Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lots of Pretties!!!

Hello everyone and hope your having a good week so far. I have lots of stitching stuff to share with you. I've made some very good progress on sewing. And I've received some beautiful gifts. First - I made a pillow with my Delft Blues Tiles sampler. I am so proud and pleased with how this pillow came out. I added buttons on the side of the pillow. I wanted there to be a crown - in honor of where Hetti lives in the Netherlands. At the time we stitched this sampler, Queen Beatrix was in reign. Since the end of April this year, she abdicated the crown to her son, now King Alexander. So Hetti I added the crown thinking of you because you designed these tiles and sampler.  I thought it was very appropriate, and the crown reminds me of Hetti:)

This is the sampler I finished from Creative Work Shops with Hetti! You can find her blog HERE.
These photos I took outside and for some reason it looks all light blue. The fabric I sewed with is Light blue Dupioni Silk and a light brown.
I am proud of this pillow because I made sure the grains of the silk fabric all went the same way. I quilted the light brown silks on the top and then the bottoms of the sampler. Then I added the strips of light blue silk on each side. And I ironed on fusible interfacing on every silk piece. SO thankful I did because working with silk it tends to unravel on the edges. I had no problem with that and I like the firmness it gives the pillow.

I think this is my first SAL that was a whole year in the making that I finished. Yes I do believe it is:)

When I was at the Quilt Show in Brentwood, there was a vendor who sold Dupioni Silks. The lady's name is Shomi. And her business name is "Designer's Needs". I had met her once before last year at a Quilt and Sewing show in Pleasanton CA. I had purchased from her some beautiful light lavender dupioni silk and I used it on the lining of "Bunnies in the Garden" set I made by Ellen Chester's chart.
I've noticed that many charts of smalls for cross stitching have been using dupioni silk in their finishes. Shomi had full yards and Fat Quarters for sale. This time I bought 1 full yard of the light blue and the rest of the silks I got were Fat Quarters. I am in LOVE with her silks. They are kind of thick but not too thick and not thin.  I talked to Shomi. I asked her if she shipped not only in the USA but also if she shipped to Canada, England, New Zealand and Australia? She said YES!!! Lots of her clients are in Australia and she ships anywhere in the world. Isn't that great?

This photo shows the beauty and sheen of the silks as they look in person.
 Now I don't have any stores in my town or near me that sells dupioni silks. My local Joann's doesn't have these silks. I thought that the prices for dupioni silks from Shomi were very good. And for small finishes I think fat quarters are great sizes. Shomi is listed on Etsy. Now I didn't see any listings of her silks in Fat Quarters sizes. But I'm sure you can email her and ask her if she will sell you the silks in fat quarters if you like. I bet she does and will.
You can find Shomi at Etsy HERE.

I participated in EMS scissor case exchange. This is what I received from Bea or "Beaj" on the EMS forum, she had my name for the exchange. I'm so glad she did too.  I LOVE my scissor case and fob that she stitched for me. Bea lives in Canada and she included for me a beautiful brochure that's about her area. I also got some pretty heart charms, a skein of the new DMC #127 made in a limited edition for Just Cross Stitch Magazine - 30yrs Celebration.

Bea made me not only a gorgeous scissor case but also a beautiful scissor fob with my initial and a darling Bee stitched on the left side. I will always know that this is from Bea. Get it? Bee and Bea!

Here are the reverse sides. Can you believe the beautiful designs. She stitched with a variegated DMC Spring color.  It's sooo pretty.

Now for the same exchange I had Celine - or "Pamacedi" on EMS forum. Celine lives in France. She has received my parcel to her so I can share with you now:) The design I stitched is from the book "My Heart is True" by Blackbird Designs and Nicoletta Farrarito, the name of the design is "Garden Gem". 32ct Flax Linen and DMC threads. I used a blanket stitch all around the edges of the heart. I made my own cord for the fob.

I lined the inside of the scissor case too.

The back. I used Anna Griffin fabrics.

of course I made Celine a small pouch of matching fabrics to keep her scissor case and fob in.

Some extra goodies for Celine

My progress for Bothy Threads Monday SAL Cut Thru.  I couldn't recall if I shared with you Tinkerbell on the box so I included another Tinkerbell for you. Below I opened the box so you could see the little buttons inside. By the way, my Mom loved keeping all the price tags on her pieces. She always enjoyed reading how much they were when she collected them and also it gave her an idea of how old they were. Some of her Tinkerbell stickers don't have a UPC code. And she loved seeing the Disneyland park labels. So if in the future you see a price tag....I can't remove them. That would be such a huge sin:)

Progress on "A token of Love" - I stitched the gold wreath in the middle, my initial "A", a small motif just left of my initial, the blue bird, the small acorn and a small leaf.
Almost done, just not yet.
"God Bless You" if you have made it this far in my post. I'm So EXCITED:)))))))))) This Saturday & Sunday I get to take a classes taught by Ellen Chester in PERSON:)))))))))))))))))))))))))) I get to meet Ellen in person....This will be my very first stitching class in person. I am bringing my camera don't worry. So my next post will soo ROCK!  With Love and MY Appreciation - Annette


Lee said...

What a wonderful lot of stitching well done and your gift from Beau is just perfect.
enjoy your class next weekend

Preeti said...

Lovely pillow !! :) beautiful gifts !! Your bothy work looks very cute!!
I have the same colored silk fabric the one on the top, not sure about name, I call it onion or copper color :) these fabrics are amazing and we get good quality of silk in India especially the hand woven ones. Unfortunately, these days everything is getting replaced by easy-to-afford china silk.
I am a first timer to your blog. Found your link on Linda's blog.

Brigitte said...

Wow, Annette, this pillow looks fantastic! You were so right to finish it with a specila fabric, and Dupuoni silks are special. Whenever I see this silk in a fabric store - which is pretty rare - I buy a fat quarter. Such a beautiful addition to your beautiful stitching.
I'm still drooling over the pictures of the exchange you were in. Both stitched gifts are amazing, the one you received and the one you sent.
Nice progress on your WIPs!

Unknown said...

Your pillow is fantastic. Hetti designs beautiful things and I love the way you finished your pillow with the silks. Absloutely great.

But most of all I am madly in love with your Token of Love. I really love such designs.

You did a great job, love to see more.

Love from the Netherlands,

Kay said...

So much beautiful stitching, I am overwhelmed by your pillow and the work that went in to it. The needlecase is gorgeous too, I am sure she was thrilled with it. I have never made one but you have inspired me.

Chris said...

OOH! Wonderful post. Lovely exchange. You did a great job finishing the scissor case. I love your SAL finish and finishing too. I love the colors that you chose for this.
Great progress on your current SAL.
Have a wonderful time in your class with Ellen!

Annie said...

A post filled with so much stitchy goodness!

Love the Dutch Sampler. Makes me want to stitch it since I'm so enamored of a chocolate-blueberry color scheme.

Bea's gift is just lovely. You really outdid yourself with Celine's gift. I have to remember that heart pouch idea for the future.

Nice progress on your projects. Have fun at your master class!

Vickie said...

ooOoo! What a post! Love, love, love the scissor case you made Celine. Wowie Zowie! The one you received is lovely too. Oh how gorgeous A Token Of Love is! I have never taken a needlework class Annette. Good for you. How fun.

Margaret said...

Oh you're so lucky to take classes with Ellen Chester! I'm envious! Love those dupioni silks -- thanks for the link. Love love love your pillow finish! Wow! Beautiful work! Your Bothy SAL is looking so good too! I love what you made for your exchange person -- gorgeous! And what you received is lovely as well! The quaker scissor case is looking so pretty! I have that tucked away to be stitched someday. lol!

gracie said...

Love it all Annette!

Catherine said...

Love, love, love all the goodies!!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Annette, you always do the prettiest finishes. Celine is one lucky girl to receive some of your stitching. I love it! Your "Token" is looking spectacular! I'm so proud of you! I know you will love dear Ellen when you two meet. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Carol said...

Oh, so many pretties, Annette! You should be very proud of that pillow--it is just gorgeous!! And I love the gifts you made for Celine, too...

Enjoy your class with Ellen--looking forward to seeing your photos!

~Narita said...

wow, your pillow came out soooooooooo nice!!
I just love your color choice on your token of love :)

Pat said...

I just love your pillow :0)

Penny said...

You did a beautiful job on the pillow! The silk fabrics are so pretty! Celine is so lucky to receive such wonderful gifts. Enjoy your class! :)

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Oh my gosh, Annette! What wonderful stitching projects you have finished. I LOVE your pillow and the silks you used to finish it, and the buttons and crown are just perfect! It does look very rich and regal. Well done, you!!!

The scissor case and fob you received in the exchange are just beautiful, I know you'll enjoy them.

Love, love LOVE the heart scissor case you finished, plus one of your sweet bags is just a fantastic gift. Not sure how you could stand to give it away.

Your quaker is beautiful, too! How do you get so much done?

What a fun post! Congrats on all the finishes!

Linda said...

Your pillow is gorgeous Annette and you did an awesome job of finishing it. Really pretty scissor cases.
Love the progress on Fairy Hill.


Simply Victoria said...

The time and care you took on your pillow sure is evident - it turned out great! Your gifts for Celine really are also well done. You are a very talented lady :)

Patty C. said...

Lovely exchanges & your pillow turned out so well :)

Sharon said...

Your pillow is gorgeous! Such beautiful colors and stitching. Love your exchanges-so much loveliness to behold.

Lynn said...

Oooo the pillow is absolutely gorgeous, I love the colour combination and the use of silk fabric, my favourite. The other stitching is very pretty, everything is so beautiful.

Chris said...

I love your blog what beautiful stitching, those scissor cases are lovely.I made the triangular one some time ago, not easy!
Hope you enjoy the work shop I shall pop back to see what you did
Happy stitching

Chris x

Jackie's Stitches said...

I love the project you sent to Celine - the fabric you selected to go with it really gives it a vintagy feel that is just wonderful. The package of goodies from Bea looks great too!

Great job on your Blue Tiles finish! Good idea to use the interfacing to stabilize everything.

Hetti said...

When I read your blogpost this morning Annette I had tears in my eyes. I am really touched by your loving story about the GORGEOUS Pillow you have made. Your work has a special place in my heart forever, thank you so very much!
Every time you showed a progress I was encouraged to design further because I was unsure whether the patterns have been well.
Soon I will spend a special blog at the Delft Blue Tiles, I am so very proud of all embroiderers who participated and I like to thank everyone :-)))

So much progress with your lovely stitching and the EMS exchange!

Wish you a lot of fun with the stitching class from Ellen.

The next few days I will walk with my head in the clouds with joy!!!!
Thank you again and Hugs XXX

Unknown said...

Your pillow is beautiful... Well all your stitching and creating is beautitufl..Thank you for sharing

Karoline said...

Your cushion is gorgeous and the scissor case exchanges are lovely, congratulations

Great progress on a Token of Love and I hope you had a wonderful time at your class, Ellen is a great teacher

Fiona said...

Thanking you for sharing your lovely stitching. I never thought of using silk in my finishing, you may have added to my compulsion to buy fabrics.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a great post, so much to comment on! I love that Hetti loved your cushion too, how nice to be an inspiration to the designer.

Your scissor cases are gorgeous too. And how excited are you to be meeting Ellen and stitching with her? Can't wait for the post on that event,

Anonymous said...

The Dutch sampler cushion is wonderful, and well done on everything else too. Have a great time at the class, look forward to reading your post on that.

Giovanna said...

Yikes, no idea why the previous comment posted anonymously - it was me :-)

Lynn said...

Your pillow finish is stunning!! I love the addition of the buttons and crown.
The scissor pockets are gorgeous too, both given and received. Lovely work!
Beautiful progress on A Token of Love. I really like the colours used in this design.

SoCal Debbie said...

Your Delft Blue Tiles pillow is magnificent! How nice of you to share the Dupioni Silk info. Both scissors cases are so beautiful. I added your Fairy Hill progress pic to the SAL page. A Token of Love looks like it's already finished. Congratulations on your weekend stitching class!

Jackie said...

That is one beauty of a pillow! Love the colors and the silk fabby finish. Our Joann's "use to" carry dupioni silks, but not sure if they still do. I will make a note to check the next time I am there.
Lovely scissor case exchange(s) and cute Tinkerbell and box.
Wow Annette! A token of love is a beauty already.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend class.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow! Your work is just devine!!!! The finishing is just sublime!

Akila said...

Love both the finishes. The backing fabrics for both are just perfect. Very neat finishing

PhD in Finance by Mary Richard said...

Good work on the pillow. I like how the blue and brown complement each other and the beads are a welcoming touch. Thank you for all the useful links that you have added in your blog post. I also loved the gift that you sent Celine. Good work!

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