Friday, April 12, 2013

Mom's Sampler & Winner for my Giveaway

 Hello Everyone and Welcome. I want to Thank You for celebrating with me for my 1st year Blog Anniversary. The winner is announced at the end of my post. Some photos to share with you.
Today would have been my moms birthday. Happy Birthday to you mom. One of her favorite flowers was Iris's. And I have taken some photos of my moms Blue Bearded Iris plant. I am thankful the Iris bloomed again this year.

 The full blooms.

 Doesn't this large bud look like satin fabric rolled up - lol.

 I just love the richness of these blue tones.

 Here is my moms sampler of the border. It's a very long one. It will have all our family names on it.
This is an original design. I thought I would share a bit of how it came to be for some of you who are new and have not seen this before. Since its my moms birthday today - I think its a good time.

 I frogged the crowns and found a much nicer gold than the yellow thread I had before. I also used it on the scrolls. My friend Lee is the remarkable talented & lovely designer:) It was her idea for me to stitch a original sampler for my mom. When I told my mom about it (before she passed), my mom said it was "her sampler". She told Lee and I what she wanted on it: Tiara, Roses, Bumble Bees & a Fairy. And Lots of PINKS!!!  If you would like to read more of the story, you can read it HERE.
There have been lots of emails between me and Lee. I have been taking my time and totally enjoying the journey with Lee whose the creator of this Beauty.

I received my chart in the mail for "Bothy Threads Cut Thru Monday SAL - on Debbie's blog HERE"
I had this fabric in my stash but it was a much lighter color of blue:) Yep I hand dyed it. Thought I would make it a bit brighter - lol. It came out a bit darker than I thought it would. I am going to test a small area with Rit Dye Color Remover. Hmmmm no idea how it will turn out. I'll let you know. If the test area doesn't look how I want it to, I'm leaving it and using this fabric anyways. Its 16ct aida. 
I plan to stitch this Monday, maybe sooner.  Okay the big announcement........

THERESA S (At Willow Tree Pond Blog HERE)

Email me your address please so I can send you your gifts please. 

              Thank you again to everyone for visiting me and helping me celebrate my first year blog anniversary. Our weather has been wonderful - mid 70's and one day was 83 degrees. Lots of Sunshine here. I have joined Feedly for my choice of reader since google is going away. Still becoming familiar with it. So even though some of you are now on Bloglovin - I am not there but I DO follow all of you still:) Does this make since?  Hope you are getting to enjoy Spring.
With love and Appreciation - Annette


Lee said...

That photo shows the different colours in the border of the sampler off well. Looking good.

Annie said...

Gorgeous sampler. You chose the right partner in Lee for sure.

Luscious blue for the fabric. I like how you experiment with the dying. I'm always scared of liquid messes myself!

Congrats to Theresa!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Your mothers sampler looks wonderful! The coloring of the Iris is so vivid. I can see why your it was your mom's favorite flower!

Giovanna said...

Oh my, what a gorgeous sampler! And I'm so pleased for Theresa, congrats to her.

Vickie said...

Oh Annette, I could almost cry. It is so wonderful for your mother. She has her tiara!! I love the color you used for it. What floss is it?

Lee is doing wonderful work with you. Good for the both of you.

The irises are just gorgeous! Never, ever saw blue like that!! Wow! It does look like satin. =)
Glad it is in bloom today on her birthday.♥

Vicki said...

Your mom's sampler is gorgeous! Great progress so far...

Margaret said...

I love your mother's sampler so far. It's so beautiful! It will be such a special piece, and unique to you. I hope you enjoy the Bothy Threads piece. The fabric is pretty! Hope the color turns out to be perfect after all.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow what a wonderful thing to do in Memory of such a person in your life and your family! Its truly going to be special!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

I love that your mom got to give her input on the sampler and that she knew about it. I'm sure it pleased her a lot. It's beautiful! Hugs!

Patty C. said...

Congrats Theresa!
Your sampler is beautiful ;)

Beaj said...

Annette, the Iris is velvety gorgeous and the colour of Sapphires..just beautiful. Congratulations to Theresa.
The Sampler is lovely and Lee is the best, she's an amazingly talented looking forward to the progress....:)

P.J. said...

Oh that blue is breathtaking. Love irises too. Your mothers sampler is coming along beautifully. How very special that it is a personal, original design to be cherished for years to come. Congratulations to Theresa!!

Sharon said...

Annette, your mom's sampler is looking fabulous. Lovely colors and it will be a wonderful tribute. Congrats on your first blog anniversary!

Simply Victoria said...

What an absolutely beautiful sampler in honor of your mom and family!

SoCal Debbie said...

What a lovely sampler! The blue fabric for Fairy Hill looks great to me! Congratulations to Theresa!

Hetti said...

Your Mom's sampler is so lovely and a I am sure a pleasure to stitch!
Lee is a great friend/designer ;-))
Hugs Hetti

Carol said...

Oh, how you must miss your mom, Annette--your sampler is a lovely memorial to her...

Congratulations to Teresa!! Lucky girl :)

Karen K said...

Hello Annette, your sampler is beautiful and such a tribute to your Mum. Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi via the SAL. I am really looking forward to seeing more of your work.

K x

~Narita said...

Oh Annette,
How wonderful of you to make that sampler. I've been thinking of doing something for my mom, too. Mine died last summer, a week after my birthday. Her birthday will be in June. Her name was Iris and she loved them.

Every time I see an iris, I think of her. A couple months ago, an iris appeared right outside my living room window--I always stitch on the couch right there-iris's don't bloom in January. And I never planted that style either. It was the Japanese kind.

I have others planted, like the ones you showed pictures of. I have always loved iris's. Growing up, we would have our driveway lined with them. Mom had alllll different colors.

Maybe you saw on my blog the picture of the pink iris my mom did. I framed it last summer. Its a Silver Lining iris. She stitched many of them. And had all of the charts and even a few that are still kitted up (that I must get to one of these days)

I'm looking forward to seeing what else you put on your mom's sampler.

Have a good week my dear. Maybe we'll get to meet one of these days. I need to get our group scheduled for a meet up/ shopping day at Needle in a Haystack, and I'd love a trip to Lacis, also. Maybe this summer. I think you could drive there...yes?

Nancy M said...

Nice work on your sampler! It will be such a keepsake when done. I joined feedly and bloglovin, I think I like bloglovin better.It's easier to understand. It doesn't matter which one you use, YOU just need to like it!