Saturday, October 20, 2012

"By the Bay Needlearts" Fall Sal & New Stash

 Free Fall Sal,  By the Bay Needleart - click here for info.
32 ct Belgium Linen - Hand Dyed by Me:) lt grey
Threads: Variegated DMC 4130 for leaves & The Thread Gatherer Silk - Carmel Chocolate
rest of threads used were the recommended.

Since I enjoyed "By the Bay Needlearts" Summer SAL, I couldn't wait to begin to stitch Donna's Fall SAL. This is part 1. Parts 2 & 3 have come out but I'm a bit behind. I've been working on several projects and completed one (a birthday gift) today. Donna recommended a light grey for the fabric and I didn't have any grey in my stash. So I Googled "What colors to use to get light grey by Rit?" and found it on line, then did it.  I am pleased with how the fabric coloring turned out for this project.

I also decided to incorporate Rhodes stitches as Donna suggests in the pdf download of part 1.
I treated myself and finally went in person to "Needle in a Haystack" store in Alameda, about 50minutes from me where I live. I took my camera and I didn't take 1 photo - Yes it was in my handbag to. Oh my goodness I haven't stepped in a cross stitch store for at least 8 or 9 years.
I know right? I can't tell you how wonderful it was to see all the different lines of threads in person. Needle in a Haystack is a HUGE store and has tons of our type of pretties:)  The ladies who work there are all so very nice. Well with birthday money in hand here is some stash I brought home with me.

 I had seen this pattern "Gingerbread Street" by Sue Hillis Designs on line. Thought "Oh that's cute". But didn't order it (I have always ordered my supplies on line). Well.....the photo lets you know what happened.

  The fabrics are what caught my eye. They are so pretty (pink - yes I thought of you Vickie).
I tried to photograph the sparkles in the variegated pinks fabric. I will enjoy stitching this one.

 Now this book is by Monica Ferris (she writes A Needlework Mystery series) I had checked out the library. Included in the book (towards the end) is a cross stitch chart. I'm not going to explain about the design - because it would be a spoiler (there is no photo of the design to show you - till I stitch it). Now mind you, part of the pleasure going to a cross stitch store in person, is you get help and the ladies that work there and are so knowledgeable with colors and brands. The threads in the above photo are all silks. Yes even the gold ones on the spools (which I had never seen, brand Kreinik). Even though a few threads that I needed were not in stock (only 2) of the recommended for the chart - the lady suggested a different color but very close to what was listed - Perfect.

 Trebizond Silks: Gillyflower & Garnet

 These are Trebizond Silks. Have you been to Mary Corbert's blog - Needle N' Thread? This is were I learned of this silk. Had to pick up a few of them to tryout  & play with (some time in the near future).

I did walk in to the store with a list of supplies I needed. I was very good girl. And I did get all items expect a few. Mostly I picked up fabric and threads. It was sure Fantastic to get to go to Needle in a Haystack. And it feels good to get to share photos with you.
The weather here in the Bay Area has been warm (in the high 80's). Some days hot and we had to turn on our AC. Really weird weather this time of year here.  I wish you all a wonderful weekend - I will be stitching!
Always with Love and Appreciation - Annette


Vickie said...

Annette! Do you know that I was saying "oooooh" at the pretty, sparkly pink fabric before I saw you mention me. ;) hahaha! Love your new stash.
As I read of your need for AC, our furnace just kicked on. We are definitely getting cold nights with cool days. Take care. Have fun stitching. I will too.♥

P.J. said...

Oh what fun you must have had wandering the isles of all the designs, fabrics, fibers and more! I can't imagine not being in a needlework shop that long. When we first moved up here, thought I would be in that boat. But we found a few shops worth driving to. Can't wait to see your mystery stitch! Lovely stash!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Needle In a Haystack is a store I;d like to go to someday. LIke you, I do all/most of my ordering without even seeing the product in real life. Thread I'm ok with but linen is so hard to know what you're getting. There are always variations and linen doesn't seem to photograph true color.

I've not used trebizond before - or even heard about it. I'm looking forward to hearing your experiences with it. Love Gloriana and Belle Soie. Though Belle Soie can be a little over variegated for my tastes.

It definitely looks like you had a fantastic trip!

CalamityJr said...

Love your Rit dyed fabric, and ooh, how smart you were to treat yourself to a real store shopping trip! I don't have one nearly, either, though a new one has opened about an hour away and I'm looking forward to the trip!

Linda said...

Great new stash Annette. I love the fabric you dyed. I've never stitched with any kind of silk floss. I like just plain old DMC.


Chris said...

Great start on the By The Bay piece! I can't wait to start it. I need to get myself organized.
Lovely new stash!!

Carol said...

Your SAL piece is looking so pretty, Annette and such pretty new stash. Glad you were able to visit a cross stitch shop in person--I rarely get to do that myself, but when I do, it feels like a little piece of heaven!!

SoCal Debbie said...

Gingerbread Street will be so pretty! Such wonderful fabric and flosses you picked out! I am saving the By the Bay SAL charts too, but haven't started it yet.

Margaret said...

Oooooohhhh, nice new stash! And 8 or 9 years since you've been to an LNS? Now that's way too long! Especially where you live. lol! And your By the Bay SAL is looking good so far! The fabric is gorgeous -- I'm so impressed with how you dyed it yourself!

Patty C. said...

love the SAL ;)

Lynn said...

The By The Bay SAL is really cute. I've been watching several as they complete each part. I wish I'd joined in!
Love all the pretties you picked up on your visit to the shop.I'm drooling over all those silks!

Karoline said...

Your Autumn SAL is looking lovely, great start

I bet you had a great time at Needle in a Haystack! I got to make a couple of visits to the store during a trip to California in 2005 and had a wonderful time there. You got some great stash

Brigitte said...

There's nothing better than shopping cross stitch stash in a real store. I particularly love to see threads and fabrics colours in person, they are often so different from what I see on the monitor. I'm not very spoiled here as there are no LNS around here. So I usually order my stash online. What a great stash haul you got at Needle in a Haystack.
Nice start on the By the Bay SAL.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Ooh there's a fall SAL I loved the look of summer but haven't sitched it yet!

Great purchases! I've heard Needle In A Haystack is an awesome shop!

Anne said...

Love the autumn By the BAy SAL!!! Looking great on that gray :D Sweet litte design by Sue Hill! Love the pink!