Monday, June 12, 2017

Wonders Never Cease

Hello Lovely Stitching Friends,
Yes I am back and have some stitching projects to share with you. It's been over a year since my last post.
Lord knows how I truly miss all of you.
Major reason is that the day after I posted on May 30 2016 my Aunt Shirley passed away. It was so hard losing her. Oh the stories I could share of her. She was such an inspiration through my whole life. I will miss her and still love very much. The love does not go away. When I would talk about my stitching or show my magazines she would say I love all you do but Please NO!!! LOL!!! We would both laugh. She absolutely LOVED beautiful linens, china and stitched projects. She just didn't want to hear me talk about fabric count or threads - LOL!!!! Anyways Honestly that was a huge mental block for me (even tearing up right now) because she was my moms sister and the last female blood relation to my mom (I do have my sweet sister).
Thank you Vickie for asking my about blogging again. YES its time. I'm on Instagram regularly. It's been fast easy and didn't have to admit my aunt was gone. But I have missed my blogging friends.

So even though I may not have posted I sure have been stitching all this time.

I Finished Celtic Autumn all the stitching but in this photo the beading wasn't done yet.

 Here she is all framed by me. 32ct Lambswool Jobelan DMC threads.This is a conversion charted by Janet Granger on her blog.

 Winter Rose by Lavender & Lace - chart gifted to me from Lee! 18 ct Aida & all DMC threads. 

 From 2016 JCS Christmas Ornament magazine (pg 30)- Gingerbread House by Shannon Wasilieff.
I had bought candy gum drops strand from Hobby Lobby and added them on top of the lace of the roof.
Added lots of beads, heart & gingerbread man buttons. To the left do you see the gorgeous embroidered "A" ? It's a beautiful mini book made for me by Lee (was a birthday gift last year) and I love it.

 Also from 2016 JCS Christmas Mag I stitched "Blessings" by Hand on Design. "Yuletide" also by Hands on Design chart was published in JCS mag but it was a regular issue not the Christmas one. I had the red white tree and star buttons in stash (gifted from my sister a few Christmas's back) and thought those were perfect to add. 28ct linen & 14ct black aida.
 "Merry Little Birthday" by Sam Sarah Designs Studio. Goodness I had bought this chart like 3 years ago always knowing I wanted to stitch it for Lee and last year - it got made & sent. Buttons from Michael's. 32ct purple peonies linen, silk threads, GA & DMC threads. I looved stitching this. The soft silks and the colors were so lovely to work with. And I think its a FUN piece!!!

2016 stitched projects!
Thank you for stopping by and I do plan now to be back with blogging.
With my love and appreciation Annette


Vickie said...

Oh Annette! I am so glad I checked after you!😉 Welcome back! Now to post again, right?! Your projects are just gorgeous my dear! Wow! Your framing is excellent! I am just soooooooooo happy to see a post by you!

Linda said...

Glad your back Annette. So sorry for your loss. Congrats on all of the gorgeous finishes.


Lee said...

Missed your posts welcome back good to see you have still been stitching

Merilde said...

I have lurked on your blog for a while and have enjoyed all your beautiful stitching. Kept checking on you - I hope you felt the goo thoughts I sent you. Glad you are back and love all the stitching you have done. Lovely! Lori

Beth said...

Welcome back! We gave missed you.

CalamityJr said...

So glad you're back, but sorry for the reason you were away. I'm sure your special memories are holding Aunt Shirley close to your heart. Beautiful stitching!

Clare said...

Welcome back. I have missed you. Sorry about your Auntie`s passing. It really makes your heart feel the loss as I had an Aunty who I felt the same way about but her memory is still there. Love seeing your wonderful stitching. Happy Stitching.

Marilyn said...

Welcome back Annette!!
Sorry to hear about your Aunt.
ALL of your stitching is beautiful!!
I think my favorite is Celtic Autumn, I just love the colors.
Congrats on your finishes.

Justine said...

So sorry for your loss Annette. I hope your stitching has brought you some comfort. You have certainly been busy! I love the SamSarah birthday design, and your finishing on the Gingerbread House is just perfect!
Nice to see you blogging again.

Jackie said...

Celtic Autumn is beautiful as are your other projects! You had a productive 2016!

Welcome back to blogland sweet friend!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Nice to see you here in my blog roll. I too have been guilty of not blogging much. Life gets in the way sometimes. I know you are well though. Have a good rest of your week, sweet friend. Hugs!

cucki said...

Welcome back my dear
I love all your finishes so much
Beautiful stitches
Big hugs x

Terri said...

Beautiful stitching! The Celtic Autumn is my favorite! Welcome back!

Brigitte said...

It's so nice to see a new post from you come up in my reader. Welcome back, Annette. Sometimes we just need a little pause from blogging as life sometimes goes up and down.
But you have been so busy during your absence. Such a lot of wonderful stitching was going on. Great projects and finishes.

Martina M said...

Oh i love this Autumn Lady, they are exactly my colors. A beautifully beautiful motif.
Happy Weekend, Martina

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

Wow...I love your Finishes....they are so beautiful. You are a very talented Stitcher.....

Sorry to hear about your Aunt passing away....

Happy Stitching
Linda K

Sally said...

I'm so sorry for your loss Annette.

It is lovely to see you back blogging. Your finishes are gorgeous.

Frances N said...

Annette, I have missed your blogging! I have been bad with my blogging as well, and have also suffered a great loss during the past year. It's hard to keep going, but something that we must do. I'm trying to blog more and hope to get more regular with my posts.
You have done some beautiful stitching! I'm so glad to see it! I've gotten a few things finished, but not a lot of new stitching! I hope to do better with that, also.
So glad to see your posts!
Love, Frances

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Weronika said...

This is such a wonderful stitching Anette! I am very sorry for Your loss. It's nice to see you back.

Bernice Smith said...

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CathieJ said...

I love Winter Rose. What a beautiful piece. Of course Celtic Autumn is exquisite. I am glad that you have returned to blogging. Only do so when it feels right. I am so very sorry for your loss.

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KimM said...

Lovely stitching.....I’ve been remiss on my blog this year.....maybe we can both get back in the swing in 2018.

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thanida said...

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