Monday, June 11, 2012

A Sal - Wip & Lovely stitched gifts received...

Have you been to Hetti's blog? Hetti offers many free workshops and free designs on her blog. She is from and lives in the Netherlands. I learned of Hetti from EMS website. For 2012 Hetti has Stitch-A-Long called "SAL Delft Blue Tiles". The 1st tile was offered in January and every month there is a new one. 12 tiles in all. I started in January and completed the first 2 tiles then fell behind. I just finished stitching Tile 6. There is no sign up for Hetti's SAL and you can start at any time. Hetti's blog is in 2 languages, I honestly don't know the 1st language (I think it's Dutch) and in ENGLISH:) So if you visit her blog please look thru her posts and you will see the English words. On the left side column on her blog, scroll down a little and you will see "SAL Delft Blue Tiles 2012" click on it and Hetti has very conveniently consolidated all the tile charts together for you. All in one place. She also offers many wonderful different ways/possibilities in stitching the tiles. It's a great blog for cross stitching and learning new finishing techniques. She has step by step and with photos. Well that's a no brainer for me.

I did change the colors she used to suit myself. Hers are traditional blues with a touch of red and green. I decided to go with browns and lighter blues. I'm stitching on 28ct Irish Linen by Charles Craft. I had this linen in my stash and I remembered I did buy it from Micheal's. I'm sure I had a coupon:) The threads I'm using are: DMC 801, 931, and DMC color variations 4010, Caron's Wildflowers Azure skies and Walnut. That's it. I am thinking of making a needle roll when this project is done. I honestly am not sure but I have time to decide.

Our very special friend from New Zealand has been blessing us with her Love, Talent and Kindness...Lee. I cried when I opened her gift to me. Lee's gifts were not only for me but for my sister Nicole, and for my mother. Nicole received a the Beautiful stitched Heart ornament from Lee. The darling Blue Bird ornament pictured, decorated the outside of my gift - also hand stitched by Lee. The fabric is felt and is beautifully made. I can't believe I did not take any close-up photos of the heart and blue bird.
And this is my gift from Lee. Isn't it remarkable. Oh yes I couldn't believe my eyes, I was and am so very honored & touched. The design is called Yellow Bird, and she is stitched in chocolate silk. That's a glass stone off to the side of the cover.
Then I opened her up. Is your heart singing? Mine was. My jaw dropped open. There is a scissor holder and a scissor fob (the fob is removable). On the left side of the case there are pockets. Lee tucked some very lovely silk threads for me.
The above photo speaks for it self...

And then the lovely needlecase had yet another magical page that opened.....(a very deep sigh...)
Yes there are more pockets on the left and a flip-able needle wool page. The whole needlecase is decorated with lots of lovely silver charms.
See the crystal beaded pins.....The raised pincushion is perfect...
I don't know how Lee stitched that.
Lee sent an Angel to my mom. I think she did make this...Its so beautiful and incredibly perfectly stitched...I tell you Lee is a Master of needlework. I'm still in awe.
To Wonderful, Loving, Talented & Thoughtful Lee, your gifts of love will always be cherished and remembered by us. You know we love you but it is always great to hear & can never be said enough XXOO. That's from me , mom and Nicole..

What a wonderful week I had receiving such lovely gifts. Liz from our EMS exchange had me for our Scissor Fob exchange. Liz stitched this beautiful Hearts Design for me. How did she know what some of my favorite colors are? :))) Reds, Greens and plums...I love it Liz - thank you so very much. Hmm I guess I get to go scissor shopping for these beautiful fobs I received.

I love that Liz included her name and year on the back. Time tends to go by to fast and before I know it I think "what year was that?" I won't forget who stitched it for me:) She also made the hanger for me. I have yet to make one.

And an update on Ann Dale....
I finished stitching all the yellow and green rows below the motifs. There were lots.
I love stitching this sampler. Stitching with silk is wonderful.

Just a quick update on mom. As you know I & my sister have been caring for mom. Yes we have seen a change in her. The last time mom was in the living room, was for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. She did not see all of it, but did get to see & enjoy the festivities. Time is so very PRECIOUS with our loved ones! We are laughing and sharing wonderful memories with her. I mean we truly are making every moment count that we have left with mom. Time for tears will come later but right now, we are celebrating With Her. She is still here...
Always with Love and Appreciation - Annette in California


P.J. said...

I will be popping over to Hetti's blog, gorgeous color changes! Your stitching is beautiful. What a wonderful and heartfelt gift from Lee, her finishing is superb! Ann Dale is looking silky, sassy! Blessings to you, your sister and your mother. Live, Laugh, LOVE!

Keep on stitching. P.J.

Chris said...

Good Morning Annette!
Thank you so much for sharing the info on Hetti's blog. I love your tiles and your color conversion.
What an amazing gift from Lee. Her finishing is incredible. The fob from Liz is very sweet too.
Great progress on Ann too.
So glad that you had a good day with your Mom.
Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

I checked out Hetti's blog,your colors are wonderful. Lee's gift, WOW!!
Annette, your attitude regarding your mother is beautiful. You are in my prayers.

Carol said...

Your last paragraph brought tears to my eyes, Annette... How wonderful to celebrate all the precious times with your mom. I'm so glad you and your sister are able to care for her--you are all very blessed to have each other.

I love what you've done with the Delft tiles! Your colors are wonderful and I'll have to remember those DMC choices--just perfect. Lee has been a wonderful friend to you all--I know you will treasure her lovely gifts.

Take care now and hugs to you and your dear mother...

Melissa said...

What a lovely post, Annette, full of wonderful pictures and sentiments!

I'm glad you and your sister are sharing wonderful times with your mom right now. The gifts are Lee are beautiful. That needlebook is just awesome! I would cry too! (I would love to know the name of that chocolate silk she used.)

You are stitching Ann Dale - wow! She is a beauty!

As you can see I can now leave a comment! Thanks for making the change!

Have a good day!

Melissa said...

oops, forgot to say, Love the SAL that you are doing! The colours you picked are just beautiful. I will check out Hetti's blog. Thanks for sharing that!

Akila said...

Love your SAL progress, great combination of colors. Will go over to her blog right away
Wow, such pretty gifts!! The raised pincushion is so unique.
Love your thoughts and the way you are handling your mom's condition. Be happy :)

Karoline said...

Both your SAL and Ann are looking gorgeous, great progress

What a fabulous gift from Lee

Karen said...

Hi Annette...I just found your blog and love your stitching! You have some beautiful finishes and I can't wait to see what else you whip up!

happy stitching...

Lee said...

As ever Prayers for you all and lots of Hugs

Hetti said...

Ohh Annette, thank you so much for your kind words about the SAL! I blush al over my face ;-))
At the moment we are very busy to move to a new house.

I read your blog with pleasure and admire the love for your mom and sister and the wonderful and precious time you share together.

With love and Hugs,

Mindi said...

I love your Delft Blue Tiles, and the color scheme you picked for them. I had to take a second look to make sure it was the same thing when I followed your link to the source.

I'm glad you're getting the chance to treasure the remaining precious time with your mother. I know the last few months I spent with my grandmother were priceless.

Siobhán said...

I love that SAL project! I have a thing for pottery and love Delft pottery and tiles--you chose some lovely colors.

Your Ann Dale is GORGEOUS! I need to finish some of my WIP stack before I start that, but I do hope to stitch it. Beautiful gifts from your friend, too!