Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Winter Wonderland & a "Sizzle" finish

Hello beautiful friends! This weekend is Nashville Spring Needlework Market. I found a good link to preview some of the many upcoming new releases - HERE! I know there have been many early sneak peeks on the designer company's blogs but it's nice to be able to see many of them in one place. I know that Blackbird Designs will have a exclusive release at the show but have no idea of what it will be. Looking forward to seeing what it will be. Our weather here has been sunny yet chilly. Not even cold like many of you are experiencing Midwest and back East. Hope your all safe from all the ice & snow storms. So since we did have some chilly days I pulled out my Winter Wonderland wip and have been working on it.
Here is my progress...

 Winter Wonderland by Blackbird Designs
32ct linen hand dyed by ME:) and all the suggested over hand dyed threads.
This is a close up - I had left off back at the end of December with only the border done. The rest of the motifs I've stitched recently. Building the house is taking some time but nice to stitch while watching TV.

 Sorry didn't iron but after I took the photo it right back in my QSnap hoop for more stitching this evening.

 Happy Mail today from the Easter Bunny from New Zealand. Yes!!! Sweet talented Lee sent me these 3 GORGEOUS of her own version of Faberge Eggs!!! OH MY GOODNESS! Aren't they beautiful?
Look at her beautiful tassels and the Colors!!! I am so in love with them. Can you see the long PINK crystal hanging down in the middle egg? SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

 Here is a closer view. All the beads, sequins and trims are just outstanding!!! I KNOW VICKIE PINKS!!!LOL!!! Of course I wanted to display them right away.

 I placed them on their own little tree. Now I need to pull some ribbons and make this my stitchers Easter tree! Thank you sooooooo very much Lee! My son went crazy over all of them and loved them so much that he wants me to decorate for Easter now (he knows that will include Easter candies in all the candy bowls). LOL!!!

 Here is my latest finish - The top of the tin 2008 "Sizzle" by Just Nan. And I made the cording for the trim

 This completes one of my 15 new starts for Debbie's Challenge. WOOHOO!!! The fabric is light blue that I had hand dyed myself but looks white photographed.

I added a circle of light blue felt for the inside of the tin that houses the coordinating pinwheel.
Thank you very much for your visit. With my Love and Appreciation - Annette


Margaret said...

Love your Winter Wonderland! It's such a pretty design. Love the Just Nan finish too! And lovely Easter treats from your friend!

Frances said...

Winter Wonderland is really coming along beautifully! Love it! I want to start mine soon!
Those Easter eggs are divine! What a lovely gift! And I LOVE seeing them on a tree!!! Be still my heart!!!!

Clare said...

Winter Wonderland is lovely. I too love BBD patterns. Cute ladybirds in `Sizzle` project. Happy Stitching.

Teresa S. said...

That Just Nan finish is adorable! And those eggs are sure keepers! Beautiful ;)

Lee said...

love sizzle it looks great
good to see the eggs on the little tree
what comes next? spring theme ???

Anonymous said...

beautiful stitching, love Winter Wonderland

Irene said...

che belli i tuoi ricami

Ali said...

Just beautiful Annette! And what gorgeous gifts those egg decorations are stunning I don't blame you for wanting to display them! Ali x

Karen K said...

Love the beautiful tins, what delicate stitching, also love the Easter Decorations. Good to see you WIP making progress LOL !

K x

Marilyn said...

Great progress on Winter Wonderland, and the sizzle tin is so pretty.
That's a cute little tree with those gorgeous eggs on it.

Justine said...

Oh Annette you and Lee are both so talented! Your Sizzle is lovely and those eggs are just perfect on your tree.

Jacqueline Morris said...

Loving your stitching.... Winter wonderland looks wonderful!
omg!! The Easter eggs are beautiful, so so lovely.. And oooh on a tree too!
Love your post today, so pleased I popped in :)
Smiles :)

Annie said...

Winter Wonderland looks great and just perfect for my neck of the woods today... snowing outside as I write.

The Just Nan box is beautiful. You really did a nice job on that.

Enjoy Lee's beautiful eggs...another set of treasures!

Vickie said...

Oh my!Oh my! Soooooo gorgeous! Lee is so very, very talented.
Just Nan is wonderful. One finished, 14 to go!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh Annette, what a lovely post! The Sizzle turned out so very cute and what a lucky girl you are to receive such beautifully done eggs. Have a great day!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh Annette, what a lovely post! The Sizzle turned out so very cute and what a lucky girl you are to receive such beautifully done eggs. Have a great day!

Linda said...

Congrats on your gorgeous finishes Annette. Your Easter tree looks great. Nice progress on Winter Wonderland.


Weronika said...

Lovely tins and so cute eggs. Brilliant work Anette.

Jackie's Stitches said...

I've not seen such a comprehensive list of market releases. Thank you for the link!

The eggs are stunning! Both of you are such beautiful stitchers and finishers!

valerie said...

Your Winter Wonderland is really coming along! Those eggs from Lee are AMAZING! gorgeous! So is your Just Nan tin too.

Barb said...

You have great projects there. I love the little box designs. That is one of my favorite BBD projects. I stitched it several years ago. The eggs are beautiful and what a good idea to make it Spring designs tree.

Lumiruusu said...

Hello Annette and thank you for visiting my little blog! Your BBD piece is lovely and the "Faberge eggs you recieved were realy pretty..what a great idea what we can do with all those pretty scraps of fabric and things we treasure in our shelves :) The just nan Sizzle loks very pretty!

Carol said...

Oh, I'm loving watching Winter Wonderland come to life, Annette!! You really did a great job on dyeing the fabric, too...

Such beauties from Lee--she is a true needleworker in every way :) Your spring tree will be very cute!

The JN finish is adorable--love the little lady bugs :)

KimM said...

Oh my goodness! What gorgeous ornaments - and what a wonderful tin - it's beautiful.

Brigitte said...

Very nice progress on Winter Wonderland, a design that I also want to stitch one day. BBDs are the only designs for which I try and take the recommended overdyed threads. The treason might be that I want to have them look like on the picture, lol.

Great finish of one of your Challenge pieces. I love this round tin.

I haven't been looking at any of the sneak peaks of the new market designs. Yet. Because I know that once I look at them my wish list will be exploding from all the new ly added charts, lol.

Hilda said...

Thank you for the link, Anette, it was very interesting to see all those new designs.
I am looking forward to seeing the BBD releases as well - as I am a BBD lover.

And as a BBD lover I am totally smitten with your Winter Wonderland. It is such a wonderful design and I am so happy to watch it growing here on your blog.

The Just Nan finishings look so amazing.
You are really a talented stitcher, Anette!


Andrea said...

Wonderful stitching Annette. Those 3 eggs are just gorgeous. I have not seen anything like them before, so, so pretty.

Hetti said...

Such a lovely eggs from Lee and yes they deserve a own Easter Tree Annette!
The Winter Wonderland is very nice to stitch and the finish of the tins are so beautiful.
Thank you for the link it's very useful.
Hope the weather will turn into spring temperature Annette:-))
Enjoy the stitching and XXXX Hetti

Beth said...

Three eggs from Lee! Boy is that ever eggstra-special! Off on Saturday to my LNS for a Nashville open house. Should be fun.