Friday, April 6, 2012

Thank You & Ann Dale Sampler

From My Heart, I want to thank you for all your prayers for my mom. I shared with my mom all your words of encouragement and prayers. Let me share what we experienced. A peacefulness blanketed over us. Only way I know how to describe it. But most importantly my mom felt VERY CALM. She was still calm yesterday morning when she had her biopsy. That's a miracle. I am eternally grateful for the Power of Prayer. Your prayers are what gave us strength. Thank You so very much. I am so so so very grateful & appreciative to you. It meant very much to us all.
Now we wait for the results. It takes a week. I will share the results with you when we find out.

This is my WIP for 2012:
Ann Dale by Shakespeare's Peddler
40ct Vintage Pear Lakeside Linens
stitch ct 402 by 531
Silk threads: Needlepoint Silks, Gloriana &
Crescent Colors Belle Soie

I started this sampler January 25, 2012. On Theresa's blog (chart designer) there were some chart corrections. At least three. I emailed her with the information she requested, where we bought the chart and my address. She mailed me the corrections. One of the corrections is at the very top - cranberry row of the border. I had gotten pretty far, but last week I removed it. I do want the wave to go in the correct direction. This is my very first time stitching on 40 ct and stitching with silk threads. I love them both. At first my eyes had to adjust to the smaller count. And still do every time I go back it working on it. The silk thread just glides right thru the fabric. Just wonderful. Very easy to get those pesty knots out. This is a huge sampler. These are my colors alright, love them. I ironed the fabric just for you:)
Again Thank you for your prayers - With Love and Appreciation Annette - California


Jackie's Stitches said...

I'm so glad to hear your mother was calm and peaceful. I'll be thinking of you both and your family as you wait for the results.

Ann Dale is gorgeous! It's odd how quickly you can adjust to 40 count. And how big 36 count looks after stitching on 40!

Grit said...

Wow, wunderschöne Stickerei. Ein sehr schöner Blog. Werde öfter vorbei schauen.
Liebe Grüße Grit from Germany

Anonymous said...

A Blessed Easter to you Annette! I will continue to pray with you. I am glad it is going well so far. What a beautiful, large project. Sorry you had to remove so much.

Carol said...

Wonderful to hear that your mom is calm, Annette... Will be thinking of you both as you wait for results.

Your Ann Dale WIP is so lovely--looking forward to seeing your progress :)

Akila said...

Love your sampler so far. Pretty colors.