Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back, End of Summer?

Hello Everyone! Where to begin? Overall things have settled down now. Are we back to normal? Heavens no! Nothing will ever be the same without mom. Her absence will be forever be missed but Never forgotten. And the most important information to share with all of you is - The Love NEVER goes away. It's really magical. I feel her love in my heart & soul and that she is always with me. Thank you to everyone of you for all your remarkable prayers, thoughts and love. I'm so blessed for the friends I've gotten to meet. Even if its only been through the wonderful blogging world.
Now I have a very special story and project to share with you.
Back when I found out mom was ill and started really thinking of future, I really wanted to have a family sampler. A sampler with all the names, dates and special motifs that would represent our family. Mostly thinking my Dad and Mom. For some reason Samplers through the years of time tend to last. Have you noticed? I sure have. I don't think samplers are something that gets thrown away or discarded. Even if they end up in a antique store or thrift store, they are still here.
So with those thoughts in mind, I asked mom (way before she was too ill) what if I took my Ann Dale Sampler and instead of stitching the verse I stitched her and Dad's names and dates of birth? She thought it was a great idea - she loved the thought. Well then I started thinking. I wrote to my friend Lee ( Notes from under the Mountain blog) for advise. I wanted to know if I would be frowned upon in the cross stitching world if I changed a major section of a beautiful pattern on Ann Dale. Long story short (yea right!) She suggested that I stitch a one of a kind sampler and that she would help me. So I shared this with mom. Oh my goodness! She loved the whole idea about it.
So, like Lee said "Even thought we are oceans apart, we can work together through the computer". Needless to say, many many emails and how many times mom was sitting right near me as I typed to Lee. Mom got to see and approve of the colors of threads, the border, and some motifs etc... I have to laugh because on funny story to share with you - At one point I told mom that I wanted a fish design for dad. Mom Said "OH NO! This is my sampler and NO FISH".
Ever since then it's been named Mom's Sampler. Even though its our families sampler - its MOM'S SAMPLER! So funny. You must know that Lee is the designer for mom's sampler. She said shes taking bits and parts from here and there and fitting all the designs together. Me? I'm clueless. I'm just stitching the sampler and deciding on threads (all on Lees advise of course). I've been learning so much. And I want to make sure you know - LEE GETS ALL THE CREDIT! I honestly love her so much (and mom did to), and treasure her.
Finally here are some photos:

Stitched on 40ct Vintage Examplar Lakeside Linen.
Stitches 199w x 368h
Threads: Sampler Threads, Crescent Colours, & Weeks Dye Works

Mom wanted a tiara. She got it:)

Two birds motif represent important relationship & unity.
I've had to restitch the top border 3 times & the right border 2 times. You see Lee had suggested that I stitch tack lines in the very beginning. I thought I would take a short cut....Not wise at all of me. That 1 short cut caused 3 major errors. 1st being middle tack center line was off. 2nd caused the right side border off (oh yes lots of frogging) and the bottom border didn't match with left border all at the same time. Lesson Learned. All because I didn't want to count out 369 times two = 738 threads one way. And 199 times 2= 398 threads the other. So when I did properly stitch out my tack lines I also stitched the number count every 50 stitches or so as markers. I hope I really covered my bases. And Now I know I have to go back and stitch tack lines for Ann Dale (don't even want to think about it right now). Now you might be asking yourself what about my Dad's fish motif not being represented in Mom's Sampler. I fixed that. I will be stitching a sampler All dedicated for my Dad......"Shores of Hawk Run Hollow" Carriage House Samplings...Threads NPI silks...Isn't that something? Moms sampler is cotton threads and my dad gets silk. LOL I think that's really funny. More on dad's sampler in another post and photos. Honestly I haven't started it yet.

Finished and framed - By the Bay's "SAL Mystery Summer Sampler"
Pattern can be found here.

I've enjoyed stitching these lovely Mermaids.

"Guardians of the Sea" Free chart by
Laura - The Little Stitcher can be found here.
Just be sure to leave her a comment and your email address. She will email you her chart.

I stitched the two sisters on 28ct Lambswool Linen. Threads I used were the ones she recommends. I used 1 thread of Kreinik Metallics Blending Filament #041 (pretty multi) on both mermaid tails and 1 thread of the DMC colour called for. For their hair - Krinik Metallics Blending filament #021 (copper) just 1 thread and 1 thread of DMC colour called for. I had not known that for using the blending filament threads were meant to be blended (that should of been a clue for me) with other threads. Love the look of finished project. But stitching with metallics is challenging. I was patient threading these one at a time then thread the DMC colour I used. Geezzz. But well worth it. Thread for waves - Triglav 217 from Fils a Soso. Yes I did enjoy Sophies hand dyed threads from France - can be found here.

The frame had a double mat. I removed one and painted the frame dark grey.
Laura's story of the two sister's was lovely. I must say, I was enchanted.

"Mermaid" Free chart by Teresa can be found here.
Leave Teresa a comment and your email address. She will email to you her chart.
This little sampler I stitched on 14ct Lt blue Adia. Now don't cringe. I am being good and using stitching fabrics I've had for a looong time in my stash. The color was right. I stitched with DMC & 3 over one:). I currently have the sewing machine and fabrics all on the kitchen table. I'm working on using it on a needlecase.

"Sewing table and Pincushion" by Alma Lynn
I had checked out this book from the library - Alma Lynne's "Cross-Stitch for Special Occasions". The strawberry border caught my eye. I plan to make a gift needlecase. Guess you can say I'm making lots of needlecases. They will make great gifts.

"Token of Love" Scissor Pocket by Barbara Bernard
32ct White Belfast Linen
Sampler Threads
Oh How I hunted down Barbara for her pattern. I had seen it on Anna's blog here and fell in love with the design.

I didn't want to change any colors suggested but I needed to keep stitching. So I used Chestnut instead of Apple Cider by Sampler Threads (which I just rec'd in mail today, my fault I ordered long after I started stitching. Nice color to add to my stash), and Sand instead of Flax.
Thank you for your visit and all your support.
Always with Love and Appreciation - Annette in California


Teresa said...

Grazie Annette per aver ricamato un mio free.

SoCal Debbie said...

Your By the Bay SAL is beautiful! The mermaids are so pretty and thank you for the link to the free chart.

Lee said...

Great posting look forward to seeing more of your sampler as you progress.
Thanks for the link for the mermaids they are fun to stitch.

Vickie said...

Annette I am soooooooo glad you are back. HOORAY! I look forward to watching the progress on the sampler. How wonderful and special. You have a fabulous partner in Lee. You have been busy. It all looks wonderful. ♥

Karyn said...

Welcome Back, Annette :) We missed you!
Your BTB Sampler is gorgeous, I can't wait to see how it progresses with the silks :)
I adore all of your progress, and thank you for the Mermaids link, I am headed over there now.
You have been a busy girl ;)
Have a great day kiddo, and again welcome back.

Laura Violet said...

I love it! Thank you so much dear Annette!

Rowyn said...

Hi Annette

It is lovely to see a post from you (thanks also for the comments you left on my blog). I hope with time things are getting a little easier.

I love that you are stitching a sampler for your parents, and even better still that your Mum got a say in hers (no fish, lol).

How sweet of Lee to help you plan it all out. She is certainly one talented lady.

Your By the Bay piece looks lovely framed, and those mermaids are adorable!

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Sharon said...

Annette, your work is just beautiful. Love the family sampler and how you are personalizing it!

Jackie's Stitches said...

So glad to finally see your Mom's Sampler. It is beautiful! I love the border. I'm so looking forward to seeing more of this should you decide to share it with us. I loved hearing about your mom's No Fish rule. I'm not familiar with Lee's blog and I'll certainly go say hello to her.

Welcome back friend, we've all been thinking of you!

Margaret said...

Annette, I'm so sorry about your mom. The sampler you're making in her memory is just wonderful. How special that your friend has helped you with this project and your mom got to see it develop too. I know how hard it is to lose one's mother -- I lost mine when I was in college, still miss her to this day.

I love your other projects as well. The By the Bay piece came out beautifully! I love the colors in the Barbara Bernard piece -- just gorgeous! The mermaids are adorable, and the Alma Lynn is so sweet!

Hetti said...

So glad to see you again Annette with the wonderful story of your Mom's Sampler and the beautiful embroidery.
Hugs, Hetti

Karoline said...

Lovely story about your Mums Sampler, looking forward to seeing it grow.

All your finishes are looking gorgeous, congratulations