Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hetti's Delft Blue Tiles and Update #5 Bothy Threads Cut Thru Monday SAL

Hello Everyone and I hope all you Mom's had a beautiful Mother's Day. I sure did. I was taken out to lunch, saw a movie - Iron-man 3 (well my husband and son wanted to see it. It was a great movie to see on the huge screen) and Pizza (delivered) for dinner. All this was celebrated on Saturday but in honor for me for Mother's Day.  Being spoiled and spending the day with the men in my life was wonderful. 
Moving onto needlework for the last week:  Fairy Hill - Bothy Threads Cut Thru Monday SAL...
if you would like to see everyone's progress for this SAL, go to Debbie's Cross Stitch Blog HERE. There are so many incredible designs that everyone is stitching - they are beautiful and FUN.

 New Tinkerbell for this week (well its another one of moms collection).

 before (last week)

 After -  Progress for this Monday
 Got lots of fill in stitched on the bottom around the tree roots - took a long time to do. Funny how it doesn't look like much but I did spend hours stitching all that stone color, the yellow bits to the right of the tree roots, I think is gold because that's a silver pot next to them. Another mushroom has been added and more of the blue and white stripes. Sorry the photos I took at night (just a bit ago).

 Hetti's Creative Workshop - Delft Blue Tiles 2012

I am sooooooo HAPPY I FINISHED Hetti's SAL from last year. By the way the SAL is being continued for 2013. So if you like to stitch them take a look HERE. The link is direct to the correct page on Hetti's blog. So there's no having to go there and scroll down. I linked it direct. But you should afterwards click on the heading on her page and look at her main blog page. She has TONS of freebies and they are WONDERFUL designs.

It feels sooooo Great to have finished this project. I plan make a pillow with this sampler.
Here is a list of  the threads I used:
DMC - 801 Dark Brown
          - 931 Dark Blue
          - 4010 Variegated light Blues
Caron - Wildflowers - 225 Walnut (lighter browns)
                                  - 230 Azure Skies (Bright light Blues) 

Thank You so much for visiting me. I enjoy reading all your comments - I LOVE BLOGGING:)
Our son is finishing his college term this week (finals week). Only 1 1/2 yrs to go till he graduates. Nicholas is studying to be a Graphic Designer.  He already is one:)
With my Love and Appreciation - Annette


Chris said...

Congratulations on a beautiful finish! I love these delft tiles. Your SAL is looking great too.
What a nice day spent with your guys.

P.J. said...

Great progress!! Nice finish on the tiles; I really do love your color combo.

Parsley said...

Love the finish of your sampler and I see Tink is watching over your WIP. I met her recently...

Jan Gartlan said...

Such a cute tinkerbell. Your stitching is looking great. I love the Hetti sampler - the colours go so perfectly together.

Vickie said...

Your stitching is great Annette. I know just how you feel, since I love to stitch over one. It seems to take forever and then you think, "That's as far as I got?"
The Delft Blue Tiles look so very, very good.

Margaret said...

Love your finish! It's so pretty! Nice work on the Bothy SAL too! So exciting about your son. It's amazing how fast time flies, isn't it? Glad you had a good Mother's Day!

Simply Victoria said...

I like how bright and cute you stitch along is looking. The Delft tiles are so pretty. Glad you mom's day was spent with those that are dearest to you just having fun.

Simply Victoria said...

yikes! forgot my "r's" on you twice

SoCal Debbie said...

Fairy Hill looks wonderful with more cute toadstools/mushrooms and gold hidden underground. This is such a fun design! I added your pic to the SAL page:

Congrats on your wonderful finish! what a great design and thanks for the link to her blog.

Karoline said...

Your delft tiles are gorgeous, congratulations.

Great progress on Fairy Hill, it's looking lovely

Linda said...

Congrats on the great finish Annette. It is really pretty. Fairy Hill is coming right along. Another that I want to start now. I love the colors.


Brigitte said...

Oh Annette, that's a great finish, these tles look so beautiful. And I also love the thread colours you used for them. Looks like a lot of fun.

Carol said...

I do love the shades of blues and browns in your finish, Annette--so pretty! Thanks for the link, too--that one is new to me!

Fiona said...

You stitched a lot to have filled in all the area around the roots. I enjoy seeing the Tinkerbells. Your SAL sampler is very pretty, I like blue and brown together.

Hetti said...

WOW WOW Annette, Congratulations with the gorgeous finish of the SAL!
The stitching and the colors are so beautiful in the shades of blue and brown, they give the designs in the tiles a extra dimension. Thank you so much for stitching the SAL!!!!

And THANK YOU for your compliments about my blog, I blush all over my body, sitting here in Holland for my PC ;-))

Hugs Hetti

Giovanna said...

Congrats on finishing the *lovely* SAL, and nice going on Fairy Hill.

Anne said...

Deft Tiles is beautiful Annette! Love the colours and little designs in this piece. I will check out Hetti's blog for sure!! Great progress on your Cut Thru! Glad you had a wonderful mother's day!


Kaisievic said...

Hi Annette, Love your progress on Fairy Hill - the blue fabric is lovely. I also love your Delft tiles, I went to visit Hetti's blog - gorgeous! Is the SAL free? It looked that way to me.

hugs, Kaye