Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One finished project for Easter!

You know when you see a project and you want to make it right now? That's what happened to me. This Bunny Mini Mat. The outer most layer (olive green) is about 11 1/2" round. Saw a picture of the mat and I had seen this cookie cutter set (stayed in my mind) and thought I know what to make. So if you want a quick project before Easter - this could be for you. I started this just last Saturday and finished today. No I did not work on it day and night. Honest.
This cookie cutter set I picked up at Jo Ann's (now 50 percent off). I used the bunny one.
Looked thru my tupperware lids - the one on the right had a perfect curve for the flower petal.
Took a 12x12 cardstock (available at most craft stores. If not cut open a grocery bag or newspaper. First make a circle. Then I just traced that curved part of lid (for the petal) and kept moving it around and retracing. So in the end I had something that resembled a flower pattern.
Took a smaller lid and repeated the same process on a another sheet of paper. So now I had 2 flower shapes. One just a little larger than the other. For the center white (index card) I cut a 3inch circle (this I just used for a guideline for my embroidered garland).
Took cookie cutter and traced the bunny 5 times. BEFORE I cut out the bunny I stitched a french knot for the eye AND embroidered the garland. I used mini red glass beads on the center of leaves on the bunny's neck of garland. THEN I cut out my bunnies. Attached them.

I hand free cut small flower shapes and centers for flowers. I also hand free cut leaves.
Attached them.

Next I stitched everything on the black felt 1st. Then attached it to the olive green felt. Finished the olive green felt with a blanket stitch all around. That's it!

Okay I only meant to explain how I made this mat and it kind of looks like a tutorial. Really this is not my intention and there are many problems with this. I am assuming you already know how to make a blanket stitch, french knots, etc. etc..
I am just so excited to share with you what I made. And trust me! If I could make this you can to. I just remembered where I saw this - at her name is Faye. She did stitch this (and its beautiful), but hers was a kit. I already had the felts, and beads. I just bought the cookie cutter set (that I had been looking at).
Thank you so much for visiting me. I love all your comments.
Keep stitching - with much love and appreciation Annette - California


Daffycat said...

This is such a sweet project! Well done telling us how you came up with your own pattern.

Carol said...

Oh, how adorable!! I think maybe even I could do that with your helpful instructions, Annette! Really wonderful finish :)

Nancy said...

So cute and very creative!

Beaj said...

I like it and it's also just way too cute..nicely done..:)