Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chart Giveaway

Hello everyone. I forgot to tell you in my last post - the Bunny chart by Bent Creek is a Traveling chart. And if you would like to stitch him next, please just leave a comment here on this post or the post before this one. If you already left me a message on my last post I am automatically including you for the Giveaway. I'll draw a winner on July 12th, if I don't have any emergencies with mom.
Mom has really slowed down, but she is keeping my sister and I up around the clock. And that's fine by us. We encourage her to keep getting up whenever she wants to walk etc..Last night was 4th of July. I had to go to our Hospital and pick up an antibiotic for mom. But I snuck out a little early and stopped by Nannies house. I got to wish her a Happy Birthday and watched 15 minutes of fireworks with her from her front porch. It was wonderful. Then as I drove to the hospital and on my way home I got to see more fireworks. It was amazing. For our county its illegal to shot off fireworks. But trust me when I say every direction you looked towards the sky - Beautiful displays EVERYWHERE. I even saw a firetruck take off and right behind it was a HUGE firework burst in the sky.
Please don't forget to leave a comment to be included for the Bunny chart Giveaway:)
Always With Love and Appreciation - Annette in California


Brigitte said...

What a lovely little bunny. Please, count me in.

Hazel said...

Would love to join in the funCount me in also. x.

Chris said...

I am glad that you enjoyed your 4th!!

Vickie said...

I am so glad you enjoyed the fireworks AND time with Nannie. :) God bless you and your sister for all the love you give your mother.♥

McKenna C. said...

Oh it's adorable! Please put my name in!


Lelia said...

Such a charming bunny - please include my name in your drawing.

Lee said...

love the bunnydo includeme in the draw.
Gladyougot to see the fireworks

Littlebit said...

I think fireworks were illegal everywhere this year, but does that stop anyone? lol!

Beaj said...

Hi Annette,
Please include me in your draw....and Thanks in advance.
Glad you got to Enjoy the Fireworks.

Beaj said...

Wow, what a nice surprise.
Annette Thanks so much...your generosity is very much appreciated.