Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Independance Day - 4th of July

 Hello Everyone! I want to welcome new friends that are now following my blog. Thank you!
Chris at "Always Smiling" blog is celebrating her 200th follower and is having a giveaway HERE. She made some beautiful gifts for her prizes. Please give her a visit. 
Congrats Chris!!
4th of July is a very special day for our family. My grandmother is turning 100 years old and there is going to be a huge party at her home tomorrow. It's also my sister's birthday too on July 4th. I'm looking forward to celebrating both birthdays tomorrow. The weather has been very hot here in the Bay Area in California. It's been over 100 degrees for the last 2 weeks - YUK! Some days are soo hot you hardly want to move or do anything. We have air but there have been days that it works soo hard that it can't keep up with the extreme heat. At times during the day its not very cool in the house.  But I have done my best to stitch some everyday.    Now take a look at the next picture.....
Do you think this is beautiful? I do -   swoon...

 Victoria Classics Magazine "Monograms"

When I saw this magazine at the grocery store, my heart raced and I couldn't believe what I found. The whole issue is dedicated to Monograms. It's not a regular issue of Victoria Magazine, it's a special issue (you can also tell by the price - lol). But this issue on Monograms, is Gorgeous. I wanted to share and inform you in case its something you want to look for and purchase. So far I had not seen this on anyone's blog. There are TONS of remarkable photos of different stunning examples of embroidered monograms. Here are a few photos from the magazine.You won't be disappointed.
 you can click on the photos:)
 The lace work speaks for itself.

 All photos are click-able.

 Victoria magazine really did a great job of taking close-ups of the details on the embroidered pieces. 

 Thought you would love to see some of these beauties:) Honestly this magazine is spectacular & full of different types of embroidered work - some by hand and by machine...
If you love examples of monogram embroidery take a look at this blog HERE. Her name is
Elisabetta and shes in Italy. You don't need to read Italian to appreciate her embroidery work.

 In the mail I  received a surprise. It was from Grace - Needles Pins and Dragonflies blog. I plan to stitch the little bunny & frame it and hang it next to another traveling bunny I have framed on a wall. Thank you so much Grace, I can't wait to start stitching this right after the 4th of July. Grace also sent to me "Purely Samplers" by Homespun Elegance chart - it's soo pretty. What a wonderful surprise! I am going to enjoy stitching these Grace - Thank you again.
 For EMS I participated in June's exchange called "Christmas in July". My partner was Bianca and shes in Germany. Look at all the goodies she sent me - some beautiful chocolate and pink linens, and some linen banding edged in lavender (so pretty) and a Damask Rose purse kit. I love everything you sent me Bianca - Thank you for making it Christmas in July for me.  And.........

 This wonderful tote bag which features her hometown in Germany. I got all teared up when I saw this - it's so nice of her to have sent me something from her hometown & all the way from Germany. I can not share what I sent to my partner for the exchange because she's not received hers yet. Which I've been concerned because its been since June 14th...but I know some packages going over seas take time.

 I worked on constructing the inside of Lady's Workebox by Ellen Chester. I'm still not completely done with the side panels. I wanted a proper home for the needlebook I completed in the class kit. I absolutely am loving this project. 

 Here is my completed needlebook. I have many other items yet to stitch but at least I'm well on my way getting thru the projects:)

Here is my update for "Fairy Hill"  - Bothy Threads SAL with Debbie and Linda. I worked on backstitching the last 2 Mondays.

 "Candy Shoppe Christmas Ornament kit" by Dimensions
I didn't use the adia fabric that came with the kit. I am using a soft yellow 14ct aida that I had 
in my stash. It was nice to pull a old wip waiting to get done.
I want to wish my USA friends - Happy Independence Day (it's celebrated here in the USA). And to everyone I wish you lots progress stitching and that no froggies visit you on your fabrics.
With Love and my Appreciation - Annette


Lee said...

Great posting what a lot you have to share. all really interesting.
progress on your work box is looking good.

Karen K said...

Hi Annette

Firstly congratulations to your Grandmother - and of course birthday greetings to them both - I hope the party is a huge success and it cools down a bit for you guys over there.

Your SAL is coming on great, the back stitch really brings it all to life doesn't it.

The monograms are beautiful and so interesting. Love your exchange gifts too.

K xxx

Peggy Lee said...

Happy Birthday to your Grandmother! That's awesome!!

~Beautiful work in the magazine. I'll have to keep my eye out for it.

~Very nice exchanges. Love the bag from Germany!
Your box is looking great. The needlebook is nice too.

Happy 4th!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Oh wow, your box is fantastic!!! Such skill to put that all together!

Shirlee said...

Lovely exchanges & such beautiful stitchings you've been doing!

Vickie said...

Happy Birthday to your Grandmother and sister! What a fun day for all of you. =)
The Lady's Workebox is fantastic Annette.
What great gifts from Germany and Gracie.
I just love that Fourth picture you posted. I think that is how Brian and I look when he is setting off fireworks! ;)

Giovanna said...

Many happy returns to your Gran and sister, and happy 4th July! I love the needlebook you made, and everything else too - well done!

gracie said...

Happy the package arrived and that you liked it.

SoCal Debbie said...

Happy 4th of July, Annette! That Victoria mag you found is amazing. You got so many nice things from Gracie and your exchange friend in Germany.

Your Cut Thru design looks incredible with the backstitching now! I added your update pic to the SAL page.

What a cute Candy Cane ornament!

Hetti said...

Happy birthday to your grandmother and sister and a Happy 4th of July Annette. That is really a very special day!!

Love to read your post with the monograms and stitching.The needlebook is so beautiful.

We are still waiting for the summer this year with the wind still blowing from the Artic :-(( Wish you a lot of cool weather, we have had enough Annette :-))

XXX Hetti

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to Grandma and sis. You're making such great progress on Fairy Hill. Hope you have the next on picked. Love all your surprise gifts.


Linda said...

Forgot to mention, I love the Candy Shoppe ornament.


Catherine said...

Wonderful post!! Love all the goodies and photos! Happy Birthday to your grandmother ~ amazing to think of all that has changed over the course of her life!

P.J. said...

Happy Birthdays and Independence Day!! Sounds like a whole lotta FUN!

Penny said...

Wishing very Happy Birthdays to your sister and grandmother!! Those monograms are beautiful! I love things like that. :) You've done some lovely stitching! Your needlebook is so pretty! Hope your weather takes a cooler turn soon. :)

Simply Victoria said...

Hope your day yesterday was fun celebrating 2 birthdays and our country's freedom. I love the embroidered monograms - great magazine! Your new gifts are so thoughtful and your stitching and work box look great! Stay cool!!

Jackie said...

Thank your for sharing those beautiful photo of the lace form the magazine. I like them all.
Very nice exchange gifts and progress photos.
Your box is looking well too.
What a dear treasure to celebrate with your grandmother turning 100 and your sister. I wish them many more birthdays to come.
TFS as I've really enjoyed my visit.

Jackie :)

Jackie said...

Ooops! Sorry 'bout all the extra letters in your name.

Jackie :)

Beauty Bonnet said...

Wow, 100 years, that's such a milestone Annette!
Love the monogram magazine - the monograms look like lace! I love linens and clothing with lace.. such intricate, detailed work. Each pic looks like a labor of love!


Carol said...

Oh, what a special day for your grandmother! One hundred years--amazing!! I always thought my grandma would live to be 100, but she died at age 98. Happy Birthday to both you grandma and your sister...

The monogram magazine is so pretty! What a great buy--no matter the prices. I dearly love that needlebook you created--just perfect :)

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh how special to still have your grandmother with you and to be able to celebrate this monumental birthday! I love how your work box is coming along. Thanks for the "heads up" about the magazine. I'll have to see about finding one. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your grandmother!

Just found your blog.
What beautiful magazines.
Your blog is lovely and a belated happy 4th July to you.