Remember my last post I couldn't find a packet of buttons to finish my Christmas ornament?
OH YES - Still no where to be found. One day the packet will make an appearance. In the mean time...  I wanted to stitch a Christmas ornament but I had this chart that I had bought last year and pulled it out and decided this was my next Christmas project. Already if you can see - the top border I stitched is too high. Noticed it after I stitched the top of Santa's head. I have studied it to see were I went wrong - no luck yet. But I did have a horrible headache when I was re-checking. Not wise.
Of course I didn't have the recommended fabric.

 I found in my stash a piece of Lugana (22 or 25ct I think). It originally was ivory or cream, I re-dyed it to the tan/pinkish color on the Left  TO the color on the right and started stitching last week. I love the Rit Dye Color Formula Guide HERE.  I did test a small swatch of the fabric first before dipping in my whole large piece to make sure I had a good color of what I wanted.

Hobby Lobby opened in our town :))))) And I had seen on Myra's - Gr8dame's Place blog, the beautiful red print Christmas fabric. A few days later our Hobby Lobby opened. My sister and I went and I happened to have found the fabric Myra had:) Oh I am soo Happy. I also picked up the holly berry fabric on the left to go with the red. And I was so surprised to have found 32ct Wichelt linen. Here in my town there is only Aida fabric to be found (even then its a hunt), Joann's has 2 - 32ct linens that's it! So I grabbed it and I had a coupon:)

Now for my next big find at Hobby Lobby, I found the boxes that are shown in BBD - A Stitcher's Journal. One of the projects shown this box and I couldn't find one. Now I have 2 boxes - thanks to Hobby Lobby. I must say though I still love Joann's and Micheal's. It seems each store carries different vendors and items. And I still order on line for stitching supplies.
Hope your all enjoying September so far. Here our weather was getting cooler but now its been hot again. This Friday and Saturday it's to be in the 100's. But I will be cool (sitting in the air conditioning) and stitching.
With my Love and Appreciation - Annette


Elaine said...

Love your needlebook! I am going to make some more to give as gifts, they are so quick and easy to make.

Lee said...

Lovely to read your post and to get your news you certainly have been busy.

P.J. said...

Your progress is looking great. Love PS; this one is my stash too. I need to finish my PS Season's Greetings with all those pine trees. Halfway done, just got tired of doing trees.

Great finds at HL; they just finished building one in Bangor to be opening soon. I may be in trouble.... :) been a long time.

Brigitte said...

I do love the Cut Through designs and you made some great progress on yours.
Oh, what a lovely needlebook this is. And your new stitching looks just gorgeous.
I wish I had something like Hobby Lobby or Michael's near my place. You found some great things.

Chris said...

Hey Annette! What gorgeous progress on your SAL. It is looking great! I love your Xmas project too.
Great fabric and box from Hobby Lobby, so nice to have this available close by.
Your needlebook is very sweet.

Mii Stitch said...

Such a sweet little needlebook with a great pumpkin!! So in season too :)

Carol said...

Really nice progress on your SAL, Annette--it looks so cute displayed next to the David Winter cottage. I used to collect those, too--still have them displayed on one of my fireplace mantels :)

Your needlebook is so cute and, of course, I love the PS piece. I think you could still make it work with that higher border--just stitch in some extra snowflakes :)

Vickie said...

Sweet little needlebook Annette. I knew it was a pumpkin right away,I never once thought tomato.
Such great progress with your lovely stitching.
I love Hobby Lobby. There is one that is kinda far away from us. I have not been to it in years. JoAnn and Michael's are close to me. I too have to order linen online.

Margaret said...

Love your needlebook! Yay for Hobby Lobby -- nice boxes! We have one up north, but I haven't made the effort to go yet. One of these days, I'll make the trip up. Nice xmas stitching too! And your fairy hill is growing and growing!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your bothy is looking great and so much detail to it!

I wouldn't worry about the border on your Christmas Ornament, in the scheme of things I doubt it affects the design any... leave it!

Unknown said...

Love all the Colors you use Annette. The X'mas ornament is great and I like the boxes.


Catherine said...

Wonderful goodies!! Love your needlebook!

Penny said...

I love all of the little details in Fairy Hill! And your little needlebook is so cute! You did a great job! :) Love your Christmas start, too - it reminds me just how close Christmas is getting. You found some wonderful things at Hobby Lobby! I wish we had one around here.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

What a fun bunch of goodies to look at today. Congrats on finding the box. Don't you feel like doing a victory lap around the store when that happens?! LOL!

Melissa said...

You've been so busy and productive! Good for you!

We only have Michaels up here. You're lucky you have a HL too now. Those boxes are nice!

Simply Victoria said...

It's always fun to see your Fairy Hill come to life a little more each time you post a pic. Cute needlebook! I love Hobby Lobby but keep myself from visiting too often. I will have to look for those boxes.

Jackie's Stitches said...

It looks like you've been super busy! Great projects you're sharing with us today. I especially love the needlebook! I think I have that tutorial pinned on PInterest (along with quite a few others). I love the special touches on yours!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous stitching, your fairy hill is adorable

Karen K said...

Hi Annette

Great projects on show today, your cut thru is so neat and tidy and the little needlebook is adorable. I love your posts, you bring me sunshine and make me smile. The Christmas stitching is just beautiful.

K x

miek said...

I love how your,cut through, is coming along all those details.
and I`m in love with your Christmas piece, common.. make my(your) Christmas I want to see it finished this Christmas ;-)
we have a new photo camera too.
I can make pictures but have to read the manual (still):-(
not my favourite part, sight ....

Karoline said...

Gorgeous needlebook, congratulations

Your wips are looking lovely, great progress

SoCal Debbie said...

Fairy Hill looks great! It looks like you've been having fun shopping at Hobby Lobby! The Prairie Schooler Santa design is so cute! I like how you used brighter red floss.

Jackie said...

Annette, all your projects look wonderful.
I would love to see your pumpkin pincushion when it is complete. I really like your PS Christmas eve and great job on the redye.
Be well.

Anne said...

Awww! I love those little cottages. My Nana bought me two from England. They're from Lilliput Lane and I adore them!! Cut Thru is coming along nicely Annette! The little needlebook is adorable too! Great start on your PS. Super lucky you get to have a Hobby Lobby! That red Christmas fabric is amazing! I adore ol' time stuff!