Friday, October 5, 2012

My new Ruler & Help please!

 Last week I went to a Quilt and Sew Festival in Pleasanton Ca at their fair grounds. I walked by (really heading out the door) this one booth and saw this lit ruler and had to stop. I asked "Does this take batteries?" The lady laughed and very kindly said "No it doesn't". I learned that this ruler, mostly used for quilting, was made using a florescent color and it does not cast a shadow.  
The main purpose of this ruler is to get a more accurate 
alignment when cutting. I love how bright the markings are.
Now only if my rotary cutter would cooperate with my hand

Size is 6x17
Link is here if you would like to read more about it.

Anyways I had to have this ruler. And Yes it did come home with me.
We all cut fabrics when finishing our cross stitching projects. I know some of you quilt and sew other projects as well.  My first and only cutting ruler is over 20 years old. So when I remembered that I didn't feel guilty at all for purchasing it:)
Just wanted to share with you.   
This ruler is Way Cool!   I love it.

 I need some help!!! Blogger page for posting has changed since the last time I posted. And this post is taken me lots of time to see if I can manage a decent posting. Notice the first two photos above my wording is centered? I couldn't get it to align on the right side. I can't find the button to click on for that option on the new post page. And it I don't know why the wording right under this last photo IS aligning to the right. No idea what I did to do it. SO my question is "Where is that option???" I know once one of you points it out to me, I will feel really silly for not seeing it. I do have more to share with you some of my latest finished projects. That will be my next post. I just need to get familiar with these new changes.
Always With Love and Appreciation - Annette 


Siobhán said...

I am no help at all, Annette! I am trying to get used to the new blogger interface, too. I know sometimes my paragraphs would become centered rather than left aligned when I put in a photograph. Usually I could add a space and it would left align itself. ?? Sorry that's not helpful at all!

Love the new ruler!

Lee said...

when you have pasted your photo onto the page click on it and the instructions for moving it etc will come up. hope that helps

gracie said...

As Lee said, once you upload your picture and click on it it should highlight in blue and then you can adjust where to place it as well as size it. Notice I used the word should!

Vickie said...

Yep! The ladies are correct. ;) I always insert a space/return key before and after adding a photo.

Karyn said...

I'm with the girls, and I too insert a space/return key before and after, as Vicki does :)
Love your ruler, Annette...enjoy!

Jackie's Stitches said...

I'll be interested in hearing of your experiences with this ruler Annette. I like the idea of no shadow and the color has to stand out on most fabrics making that line easy to align properly and accurately.

It looks like you've figured out your centering issue since your photos are centered. This seems to be a rather extensive change with Blogger doesn't it?

Brigitte said...

This new ruler type seems to be very interesting. I'll see if I can find it here as well.