Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Remarkable Stitching Accessories

                                            Victorian footed pin cushion, tassel fob and a  Pin Whimsy
                                                                                       made buy Lee

Last week was my birthday.  I had received a package from New Zealand 4 days before my actual birthday. I was a good girl and didn't open it till the morning of my birthday.  And let me tell you I'm so glad I waited - what  amazing treasures I received from Lee - Notes from under the Mountain blog.
Each of these spectacular stitcher's accessories, that she stitched, were individually wrapped all in one box. I took my time as I opened each one. I opened the Victorian footed pin cushion first. When I unwrapped it and had seen what Lee made for me - I was in AWE - completely speechless. It was like time totally slowed down for me. It took me about 25 -35 minutes opening her gifts - all that came in one small box. I just couldn't believe every one was for me.

                                                                Victorian footed Pin Cushion
How Lee stitched (and I don't see the stitches anywhere on this) the trim on is a MYSTERY to me.
Can you see the perfectly thread covered beads on the bottom?   

 When I opened this Pomegranate fob I started crying. Lee knew I loved & been attracted to Pomegranates and look what she made for me. AMAZING!!!
              This beautiful bullion rose is stitched on each side of this fob attached to the tassel.

                                                Can you believe these tiny stitches?

 These are the lovely note cards that were attached to each gift by Lee. They are soo pretty - I had to share with you. And the Charms!!! I love them. I am so truly Blessed and I Cherish all these amazing wonderful gifts Lee made for me. THANK YOU LEE FOR EVERYTHING. I've said it before and I will say it again "Don't you think that everyone of these items should be in a Embroidery Museum or Hall of Embroidery Fame?" I do. I appreciate how much time and hours and hard work that goes in to every small project Lee stitched for me.  I will always Cherish & Treasure them. I still can't believe they are mine:)))))))))))))))))))))      If you have not been to Lee's blog - Please do so. Lee posted and explains & describes each of the pieces she made for me.

My lovely sister Nicole knitted these beautiful scarfs for my Birthday present. Mom had taught her to knit. Thank you Nicole I love them.

Oh my goodness last week was a emotional roller coaster for me. It was my first birthday without my mom. I didn't know what to expect and sure enough it was hard. I did not want or had any party.  Just couldn't celebrate like that. But I know that mom would of have said "Each birthday is a blessing". 

I have been stitching just about every day. I've been working on a project for Lee's up coming birthday:))) And I have more to share with you regarding what I bought with some of my birthday money - Stitching stuff of course. I sure hope I've done some justice photographing what Lee made for me. So many details that I had to include many photos of her remarkable craftsmanship.
Thank you all for visiting. Much love and always with appreciation - Annette


Annie said...

After I saw this on Lee's blog, I just knew you would have the kind of reaction you did. These pieces are out of this world.

Very pretty scarves from your sister also. Snuggle up with them to remind them of your Mom.

Vickie said...

I always wanted a sister! Instead I got three younger brothers! Needless to say, they have never knit me anything!! ;)
What an exceptional gift isn't it?!?
It really is just breathtaking. A belated happy birthday to you dear Annette.♥

Lelia said...

I had seen photos on Lee's blog - what beautiful stitching! Beautiful sewing accessories.

SoCal Debbie said...

Happy Birthday, Annette! Those are truly gorgeous gifts you received!

Patty C. said...

Lee's work is gorgeous !!!

Lee said...

And I think your photos are terrific, they look just great.

Linda said...

Wow what a great gift. Every piece is just gorgeous. Love your knitted scarves from your sister. Belated Happy B'day. Where in Ca do you live. I am in Jackson.


PegC said...

Really a treasure chest of love in those gifts.

Carol said...

That must have been a very tough birthday for you, Annette, but how nice that your sister and Lee made you smile with their lovely gifts!

Lynn said...

Lee's stitching is exquisite! What an amazing gift!! The scarves your sister made for you are also lovely. I know you were feeling a bit down without your mom but I'm sure these gifts made your day a little brighter.