Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Quilt Show & stitching progress

 This last weekend I attended a quilt show presented by Delta Quilt Guild. The show was in Brentwood California. And no not Brentwood Calif down south. But the town - Brentwood here in Northern Calif. Yes California has 2 towns named Brentwood (the zip codes are different). This was the first show the guild put on.  It was great to see beautiful quilts and that the show was close to home. I did take a few photos to share with you of some of the quilts. But first:

 My progress this Monday for Bothy threads Cut Thru Monday - Fairy Hill.  I stitiched the butterfly(I think or its a fairy dress) on the tree and completed all of page one of 9, which ended right below where Tinkerbell is sitting. To get to see the other stitcher's progress for this SAL, you can visit Debbie's blog  HERE and on Linda's blog HERE. It would be great if you would like to join us too:)

 "A Token of Love" by Barbara Bernard 
32ct Belfast white Linen

 I started "A Token of Love" beginning of last year. Haven't touched it until last week. Now that I've been completing some wip's, this project was waiting for me. Last week I completed the light green motif to the right. Now I'm filling in the top Quaker motif. Hope to get this done in a few weeks (one can hope).

Below are photos I took at the quilt show to share with you:
Jackie (Jackie's Stitches blog HERE) this is for you----

 When I saw this quilt - I got so excited and couldn't believe it. I knew I had seen this on Jackie's blog. Jackie also stitched this gorgeous quilt. Just by chance I recalled seeing on Jackie's blog her quilt see stitched and knew this was the same pattern. So Jackie I thought of you:) OH MY GOODNESS Jackie. Seeing this quilt in person was amazing. My photos don't even come close to doing it justice. If you haven't been to Jackie's blog please do so, on her last post she shows photos of her finished remarkable quilt. You can click HERE.

 Secret Garden

 "Goose Tracks in the Pumpkins" A class that was offered at Queen Bee's Store in Antioch, Calif.

"Athena's Block of the Month" This quilt took 8 years to complete. All hand appliqued and hand embroidered. Button hole stitch was used around each piece.

 "Delaney's Peacocks" Laurel made this quilt for her daughter Delaney. She loves Peacocks, chose the fabrics and together - mother & daughter selected the pattern.

 "A Conway Album" made by The Delta Quilters 2012 Opportunity Quilt. There are 1000 pieces hand appliqued. Many women stitched worked on this together.

 "Memories of Sisters Oregon"- So cool how the mountains were pieced. This was a challenge by Delta Quilters 2012. Janet Wilson won. The challenge was that you had to purchase a Fat Quarter Fusion Fabric in the color of stone, then draw one paint chip color block from a bag.  the challenge was you might find new colors you hadn't thought of using. You had to use the fat quarter of fabric and 2 of the colors from the drawn color swatch. WOW!


 Darling Princess quilt
 The background fabric has crowns and princesses. The background fabric reminded me of Bothy Threads designs.  I have something else to share but this post is loooong enough.
Hope you enjoyed all the photos and Thank you for your visit.
With Love and my Appreciation - Annette


Lee said...

It might have been a loooong post but very interesting thank you Annette for sharing

Lee said...

It might have been a loooong post but very interesting thank you Annette for sharing

Chris said...

Great SAL progress! Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful quilt pics.

Hetti said...

A token of Love is so gorgeous and I love the colors Annette!
The stitching on Fairy Hill is fun to see how the work grows in the bright colors.
Thank you for sharing the photos of the quilts, they are so different but very beautiful.
I have made quilts for 20 years now and it's great to see the creativity of the quilters everywhere in the world ;))
XXX Hetti

Peggy Lee said...

A Token Of Love is beautiful. Love the quilts too. I think my favorite would be The Conway Album...and of course the Patriotic one!
Such talent!!

Annie said...

Good progress on your stitching projects. Token of Love has such pretty colors.

Those quilts are amazing! So much variation. Imagine some little girl getting that princess quilt! And yea for Jackie!

Jackie's Stitches said...

I had no idea Cali had two cities with the same name. Very interesting!

Thank you for sharing the quilt show virtually. I keep going back to look at those mountains. Very interesting quilt! Thank you for the shout out!

blue star stitcher said...

What amazing quilts, you know if they were this pretty in photos they had to be just gorgeous in person!

Margaret said...

Love your SAL progress! And the quilt show -- wonderful! So many beautiful quilts! I recognize that quilt from Jackie as well!

Giovanna said...

You're doing great on Fairy Hill, and the quaker piece is just amazing. Thanks for sharing the quilt pictures.

Vickie said...

Oh Annette, A Token of Love is just wonderful.
Thank you for sharing the quilt show with us. Sooooo pretty.

Unknown said...

I really love tour Token of Love. So beautiful!!!
And the pictures of the quilts are great also.

Love from Holland,


The Inspired Stitcher said...

Thanks for taking us to the quilt show with you. They are wonderful. I'm glad you've taken up "Token of Love" again. It's so pretty. You can do it, you can do it! (said in my best cheerleader voice) Hugs, Lisa

Hilda said...

Oh wow! Those quilts are really stunning! I wished I could do such wonderful work!
But I also love your stitchings, especially the "Token of Love" looks wonderful!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Token of Love is beautiful!!!

Simply Victoria said...

Thanks for sharing the quilt show with us. There are really some beautiful ones there.

Linda said...

Great progress on Fairy Hill Annette. A Token of Love is beautiful. Loved seeing all the quilts. I don't quilt but my MIL does.


Carol said...

Such great progress on your stitching, Annette. And I loved studying each quilt--what fun to see Jackie's lovely quilt in person!!

Karen K said...

Hi Annette

Great progress on the SAL, it's really growing isn't it and so, so tidy. Love your other project too.

The quilts are amazing and such a lot of work, what a fabulous exhibition.

Hugs K
Cut Thru Lighthouse

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Great progress on your WIPs and Token of Love is beautiful! I think this Tinkerbell is my favorite, so far. She's adorable!
Love seeing the quilts - my favorite would be the Conway Album quilt. I guess because it's more traditional in style.

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

fabuleux toutes ces couleurs !
bisous from FRANCE

Anne said...

WEll done on your progress dear Annette! Those quilts are fabulous and are quite the pieces of art! I'm always in awe of those who can quilt!!


Brigitte said...

I love quilt shows but rarely have the chance to visit any as there are no such shows around here. And even no quilt stores where I could see quilts hanging in the windows and inside. So thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous pictures.

Beaj said...

The Token of Love is Gorgeous.
I've also made quilts for 30 years and am still amazed at how fantastic they are and such wonderful works of art.
Thanks for sharing..:)

Patty C. said...

Token of love is gorgeous!

SoCal Debbie said...

Nice progress on your Fairy Hill again this week, Annette! I added a pic to the SAL page.
Thanks for sharing all the quilt photos. I never knew there was a second Brentwood "up north."

Fiona said...

Your stitching is coming along nicely. WOW on the quilts, it must have been amazing to see them up close and personal.

Nancy M said...

Nice stitching progress. I know "Token of Love" very well as I have stitched it more times than I care to remember, as I give it to my stitchy friends I meet. I've done it in several colorways and not one is the same. Lovely quilt photos. My mom quilts and would have loved the show!